Best Boombox Reviews for 2018


Boomboxes have been used to provide music at beach parties and other outdoor gatherings for years, and are still commonly used today. The best boombox will not only tune in radio stations and play CDs, it will also be easy to use and carry. There are hundreds of boomboxes to choose from, and finding the right one can be confusing. To help make your decision a little easier we have included brief reviews of the top 10 boomboxes.


Sony CFDS50


1. Sony CFDS50Lightweight and easy to operate, it is easy to see why this is one of the top rated boomboxes. Able to play for 19 hours on batter power, you can keep the music playing long into the night. The bright LCD display is easy to read in any lighting, and with 30 preset FM and AM stations you can start listening to music right out of the box. Play CDs and your old cassette tapes without any problem, and you’ll also love its affordable price.

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Sony ZSBTG900


2. Sony ZSBTG900This boombox is designed for parties, and its ability to stream your music wirelessly makes it one of the top 5 models. The lights can be turned on and off with the bass, and even include a flashing mode that is perfect for parties. With two tweeters and woofers your music always sounds great in any of the available sound modes, and you’ll also appreciate the convenience of the included remote control. This large boombox is also compatible with Windows and most Android devices making your listening possibilities almost endless.

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Samsung Giga Sound Blast


3. Samsung 230-WattTurn any space into a fun dance club with this versatile boombox. The included remote makes it easy to control the various functions, and your guests will love all of the options. Listen to your favorite FM stations and CDs, or wirelessly stream playlists from your mobile devices. With superior quality sound and distortion technology, your music will always sound clear. This boombox also includes an option for Karaoke. Sing along to your favorite music, and you can even record with an additional USB drive.

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Lasonic i-931BT Q-BM


4. Lasonic i-931BT Q-BMThis boombox is perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments, and includes everything you need to play music and wake up on time. The added bonus of an alarm clock ensures that you never miss an early morning appointment, and you have the added advantage of waking up to your music playing on high quality 30 watt speakers. With built in Bluetooth capabilities you can instantly stream all of your music, and its compact size is perfect for small living spaces.

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Pyle PBMSPG200


5. Pyle PBMSPG200You’ll be the talk and life of the party with this unique boombox. Featuring a cylindrical design, you also have the advantage of the pulsating lights. With built in Bluetooth capabilities you and instantly stream play lists from your android devices and you’ll love its lightweight and durable construction. With plenty of inputs and a 1000 watt speaker system, this portable boombox will turn any gathering into an instant party.

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Panasonic RX-D55GC-K


6. Panasonic RX-D55GC-KCompact, lightweight, and capable of producing amazing high quality sound, this boombox includes all of the features you need to listen to your music. Stream MP3 files and listen to your favorite CDs, along with AM and FM radio stations. With 5 presets for equalizers your music will always sound great, and the included remote control is convenient and easy to use. The alarm clock and compact size makes this a great stereo system for dorm rooms, and you also have the advantage of the headphone input that lets you listen to music without disturbing anyone.

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7. NAXA ElectronicsStream music wirelessly from all your devices and play it back on this amazing sound system. This portable stereo is more than just a boombox, and will keep your guests partying long into the night. You can connect mics and guitars and use the boombox as a PA system, or simply enjoying listening to discs. With pulsating lights on the powerful speakers to help set the mood and the ability to playback music from any USB stick, this boombox will get you invited to every party.

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8. ECOXGEAR GDI-AQ2SI60If you have been looking for a boombox for your next beach party, this might be the perfect one for you. Its durable and lightweight construction make it ideal for outdoor gatherings, and its waterproof design is perfect for the beach or pool. The boombox lets you store your android or mp3 device inside so you can enjoy your music without worrying about water damage, and the convenient handle makes it easy to carry. Compatible with most mobile devices, you’ll love the simplicity of waterproof boombox and its ability to play all of your music.

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Jensen CD-490


9. Jensen CD-490The bright color will get you noticed, along with the crystal clear sound. This lightweight boombox is designed for traveling, and you’ll love being able to take your music with you. The attached handle makes it easy to carry, and the top loading CD player ensures that you are always listening to your favorite tunes. The LED screen is easy to read, and you can also tune in to the local AM and FM radio stations. With the programmable memory you can set your favorites, and the retractable antenna helps to keep the stations loud and clear.

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Memorex MP4907BK


10. Memorex MP4907BKConnect your MP3 player to this boombox to enjoy favorite playlists, or listen to cassettes tapes and CDs. This lightweight and portable boombox ensures that you have plenty of listening options, including local AM and FM stations. You have the advantage of being able to program the memory to your specifications, including favorite radio stations. Bring out old cassette tapes and let friends listen on the 3 inch speakers with you. With the ability to use battery and electrical power you never have to worry about not being able to listen to your favorite tunes with this portable boombox.

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