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If you’re here just  to find the best boxing shoes and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best boxing shoes on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and overall value for the money. Out of the products we have looked at, the TITLE Hi-Top appear to be the best currently available for sale. These boxing shoes are built for fast action and they provide proper support for your feet and your ankles so that you do not risk an injury while training. Now you will be able to practice your fast action moves without any worries. The shoes are very lightweight, as they are made of synthetic leather and nylon, while the soles are made of polyurethane foam. Last, but not least, these boxing shoes are very stylish, with embroidered logos on the upper area, and they are just the right height for your training routine. If the TITLE Hi-Top are unavailable, you could also consider the Ringside Undefeated as a great second option.



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Your performance on the ring can be largely influenced by the type of boxing boots you wear. It isn’t enough that you go on boxing forums to ask fellow boxing enthusiasts about the best boxing boots to get, since more often than not, the endorsements you get are based on personal experience and are not backed by widespread usage or actual proven boxing boots performance attested to by professional practitioners in the sport. To enable you to make the most of the boxing boots you purchase, here are essential aspects to check out.

1.ADIDAS Rival II Boxing Shoes


Authentic Boxing Boots Design

Do not make the mistake of donning a pair of non-boxing shoes especially for a very important fight. Regular sneakers just won’t cut it, as they will not only make you look like a certified blockhead but could be the cause of slipping on the ring and getting a ten count. In terms of weight and grip, genuine boxing boots are also not like wrestling shoes that provide relatively greater traction. An amateur may not easily recognize the difference but it’s still there.

Available in low, medium and high-top versions, boxing shoes enable you to execute punches fiercely and fearlessly without losing your footing. Looking more like a high-top sneaker, a low-top pair of boxing boots does not provide ankle support comparable to what a high-top pair can offer. However, low-top boxing boots do help hasten ankle and foot movement, making them ideal for speed boxing. Low-topped boots enable free movement and are lighter than other boxing boots configurations. Taller ones offer a greater degree of support and protection. They contribute to rapid maneuvering as they support the shins and ankles when you move your leg and pivot.

The style of shoes you go for is solely based on your personal preference. However, the ultimate goal for choosing boxing boots for men or women is to ensure that the footwear doesn’t drag you down and won’t cause injury to the ankles. You also want adequate traction as you move quickly in a variety of directions without losing your footing on the canvas. This is basically why some boxers choose wrestling shoes.

Your boxing boots can also be a main attraction to the public as you go on the ring. You can always go for a flashy pair with bright colors, or opt for a subtle or subdued look. Appearance may be something worth noting, but it is still your choice.




The lighter the shoes are, the better they will be for you. Your boxing boots should help you perform well instead of hampering your performance. Majority of boxing boots are constructed of soft and breathable suede plus leather. They are outfitted with a rubber outsole to ensure good traction on the canvas as you move around. The heels should feel light since most of the time, you will be moving on the balls of your feet.

Some boxing boots are additionally equipped with mesh panels that offer good ventilation. The level of ventilation you need depends basically on how hot your feet tend to become. When you end up with wet feet after a match or a simple workout, you haven’t made a good choice in your boxing footwear.

Uncomfortable arches can just be a minor annoyance but they could lead to huge problems for you on the ring. The zippers and laces should not apply pressure or rub on the upper surface of your feet. Thus, an exposed zipper repeatedly rubbing on the skin of the feet can create unforgettable reminders on the feet in the form of blisters.

2.TITLE Hi-Top


Perfect Fit

It is important to choose shoes that give a proper fit plus adequate support. Never settle for any single pair of cheap boxing boots without actually trying them on. The size should be closely comparable to the user’s regular shoe size. Do bear in mind that the boxing boots typically feature a tighter and narrower fit compared to street shoes. However, ill-fitting footwear could pose serious issues, such as debilitating and chronic pain from connective tissue inflammation on the feet or plantar fasciitis.

To save on weight, boxing boots normally come with extremely thin soles while incorporating midsole cushioning for protection against the impact sustained during training routines and bouncy footwork. Midsoles can feature supportive straps for enhanced protection without adding to the overall weight. Shoe inserts, especially during training, are helpful for those who require greater support to the arches of the feet. These types of components are not allowed in an actual fight, however.

Running shoes and boxing boots are normally sized similarly, but some fighters get shoes that are half a size smaller for a tight fit and no slip wearing. If you have wide feet, the fairly narrow proportions of boxing boots can be a problem.

