Best bonnet dryer reviews


Top bonnet dryers in 2018


Starting a small salon takes a lot of hard work. You need a lot of equipment which may sometimes be difficult to pick out. Knowing how to cut hair does not necessarily mean you have to know all there is about electric devices and other similar items. Choosing the proper bonnet dryer is important though. We’ve analyzed dozens of products and we’ve gone through several of the worst and best bonnet dryer reviews currently available both on and offline. In the end we’ve managed to narrow things down to only five suggestions one of which will hopefully suit your style.


Professional Bonnet Style Hood


This professional hair dryer is not something destined for home use. It is currently considered by most hairstylists as the best bonnet dryer in 2018. It is versatile, very efficient and affordable. It is constructed out of durable materials which make it one of those investments which will be around for a really long time. It comes with a 1000watt dual-looped stainless steel heating mechanism which allows hair to dry a lot faster than with other similar devices. It can be adjusted to stop by itself and it can also be calibrated in terms of temperature making it perfect for any type of hair.

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Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer


According to some of the best bonnet dryer reviews, this is a perfect device to invest in when starting a salon. It is affordable which means you will be able to purchase several right from the start. It is also gentle with your future customers’ hair. It produces some really nice results, maintaining the hair nice and shiny which will encourage your clients to come again. It can be used with jumbo rollers because of its large diameter. It is also portable just in case you need to make some house calls for your favorite customers.

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Conair Collapsible Hard Hat Hair Dryer


The collapsible hard hat hair dryer is a US made product which most beginner stylists consider as being the best bonnet dryer in 2018. It is the right choice to make if you don’t have the money to invest in a salon yet. You can use it at home and provide your customers with the same results as they would get in any professional establishment. It is easy to store and very light weight which means you can even take it with you if someone had a bad hair day and refuses to leave their house. In terms of efficiency, this is a very well balanced device which will never damage the hair of the person using it.

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Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer


If you are looking for even more portability than you get with the other products mentioned on this list, you should go with the Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer. It is incredibly fast which is exactly what you need to quickly fix a bad hair situation. It dries hair in a very uniform way and it can be used with roller sets and braids. It also keeps the hair moist and well hydrated thus making it shiny and soft. It is easy to store, very affordable and quite well-built so as not to require any further investments on your behalf.

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Conair Pro Style 1875 Watt Hard Hat Hair Dryer


Currently considered one of the top rated bonnet dryers in 2018, the Pro Style does a great job at maintaining your client’s hair healthy and beautiful. It is perfect for any type of style being able to handle both short and long hair. It comes with two separate speed settings and two heat settings so you can adapt to any situation. It is adjustable by height which can come in handy if you have a large number of customers which usually have different heights. It is affordable and well-built so you will have it around for a long time.

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