Best Canon PIXMA MX922 expert review


Professional buying advice on Canon PIXMA MX922


Best Canon PIXMA MX922 expert reviewEvery photographer, business person, writer or banker understands the importance of advanced instruments, designed with attention in order to make his photos, works of art. Out of the many devices bent on improving your office activities it seems that one in particular appears to be needed above others: printers. After analysing some of the best models available on the market we concluded that Canon PIXMA MX922 represents a great addition to any person. It was designed to bring superior printing functions to any office. To this end you might want to read the best Canon PIXMA MX922 expert review and use the information to make a smart purchase. Present in thousands of American offices, this particular model makes every day office activities such as printing, scanning and copying easier than ever.

To this particular end you have to go through Canon PIXMA MX922 pros and cons and see exactly what makes the printer function smoothly. You won’t have to worry about pesky wires hanging around the office, because this device comes with advanced wireless functions. It has a built-in WiFi system, designed especially for printing and scanning from anywhere you are around the house. Still, before you start looking where to find discounted deals on Canon PIXMA MX922, you need to have a complete seal over the product’s basic and advanced printing functions. Once you know exactly what you have on your desk, you will be able to go from one positive result to the next.


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Pros and Cons

There are many Canon PIXMA MX922 pros and cons which can make your work around the office easy and productive. This powerful wireless all in one printer delivers superb business imaging, from printing the simplest text document to more complex photos. You will be able to enjoy a precise printing operation, every time you need with no problems whatsoever.

  1. Wireless printing:  You can print documents from various places around the office while AirPrint gives you the possibility to print different files from your iPod, iPad and also iPhone. Furthermore the printer includes Cloud printing functions, for advanced activities.
  2. Print Quality: Due to its advanced printing functions, this printer has an integrated 35 sheet Duplex Auto document feeder and dual function panel, which can make every action easy.
  3. Printing resolution: You need to know that this printer offers 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi and also 5 individual ink tanks which makes printing documents easy and productive.
  4. Dimensions: 15.6 x 19.4 x 9.1 inches
  5. Weight: 30.6 pounds


Reading with attention best Canon PIXMA MX922 expert review will help you see exactly even the disadvantages of purchasing this particular model. There were some people that reported C000 error message, regarding manual or customer support. The printer is Energy Star certified, which means that at the end of the month you won’t pay too much when the electric bill comes.


It is important to have on your desk a reliable device that can be used to print fast different types of documents. This is why you probably read with attention the best Canon PIXMA MX922 expert review in order to know exactly what makes the device great. You will not be disappointed by the printer’s basic and extended functions, designed to enhance your productivity. Where to get the best prices for Canon PIXMA MX922? Well, browse around the internet and you’ll find out that Amazon offers the best prices. Within a short period of time, or after a couple of clicks you will end up with this printer from Canon.


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