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Top bowties in 2018


For thousands of men finding the right fashion accessory can mean the difference between looking sharp or plain. This is why it comes as no surprise to see such an interest for colorful and beautiful bowties. Today’s market on bowties is impressive, adding a touch of style to any outfit. Since there are so many models out there, we decided to lend a helping hand. We carefully tested 30 of the most popular bowties for men. For each bowtie model we allocated 2 hours of attentive study on quality, material, design and fashion impact. Afterwards we drafted the best bowtie reviews on five absolutely amazing models!


TheTieBar 100% Silk Woven Colorful Gingham


Best bowtie reviewsWith a stylish bowtie men have proper control over their looks, especially while attending more select social events. This is why we recommend a beautiful model from TheTieBar, the Gingham Blue and Gray. Designed to impress, the bow tie can complete any outfit. Carefully handmade by skilled individuals, this 100% woven silk model is a great addition to men that care about their appearance. All the bow ties from TheTieBarare endorsed by fashion giant GQ Magazine. As a result, men know that this particular model will deliver the elegant impact they’ve been searching for.It is a bowtie that never goes out of style!

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Bundle Monster Mens Tuxedo Adjustable Neck Bowtie


The search for personal fashion styles starts with unique accessories that make all the difference in the world. Most of the current best bowtie reviews underline the superb design of the Tuxedo Adjustable Neck Bowtie from Bundle Monster. This set includes 5 pre-tied and handmade bowties for men that want to look stylish but with a twist of humor. Each bow tie is made of polyester cotton. Adjustable and very easy to wear, the models offer the right mix between style and uniqueness. This is what makes the bow tie set perfect for different formal occasions like parties or weddings.

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Jacob Alexander Solid Color Luxurious Satin Feel Self Tie


Finding the best bowtie in 2018 can take some time given that some men are pretty picky. Now, for added elegance to any outfit we recommend the Color Luxurious Satin Feel from Jacob Alexander. This bow tie is made of silk for a touch of class. Due to the unique soft satin finish the model can complete different outfits. As so many men pointed out, this bow tie is great for special occasions like weddings, parties and special reunions. The tie is adjustable and can fit a neck size of 19! It weighs only 0.8 ounces and measures 10 x 2 x 0.3 inches!

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JTC Belt Great Quality Pre-Tied Bow Ties


There are special holidays like 4th of July or Halloween which some people use as an excuse to display their love for America. As a result they wear patriotic costumes with unique national seals. A top rated bowtie in 2018 with unique national influences comes from JTC, the Belt Great Quality model. This special pre-tied bowtie has an adjustable neck strap for added comfort. Made of polyester and weighing in at 4 oz, the model features the national flag on the front. It is without a doubt a beautiful and exclusive bow tie! Men that love their country can use this special model without reservations.

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Boxed-Gifts Solid Banded Bowtie


How to find the best bowtie in 2018? Well, it seems that a growing number of men use with confidence the Solid Banded bowtie from Boxed-Gifts. This beautiful bow tie is made of 100% polyester. It feels absolutely wonderful to the touch. Men can wear the bow tie to many formal events like parties, weddings or special family anniversaries. Due to its elegant design, the bow tie looks pretty ravishing, upgrading the wearer’s appearance! Weighing in 0.8 ounces the bow tie is very comfortable and easy to adjust for proper fit. This is the tie to wear in order to enjoy elegance during any social event!

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