Best Camera Lenses reviews

Top camera lenses in 2018


Photography is an art that requires professional instruments and keen eyes for creativity. There are thousands of people that want to make stunning photos, worthy of displaying to friends or even family members. Yet, having a powerful camera is not enough without the presence of advanced lenses which can enhance the quality of the images taken. Finding pro efficient lenses for your camera can take a lot of a person, especially since there are so many models on the market. Reading the latest best camera lenses reviews can help you identify the most efficient model, capable of improving every photo you take.


Canon EF


Best Camera Lenses reviewsThousands of people have Canon cameras which could be safely upgraded through Canon EF 50mm lens that delivers a fast f/1.8 aperture. These lenses are ideal for people that prefer during their creation process a fixed focal length. As the lightest EF lens of mere 4.6 ounces, the model comes with the traditional Gauss-type optical format which delivers a sharp and clear performance. The lens deliver a precise image which is stunningly close to how the eye perceives the subject thus making it ideal for various portraits or natural depth pictures. One thing is clear you won’t go wrong with the lenses.

“I needed to upgrade the lens on my old camera and after careful studying I decided to go for the Canon EF 50 mm lens. The upgrade really paid off and the pictures I take now seem more clear and with a natural light to them.” – Nick Watson

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Nikon 55-300mm


It’s time to take breathe-taking photos with outstanding clarity! How? Use the 55-300mm AF-S Nikkor from Nikon and see the difference first-hand. Most of the latest best camera lenses reviews underline the efficiency of the lenses naming them one of the best in the market. The DX-format telephoto zoom lens are accompanied by High Refractive Index element, ED glass and also VR II image stabilisation system which makes them ideal for capturing different targets. You will be able to make great family portraits, dramatic sunrises or sunsets, travel or whatever else you might like. No restrictions on your creative nature!

“When I saw the capabilities of this lens I knew right there that I had to buy it and use it on my personal camera. My favorite thing about it is the VR II image stabilisation system which is very unique and helps the camera take excellent shots even when I’m shaking it a bit.” – Steve Gerrard

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Canon EF 40mm


Do you want to fully upgrade your Canon camera? Well, if your answer is yes then you should take a closer eye on EF 40 mm which is ultra slim and have a lightweight design, completing the camera. The model has aspherical lens element which manages to deliver superior image quality starting from the center and ending with the periphery. You will have a complete image on the camera’s functionality. It has an advanced design that maintains a bright f/2.8 and also a carefully designed compact optimal system set at 40 mm. It’s time for you to take better photos!

“I really recommend this lens because it has some innovative features which really improve the picture quality, at least for me. Also the design is excellent being compact and also very leighweight so I don’t even feel the camera while I’m holding it in my hand.” – Alex Carell

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Sony E 55-210mm


Let’s talk high quality camera lenses! Sony E 55-210 mm lenses are the ideal companion for Sony NEX cameras which have the capacity to enhance the quality of any picture taken. The lenses provide a wide focal range of up to an impressive 325 mm that, as you know, is perfect for sports and various nature shooting frames. It has a quiet internal focusing system that delivers a smooth and responsive AF compatible with limited noise. This particular feature makes it perfect for video capture. You should also know that it incorporates Optical Steady Shot image stabilization technology which helps you achieve crisp and also stable images.

“This camera lens from Sony is really something else and if you are a photo enthusiast like me I recommend it 100%. Not only pictures have an amazing quality but also the videos, so averall I say it is a top lens to have on any camera for sure.” – Matt Wilson

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Tamron AF 18-270 mm


A growing number of the latest best camera lenses reviews, written by pro photographers and also amateur ones, underline the efficiency of Tamron AF 18-270, a model that features VC ultra-zoom. Light, short and slim with a filter diameter of 62 mm. The device includes a 18-419 mm which is the equivalent of 15 x zoom range and the compact Vibration compensation system that helps you obtain superior quality images. Furthermore the camera lenses from Tamron incorporate the Piezo Drive Ultrasonic Autofocus motor that improves the functionality of the camera, making it possible to create sharp and crystal clear photos.

“With 15 x Zoom this lens is in my book a high quality one, which I even fitted to my camera. Picture and video quality has definitely been enhanced comparing to the capabilities of my old one, so I can only be really happy about its functioning so far.” – Jake Dormer

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