Best camping lantern reviews


Top camping lanterns in 2018


Camping is a whole lot better when done right. Including a proper camping lantern on your list of necessary equipment is a must. It provides a decent light source, it is portable and it is very useful especially if you love the woods. Choosing the right gadget can be complicated with so many options available on the market. Our experts decided to help you narrow things down by coming up with a list of recommendations. After reading some of the best camping lantern reviews and after testing a large number of products they’ve managed to pick five products.


Streamlight 44931 The Siege Compact Alkaline LED Hand Lantern


Best camping lantern reviewsThis is one of the most durable and also one of the brightest lanterns you will find. It comes with an illuminated on/off button which will allow you to know the position of the lantern even in the dark. The illuminated button is also a battery life indicator which will let you know it is time to recharge. Most experts consider this the best camping lantern in 2018. It spreads the light evenly and it provides little to no glare at all. It is easy to attach to trees and other things that can support its weight. You will not have to worry too much about this lantern as it is capable of surviving 6 foot falls.

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Coleman Twin LED Lantern


According to many of the best camping lantern reviews, this is one of the brightest camping lanterns on the market. Powered by LED technology, and packed with Cree LEDs, it will light up any room or space no matter how dark. It produces 390 lumens and it can be adjusted to deliver lower intensity light when necessary. The low intensity setting will allow you to keep it on for 150 hours before replacing the 8 D batteries which power it. When used on high, the batteries will last for an impressive 16 hours. In terms of design, this device is weather resistant which means you will be able to use it wherever you feel it is needed.

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Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern SE3DLN


Particularly built for outdoors enthusiasts, this is according to most, the best camping lantern in 2018. It is extremely durable and very energy efficient. The 4 watt LEDs have a life expectancy of up to 100.000 hours. This lantern can be used on high, strobe or low settings. When set on high, it will deliver no less than 240 lumens which is perfect for those dark nights spent in the forest. All you need to turn this device on is a set of three D batteries which will last for 90 hours in low mode or for 40 hours in high mode. The exterior is built to resist water and quite a lot of abuse.

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Coleman MicroPacker Compact Battery Lantern


This is your average budget lantern which is best used while at home. It is also great for illuminating your tent while going camping. It will not light up an entire camping area so keep that in mind. It is very compact but at the same time bright enough to illuminate small areas. It will run up to 15 hours on three AA batteries. It uses LED technology for increased lighting. It can be used as a flashlight considering it comes with a mirror design. This means it does not has a 360 degree illuminating ability. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Energizer Weatheready 360 Degree LED Area Lantern


The Weatheready 360 Degree LED Area Lantern by Energizer is one of the top rated camping lanterns in 2018. It is destined particularly for outdoor use as it is built with waterproof materials. It uses LED technology and dual battery options for longer illuminating hours. When used on the high intensity setting it will produce 55 lumens. With its low intensity setting it will produce only 28 lumens. It can also be used as a night light which can come in very handy if you have trouble sleeping in the dark. It has a glow in the dark on/off switch and it will withstand a lot of abuse because of its rubber base.

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