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Finding the best caliper for the money can be a real test of research skills that consumers like you may not particularly consider fun at all. This short paragraph aims to make things easier. We have been able to compile plenty of information about the top-rated products on the market by comparing what review sites for measuring tools have with the usual comments the items get on user feedback. We are happy to report that we have found what we consider the best in its class, the Hornady 50080. Designed with a digital configuration, this device is highly useful for measuring the length of a bullet and its case. It also enables the efficient measurement of the outside and inside diameters of the case. In addition, it measures the overall length of the cartridge. Because it is a popular choice for numerous consumers, the Hornady 50080 can easily run out of stock, but you can just grab the second best product, the iGaging 100-333-8B.



Buying guide


If you have ever used rulers and tapes to obtain a very accurate measurement of small components, the frustration can be a lot to handle. This is where a caliper provides the perfect solution. What do you need to look into when buying this kind of measuring device?

The top-pick calipers for sale are of the type that the user is most comfortable with

A dial caliper measures step and depth, as well as internal and outer distances. The main scale on a dial caliper can either be in the imperial or inch system or the metric system. Zeroing out the dial can be done by closing the calipers or zeroing them on a measuring standard and then taking the measurement.

A dial caliper with the inch or imperial system has a main scale marked every 0.100 inch, which represents one full revolution. Each dial graduation is represented as 0.001 inches. For instance, to obtain a measurement of 0.523, you have to read 0.500 on the main scale and then add 0.023 as the dial will indicate.

Reading a metric dial is done the same way. There are graduations on the main scale for every 1 mm, which represents half of a revolution on the dial. A centimeter is what you find on every 10th mark. A full revolution is 2 mm, and it takes five revolutions to get 10mm or 1cm. Every graduation on the dial is equal to 0.02mm.

The most accurate and durable type is the Vernier caliper, which derives its name from the Vernier scale embossed on it that provides the dimension being measured to the thousandth of an inch. A Vernier scale can be challenging to use until you are able to surmount the learning curve for it. Vernier calipers are a popular choice by professional machinists.

A relative newcomer to the caliper market is the digital caliper, which features a battery-operated, easy-to-use digital readout. Digital calipers tend to cut short on your measuring options. You won’t be able to use the other types of calipers if all you have used is a digital model.


Look at models in the best caliper reviews that offer dependable functionality while being easy to operate

A top-quality caliper can be used in mechanical engineering, medicine, science, forestry, metalworking, furniture-making, and woodworking tasks. It can be employed for obtaining the measurement of bullets and their cases, for instance. If truth be told, the accuracy of measurement from a caliper is dependent on the operator’s skills.

As mentioned earlier, a digital caliper is the easiest to use but limits you to it alone. This means that if a digital caliper is what you have used from day one, you will be unable to use a Vernier or a dial model. Digital calipers do not require guesswork for use.

For digital calipers, get a unit with a one-button switch when transitioning from inches to millimeters. You want the shaft to have precision ground jaws and a depth measurement probe. A large, easily readable LCD facilitates simple and efficient measuring. The absolute accuracy should be 0.02mm or 0.001 of an inch.

A good dial caliper can be used to carry out 4-way measurements that include step, depth, outside and inside distances. Look for models with large, black numbers as graduations for easy reading. The unit should allow you to just use a thumb screw for full adjustability to zero, and then keep the settings precise by locking them in.

Vernier calipers measure the external and internal distances quite accurately. Interpretations of measurements are made by the user from the scale.

The three types of calipers are usable with accessories that expand their versatility. These include an extendable base for depth gauging. A jaw attachment enables you to measure the center distance between holes.


The best calipers for measuring offer long-term use

If long-lasting accuracy is what you’re after, a vernier caliper provides the best solution. Rugged and coolant-proof, a vernier caliper remains unaffected by magnetic interferences, in addition to being considerably shock-proof.

Dial calipers are relatively vulnerable to damage due to impact. Their gears are also susceptible to dirt, which can present issues on accuracy. A digital caliper tends to be electronically and mechanically fragile. Most models need batteries to operate and are not resilient against coolants. Digital units are prone to getting dirt and are fairly impact-resistant.



Top Calipers in 2018


Sorting through the different calipers on the market can present complications on its own. The above buying guide should help you become a more informed buyer. The best products are also highlighted below for even more shopping assistance.



Hornady 50080


Perfect for use by gunsmiths and armorers, the Hornady 50080 offers a variety of applications to make the job easier. This device measures the bullet case length to help ensure compatibility and reliable functionality.

This caliper can also be used to measure both the inside and outside diameters of the bullet case. It is suitable as well for taking the measurement of the bullet length, the overall cartridge length and the primer pocket depth. Knowing the diameter of the slug section of the whole bullet cartridge gives you the caliber of the bullet.

This information is critical as in some situations, the slug itself is narrower than the bullet casing. However, it is the caliber that describes the width of the slug section in a particular manner. It is the diameter of the bullet that determines its caliber, and not the power or length of the projectile.

Thanks to this caliper, you also have the option of measuring the length of your bullet. It has an extra-large LCD offering a resolution of 0.01 mm or 0.0005 inches for easy viewing of the measurement. Designed to provide accurate readings to 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm, this device also boasts quick measuring speeds and repeat operations.

It is powered by a standard LR44, 1.55-volt battery, which is included in the package. The fitted storage case simplifies transport and protection of the measuring device.

Buy from Amazon for ($33.16)




iGaging 100-333-8B


The iGaging 100-333-8B makes it easy to make accurate measurements without the exasperation encountered when using tapes or rulers. This caliper carries an IP54 rating that certifies its resistance to dust, oil and water splash. This means long-term use without worrying about the components getting damaged when they come in contact with those environmental elements.

Outfitted with a super-large display, this instrument provides comfortable reading experience every time. Get the information on measurements taken fast and easy for mission-critical applications. Constructed with a hardened stainless steel body, this device delivers the required durability for the most demanding applications.

The body is resilient against chipping and corrosion, so the caliper maintains its dependable functionality and appearance through years of use. The precision lapping finish ensures that the device comes with a remarkably flat and smooth surface without burrs or warping.

Geared to offer a repeatability to 0.0005 inches, an accuracy to 0.001 inches and a measuring range between 0 and 6 inches, this device is fairly easy to use for repeated and demanding applications. The large LCD facilitates the easy reading and recording of measurements using this top-quality instrument.

In the SAE mode, this device offers 4-digit decimal readings for a accurate measuring experience.

Buy from Amazon for ($26.95)




Fowler 54-101-150-2


Engineered with a measuring range between 0 to 6 inches, the Fowler 54-101-150-2 comes with 0.0005-inch increments for easy and accurate readings. This revolutionary device enables you to obtain measurements of outside and inside diameters, along with step and depth values for versatility.

The unit ships with its own protective case plus a CR 2032 lithium battery for functionality right out of the package. The stainless steel frame provides durability for a dependable long life. This unit’s digital readout LCD displays metric or inch units to provide versatility. It offers user-selectable incremental or absolute measurement readings.

The electronically generated reading is displayed on the high-resolution screen as one value. Because of its ability to take differential measurements, this model is ideal for obtaining intensively precise measuring data that is critical to mechanical engineering, carpentry, wood and metalworking, forestry, science, medicine and much more.

Because it is digital, this instrument provides fast and easy measurements while eliminating unwanted errors or incorrect values. The ‘on’ button is convenient to start operations, while the auto-shut off feature saves battery life. This is a USA-made product that assures you of premium-quality materials and craftsmanship.

The device offers convenience because you won’t need to do complicated measuring processes just to obtain accurate readings.

Buy from Amazon for ($35)