Best bow case reviews

Top bow cases in 2018


Shooting a bow in your spare time for fun or for hunting purpose requires that you have a carrying case to rely upon when you are on the move to reach your destination and you are taking your bow with you. If you are in search of a reliable bow case but are not quite sure which one to take for more info you have the option of reading the best bow case reviews. We have narrowed down your search to 5 different top models.



SKB Hunter Series


Best Bow case reviews


A professional bow case which is a favorite for hunters all around the US is the SKB Hunter Series which fulfils the role of protecting your bow to perfection. The outer shell is made entirely out of ABS which is able to resist to shocks so your bow doesn’t have any chance to be damaged. Moisture will not form inside, dust will not find its way in there either so you can be absolutely sure that the case is the perfect place to store or carry your bow. The bottom line is that it is one of the best bow cases in 2018.



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Plano AW Bone Collector Series



A sturdy and air tight casing which will take proper care of the bow you have invested so much in is the Plano AW Bone Collector Series which is also a favorite of the top bow case reviews. Carrying it will prove comfortable because it is fitted with an ergonomic handle. One you seal it the box won’t allow air to get in so dust or moisture won’t be a problem for your bow. The shell is also waterproof so you can carry your bow around in any type of weather.



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Plano 10630 Bow Guard SE 44



The best bow cases reviews believe that the Plano 10630 Bow Guard SE 44 is a secure case in which you can keep your valuable bow away from moisture, dust or water so it keeps its precision and durability unhindered. Inside the case you can also keep 12 arrows in the angle locking foam besides the designated place for the bow. The case also is fitted with padlock tabs which give the case the ability to be perfect for air travel.



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Plano Protector Compact



The Plano Protector Compact Bow case is among the most popular cases ever created by the manufacturer because it has some top capabilities and at the same time it has a very affordable price. The high density foam which goes into its construction has the role of protecting your bow and also to house it in perfect conditions away from a high level of humidity or dust which can hamper with its durability. The lifetime warranty assures the customer that the Protector is one of the best bow cases in 2018.



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Primos Soft



Many hunters go for the Primos soft bow case because it has a large storage capacity which not only looks after your bow but at the same time it also allows you to carry a lot of accessories as well. The arrows for example can be carried in the large front package so you are ready in an instant with your preparations to go target practicing or even hunting. The coating of the case is weather resistant so the humidity level can’t build up inside or water can get through.



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