Whether you are getting boxing boots manufactured by a very popular brand such as Adidas, or giving other makers a try, make sure to consider the essential aspects in your purchase of this kind of gear. To simplify your shopping experience, we recommend the following models that should help you make a fantastic choice.



Top Boxing Shoes in 2018


Boxing shoes certainly are the most important element in a boxer’s complete apparel, probably next to the boxing gloves. That’s why professional and amateur boxers would do well to check out the best boxing shoes reviews before they buy any. The shoes should be optimally ventilated so the feet do not suffer from sweating. They should provide sufficient ankle support to cushion the feet from the stress encountered during the rapid movements the boxer has to do. High-top shoes provide optimum ankle support, while low tops are great for working out and training. Good-fitting lightweight shoes can be made of suede and leather, with a non-slip pattern at the bottom for better traction. Here are five models that boxing professionals have been known to wear.





The exceptional construction of the Title boxing shoes makes them the top boxing shoes in 2018. The polyurethane soles are sculpted for better performance. Sitting on top of the structured sole is the light-weave nylon fill and the leather upper that’s fully synthetic. You can have excellent speed and quick foot action when you have the Title hi-top boxing boots on. The logos are embroidered, adding to the shoes’ elegant styling. The calculated 12-inch height of these boxing shoes is perfect for boxing ring action and speed, in addition to full ankle support.



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Ringside Undefeated


1.Ringside Undefeated

When you are shopping for boxing shoes, there are many things you should keep in mind, such as performance, comfort and durability. The Ringside Undefeated offers all the needed advantages for giving you an edge when you practice or when you are in the ring. The model is not called Undefeated just for marketing reasons; you will enjoy superior performance when you are training with these shoes. The high top ankle ensures extra support, so that you do not suffer injuries when you are in the ring. Available almost in all sizes, these shoes are perfect for those who want to take up boxing.



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Cleto Reyes


2.Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoes

You will barely feel you have shoes on when you are practicing in these ones. They are very lightweight and their smart design makes them a fine choice for any aspiring boxer. The insole is made of sturdy polyurethane, while the rubber sole provides stability and resistance to impact. Because these are high top shoes, they come with laces, but you do not have to worry about flexion strain, as the construction of these boxing shoes is built for comfort. Made of leather and suede, these shoes are both comfortable and nice looking, so you will have no reason to overlook them when you are shopping for this type of boxing gear.



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Best Boxing Shoes ReviewsGiving you the ability to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee, the Adidas Rival II are the best boxing shoes in 2018 for sure. Their lightweight textile construction makes the shoes great for rapid action on the ring. The shoes are given a mid-cut design for stability and amazing agility for the boxing pro. The mesh upper is highly-ventilated so your feet do not get sweaty during the bout. The boxing shoes have an impressive torsion system so you can get exceptional balance while wearing them. The gum-rubber sole is non-marking and the toe and heel of the shoes have strengthening elements for added durability.



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Title Lo-Top


If you are on the look-out for a pair of boxing shoes that are super lightweight and built exactly for speed on the ring, the Title low-top boxing shoes are a sure hit for you. The best boxing shoes reviews have featured this pair because of the tightly-woven nylon fill and full synthetic leather upper. The polyurethane soles are sculpted precisely for boxing, so you can do fancy ring footwork with extraordinary agility and speed. The neat embroidery goes with your full boxing wardrobe. You can work out and box in these shoes that lift you with their extraordinary style and fit.



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Ringside Power


The grooved rubber soles of the Ringside Power boxing shoes empower you with superior canvas and ring traction. Putting them on is easy using the hook-and-loop system of the ankle strap. Doing great boxing foot action is possible thanks to the reinforced toe tip made for more controlled pivoting. These Power Boxing shoes have a lightweight mesh-suede construction that’s also highly breathable. They are well-made and of good quality, with a fit that hugs your feet really nicely. Be quick on your feet and show off your boxing prowess while wearing the Ringside boxer shoes with confidence.



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LONSDALE Quick – Not available


These low-cut boxing boots from Lonsdale are lightweight so the boxer can virtually “float” around the ring. They feature a suede upper and rip-stop textile construction, easily making them the best boxing shoes. The Lonsdale shoes are durable and comfortable, with superior canvas and ring grip that allows you to move around easily. The EVA midsole is die-cut for precise foot cushioning. With attention-grabbing Lonsdale branding on the boxing shoes, coupled with aggressive style, the Quick boxing boots allow you to create waves on the court and off.