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In a rush? Don’t have the time to read detailed information about the best boxing mitts money can buy? We have you covered. This short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of info about the best boxing mitts and pads by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, as well as what various expert review websites had to say about the hundreds of units we considered. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts are the best as they have been built using genuine leather and are both easy to put on and easy to use. Besides, they take the cake when it comes to comfort and durability. Since they feature a hook-and-loop closure, you can always rest assured that they remain in place all throughout your boxing session. What’s more, the sweat-wicking lining in the Pro Impact alternative makes it possible for your performance to avoid being affected by excess moisture. If the Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts are unavailable, we recommend checking out the TITLE Platinum Punch Mitts as well, as we’ve found them to be the second best available choice.



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There are many boxing mitts to choose from in today’s market, which is why you might end up feeling a bit baffled about which one you ought to order. Here’s where we come in and do our best at giving you a helping hand so that you’re able to select just the right product for your needs and preferences. If you want to save some time, have a look at our comprehensive guide. We urge you never to stop researching the topic as doing so will result in a successful decision-making process.

1.Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts Genuine Leather



If you’ve never worn boxing gloves for sparring or any other sport, perhaps you’re finding it a bit difficult to understand what the right size is for your physical attributes. In most cases, these items are destined for the use of men, women, and children. Regardless of the age and gender, boxing mitts are usually categorized following three sizes: small, medium, and large. This detail makes it very difficult for a person to determine just the right dimensions he or she may require  because human hands differ a lot regarding the length and thickness of fingers and the size of one’s palm.

Fortunately, most manufacturers make it easy for a prospective buyer to understand the sizes of their products. These companies create charts where you can see the accurate dimensions. Even so, since one of these might not be the right one for you, sometimes it is a good idea to check whether that manufacturing brand also allows you to order custom boxing mitts.

It might be worth noting that the perfect glove should be roomy enough for you to wear hand wraps and still find it comfortable enough. However, it’s also crucial to select a product that doesn’t slip off during the game due to the fact that it’s too big for your hands as this is dangerous and can lead to injuries.




The heavier the mitts, the greater the amount of padding in them, and so, the better they’ll be for protection. Nevertheless, a hefty pair of gloves can sometimes take a toll on the user, in that he or she might find it less comfortable to be in the game. While some of the common weights we’ve come across range from twelve ounces to sixteen ounces, there are models of which the weight is just eight ounces or twenty. It all boils down to your personal preferences. Professional boxers seem to prefer lightweight mitts over the heavy ones because they give them a lot more freedom.




There are two options you might want to consider when shopping for such gloves. There are either velcro or leather boxing mitts. Each of these has both advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to point them all out before making the final call. While leather is great when it comes to breathability, durability, and even quality, it’s significantly less affordable compared to vinyl.

Plus, it stretches over time, which means that it’s often a pain to pick the perfect size. By contrast, vinyl is cheaper and easier to clean and maintain, but it doesn’t last the same amount of time as leather unless you plan to use your mitts every now and then. Additionally, you might notice that vinyl gloves tend to be smellier on account of them not being able to avoid sweat build-up.

2.TITLE Platinum Punch Mitts Pair

Velcro or laces

While velcro is much easier to use compared to laces, it has the tendency to be less secure and sometimes, you might be in for some nasty surprises right in the middle of the game. It’s way harder to tie a pair of gloves that come with laces but it’s often worth the effort if you’re going professional. Velcro does have its advantages if you plan to work out all on your own.



Top Boxing Mitts in 2018


Some of the best boxing mitts are showcased below. All of these items are available for sale online on various retail websites such as Amazon. From what we’ve gathered, these products are the most critically acclaimed ones and seem to be worth every penny. They’ve also garnered an immense degree of appreciation coming from American boxers.



TITLE Boxing Platinum


Training your boxer to execute impressive jabs, powerful hooks, straight shots, strong upper cuts, well-timed angle shots and knockout overhands  is a breeze, thanks to these best boxing mitts in 2018.

The impressive curved design of the Title boxing mitts are made to be anatomically faithful so the boxer and his coach are confident of effective use of the mitts. The focus mitts ride snugly on the hands and wrists thanks to the advanced hook-and-loop attachment and D-ring wrist security.

The shock-absorbent padding is made extra cushiony at nearly three inches thick. There is encircling wrist padding, as well as back finger cover and a moisture-wicking lining for comfortable wear.


Buy from Amazon for ($59.99)




Pro Impact Curved Focus


These focus mitts have a curved structure so they can stay anchored on your hands and wrists the whole time. The Pro Impact boxing mitts are constructed of genuine leather for assurance of long-term strength and durability.

There is 25%to 30% more padding in these black boxing mitts with white target circle.  This pair of focus mitts has made it to the best boxing mitts reviews thanks to their strong hook-and-loop closure and the sweat-wicking lining, which also allows the mitts to stay odor-free and dry.



Buy from Amazon for ($49.99)




TITLE Boxing Incredi-ball Beefy


These contoured mitts from Title Boxing have 2.5 inches of multi-layer foam for greater resistance against jarring impact blows from the boxing trainee. The mitts are covered in genuine leather of full grain quality so the trainer can use them for many years at the professional boxing gym.

The palm grip integrates a half-ball configuration for better anatomical comfort, durable use and stronger shock resistance. The lining is of moisture-repelling quality, making these the best boxing mitts in 2018.

Security is additionally provided by the hook-and-loop attachment and wrist security strap of sturdy leather.


Buy from Amazon for ($39.99)




Everlast Everhide Mantis


Made to be both tough and durable, the Everlast Everhide Mantis mitts are guaranteed to have a long life. Thanks to the curved design, the focus mitts from Everlast can cushion punches with complete comfort and security.

The palm grip of the mitts is raised to hold them in place. The expert coach and trainer can use the mitts to develop impressive punching combinations and to do cardio workouts as needed.

Made of 100% vinyl, the boxing mitts have triple-layer sandwich foam that makes them the top boxing mitts in 2018. If you want protection, longevity and support, make sure to have these mitts in your boxing arsenal.


Buy from Amazon for ($23)




Everlast New Punch


From top gear manufacturer Everlast come these punching mitts. Made to help boxers hone their boxing techniques, the New Punch mitts have premium synthetic poly-canvas construction, making them extremely durable and heavily functional.

These mitts feature a unique and improved design due to the full glove backing that also works to increase the mitts’ functionality. There is sufficient padding in the New Punch mitts to protect the hands of both the coach and the boxer.

The mitts provide good basic use with a secure hold and good grip. They are of premium quality leather.



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