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Top rated cheap booster car seats


Every responsible parent understands the importance of protecting the infants during long or short rides. The youngest member of any family needs a special level of protection once the car starts because of the existing corporeal vulnerability. This is where a professional booster car seat can deliver the right amount of protection during drives. Reading the latest booster car seats reviews represents an important step in discovering the most efficient model, capable of delivering precise protection to the child. With a carefully designed booster car seat you will be able to enhance the security levels of the infants, during any type of drives.


Graco Backless Turbo booster car seat


Best booster car seats under $50There are thousands of parents that are searching for the best booster car seats under $25, which can combine professionalism with heightened security during every drive. One of the best models from Graco that seems to deliver precise protection to children is Turbo booster car seat. This security device permits parents to safely transport kids from the ages of 4 to 10, 40 to 100 pounds and tall by up to 57”. It has been top rated by leading consumer magazines and technical publications, receiving positive reviews on its technological features. Furthermore the booster has a deluxe seat cushion that is machine washable.

“I have this booster car seat for my son and he feels very comfortable in it as he tells me. It is very easy for installing in my car and it can keep  my son in strapped and safe untill he will weigh 100 pounds. The cup holders are also a nice thouch.” – Emma Watson

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Graco Highback booster car seat


When it comes to big kids security features, Graco Highback booster car seat delivers precise results, once installed in any vehicle. Considered one of the best booster car seats under $50, this child protection device ensures the proper setting for users from 30 to 100 pounds. This 2-in-1 belt-positioning seat can be converted from a highback booster in a backless booster, ensuring the ideal levels of protection every time it’s used. It also includes armrests and headrest that can be adjusted in order to meet the child’s height and corporeal specifications. Furthermore the car seat has machine-washable cushion which is very easy to clean and manage.

“One of the reasons why I bought this booster seat was because it was a long term investment keeping my child safe from 30 pounds up to when he will weigh 100 pounds. He doesn’t feel any discomfort either so overall I think this is an excellent car booster.” – Natalie Woods

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Evenflo Amp booster car seat


If you are looking for an advanced booster car seat, ideal for your child, then take a closer look on the functionality of Evenflo Amp, a model very popular in American parental communities. This solid booster car seat includes Comfort Touch in all areas of the body, completed by the head which creates a comfortable environment. In addition to the product’s solid design, the user will be greeted by dual cup holders which are ideal to hold drinks and also snacks. You can adjust the booster to 6 different heights in order to provide the correct fit to the child.

“The Evenflo Amp booster is what I have chosen for my daughter so I know that she is both safe and comfortable. Snacks or drinks can be fitted in the cup holders which really prove to be some useful accessories. The padding also is very soft while still having a protection value.” – Amanda Hewitt

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BubbleBum USA booster car seat


It’s time to use one of the best booster car seats under $50, which can deliver the right amount of protection to the child at any given moment: BubbleBum USA! This solid child protection device is optimal for children set between the ages of 4 to 11 and from 40 to 100 lbs. The booster car seat is foldable, inflatable and highly portable, making the perfect solution when you travel with the little one, in car rentals, taxis or other means of transport. BubbleBm is 13” wide, letting you fit around 3 car seats in the back seat thus delivering the right amount of comfort and security. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the booster as “Best Bet”.

“For my daughter this booster from BubbleBum has really proven to be very comfortable. We have installed it easily in out car and for almost a year it has been in our possession, doing its job properly. Based on this I recommend it to other parents.” – Alice Hughes

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Cosco High Back booster car seat


Safety comes first when it comes to the youngest members of any family! There are thousands of parents that are searching for high quality and powerful boosters, worth of their attention. The present safety technical studies underline the efficiency of Cosco High Back booster car seat with delivers protection forward-facing with harness to children to 22-40 pounds while the belt-positioning booster accommodates around 40 to 80 pounds. It comes with a lightweight design which allows you to install the booster without any problems whatsoever. This booster car seat from Cosco has a 5 point harness system for additional safety and child protection.

“The Casco High Back booster with its features has really given my son the comfort and the safety that he needs while he is in the backseat of my car. He will sit in it for some time to come because it can hold as much as 80 pounds.” – John Foster

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