Best Canon Lenses reviews


What is the best camera lens from Canon?


Learning more and more things about photography means you will feel more the need to get better equipment while your camera frame and its processor will always remain the same you can change the lens. Canon is a leading camera manufacturer and for its cameras it offers many upgrades once you think you got what it takes to move on to a higher level. For a special lens which is superior to your old one it wouldn’t hurt to read the best Canon lenses reviews which will put you on contact with some top models.


Canon EF 85mm Medium Telephoto Lens


Best Canon Lenses reviewsThe Canon EF 85mm Medium Telephoto lens weighs just 15 ounces so you won’t feel any large difference once you fit it to your camera, only in the superior picture quality. This lens is best at capturing the natural field of view so you can take top quality photos of sceneries, make excellent portraits etc. You will quickly focus on your objective with the aid of the ring-type ultra-sonic monitor. Canon will also throw in a 1 year warranty so you have on your hands one of the best Canon lenses in 2018.

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Canon EF 50mm USM Standard & Medium Telephoto Lens


If you are a photo enthusiast and you have a Canon DLSR then a very good upgrade for your lens would be the Canon EF 50 mm telephoto lens. For a lot of lenses a major issue is their astigmatism but this model doesn’t have this problem thanks to the Gaussian Optics and the 2 high-refraction lens elements that go into its construction. Its reputation as one of the best Canon lenses in 2018 doesn’t come as such a high surprise if you consider its sales numbers and its popularity.

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Canon EF 24-105mm USM Lens


Professionals often use the Canon EF 24-105mm lens which will definitely aid anyone in capturing some amazing photos of all sorts of subjects. This low noise lens which is almost silent is fitted with a ring-type USM system which will auto-focus immediately as you set it in motion. Its construction also allows it to combat dust and moisture increasing its lifespan far beyond of those that other models have. The Image Stabilizer technology is also something to look forward to, making the top Canon lenses reviews ecstatic about it.

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Canon EF 28-135mm USM Standard Zoom Lens


The Canon EF 28-135 USM standard zoom lens can be the perfect upgrade for your Canon DSLR camera which will give you the chance to enhance your picture making abilities. This lens is so powerful and accurate that it doesn’t require a tripod or a flash to take high quality pictures when the light is dim. The photos that result have very natural like colors which makes them nice and sharp. The customer reports for this lens have been extremely positive about it.

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Canon EF 70-300mm USM Lens


If you truly have your eye set on creating a professional DSLR camera for yourself then you should take a very close look at the Canon EF 70-300mm lens which has some out of this world features. Some lenses have problems when having to recreate a vivid background but not this model which possesses and electro-magnetic diaphragm. The best Canon lenses reviews also point out that the 3-stop Image Stabilizer is a great system which eliminates the effects caused by camera shaking.

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