Best camera flashes under $100


Every professional photographer knows the importance of having the right camera and the accurate lighting conditions. Under these parameters you will be able to take stunning photos, with impressive details and more importantly vibrant colours. In order to have at your disposal the right lighting conditions everywhere you go, it is important to equip your camera with a powerful camera flash. Still, this particular feat can be hard, given the wide array of models present on the market, especially without consulting the current best camera flashes reviews. With a high quality camera flash you will be able to become a real photographer irrespective of your location.


Top rated cheap camera flashes in 2017



Neewer TT560 camera flash


Best camera flashes under $100If you have Canon Digital EOS or Nikon DSLR camera then you should upgrade its functionality with Neewer TT560 camera flash. Regarded by many as of the best camera flashes under $50, this particular model is great photographic equipment that simply enhances the quality of every photo you take. The power management of the flash is very easy to handle, allowing you to switch it to ON and it will charge. If you want to perform a flash test you just need to press the test button. There is also a red charging indicator that flickers ever second or so, which indicates the battery’s energy level.

“So that I upgrade my camera to how I wanted it to be exactly I invested in this camera flash from Neewer. It stays powered for many photos and then when it runs out of power it is charged quickly. Also it has a nice design to it.” – Jack Cleverly

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Yongnuo YN-560 camera flash


One of the best camera flashes under $100, status offered by thousands of user testimonials and electric endorsements, is YN-560 II from Yongnuo, a model that improves the quality of every picture you take. The model comes with a fine tuning system on the power output and also with the highly precise Multi-flash Lighting application that upgrades the photo conditions. This camera flash can be used can deliver high-speed continuous shooting without any problems whatsoever. Furthermore the camera flash has a built-in Wide-angle Diffuse, needed to add more clarity to all the photos you take. It is very to use and install!

“Based on so many positive reviews I opted for the Yongnuo YN-560 flash to upgrade my Canon camera. In the time that I have taken photos with its help it has worked really well. The price which I paid for this high quality flash was also very affordable.” – Ken Johnson

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Nikon SB-400 camera flash


No one can dispute the high quality standards of Nikon devices, all well-known for their capacity to enhance the quality of any photo taken. It is important to have equipped on your camera a reliable model from Nikon and SB-400 can be a great addition. Considered one of the best camera flashes under $125, this device is compact, lightweight and comes with 18 mm angle coverage, being also compatible with all the Nikon DX format DSLR cameras current available on the market. The camera flash has bounce capabilities of 4 steps up to 90 degrees and also a flash shooting range from 2 to 66 feet, which is impressive.

“The Nikon SB-400 flash has always been there for me when I needed it. Weighing almost nothing, it adds very little to my cameras overall weight so I still get the feeling of it like I am used to. I mainly bought it because it had a range up to 66 feet.” – Henry Mosley

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Yongnuo YN-468 camera flash


If you desire to use a pro efficient camera flash that won’t disappoint you install it on your camera, then Yongnuo YN-468 II is the model you should use. This is the newest and most advanced camera flash from Yongnuo, an upgraded TTL flash speed light that helps you capture more images in stunning clarity. The model has a PC port and rear buttons that help you control its features better. Furthermore this particular camera flash includes the Multi Strobe flash function that permits you to set the focus position of the light manually, especially in the right direction, with more precision and efficiency.

“I had a look over this camera flash’s characteristics and they suited my camera just fine and the next step was to buy it. I am really happy with the way it functions since I got it and now I can do pictures in conditions which made this impossible before.” – Eddy Ward

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Bower SFD296S Digital Automatic Flash


One of the bestt Digital Automatic Flash is SFD296S from Bower, a model that seems to impress through its fluid functionality and great operating system. This model comes with an automatic mode that safely lets the flash light sensor precisely determine the best amount of light for every shot you want to take. It comes with a guide number of around 99 feet, set as the perfect shooting lighting range. This model also comes with a bounce and swivel zoom head that permits a versatile reflection, ideal for various difficult lighting conditions. It also comes with 28 mm and 85 mm zoom coverage.

“I found this camera flash to be extremely cheap and effective, allowing me to take some great quality photos with my camera. Also it doesn’t weigh much so I don’t really feel it when I put it on my camera. I recommend it as a good cheap choice for a flash.” – Thomas Hunter

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