Best car alarms under $100

For a growing number of Americans car security is very important, especially since in some cities, carjacking represents a serious problem. To this extent, we are not surprised to see so many people try to protect their car the best that they can. The present auto statistics show that one of the most used car protective device is the car alarm, a device that can let anyone know of unwanted tampering. Out of the many models available on the market, choosing the right one can be pretty challenging. Consulting some of the latest best car alarms reviews, represents the quickest way to find an efficient model.


Top rated cheap car alarms in 2018



Crimestopper SP-101


Best car alarms under $100Every car needs to be equipped with a reliable alarm, which can protect the content located inside any moment of the day or night. One of the best car alarms under $50 is Crimestopper SP-101, a model which is very popular among the auto industry. Most of the present user testimonials underline the efficiency of this particular car alarm which provides audio and visual arm and disarm when an intruder tries to break in. The car alarm comes with a keyless remote and also programmable double unlock pulse, needed to add an extra layer of security in your car.

“For my car I wanted to buy a top car alarm so I could rest safe knowing that it is theftproof. I orientated myself for this model from Crimestopper and now I feel quite secure about it because I know this alarm is reliable. It passed all my tests to earn my full trust.” – George Sanders

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Performance Teknique


It’s very important to install in your car a reliable alarm which can help you know exactly what goes on inside. Today, more and more car owners are using with confidence Performance Teknique, a powerful 2 way FM car alarm and security level. Furthermore the car alarm includes w/LCD display which shows you the status of the car and radio stations. It is completed by a w/remote engine start which helps you to control better the car. Regarded as one of the best car alarms under $100, this particular model also includes an instruction manual which shows you how to use the device with greater ease and no headache.

“The Performance Teknique car alarm was installed by me in my car, easily and without any complications. I have tested it as well and it works just great, so that I know for sure it will do its job and make me aware if someone is trying to get away with my precious Mitsubishi.” – Bryan Remy

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Crimestopper SP-402


Don’t leave your car unprotected and ready to be served by anyone. How can you protect with greater precision your car? Well, use with confidence Crimestopper SP-402, a carefully designed car alarm that comes with a keyless entry, 1-way combo alarm and also remote start system. This special remote system comes with 2 stylish 5-button transmitters, accompanied by brushed aluminum trim and also a refined titanium silver button finish. It also comes with a dual-stage shock sensor, tachometer sensing, 2-way data port and also a 25 watts high-powered single tone siren. Your car will be protected once you install the car alarm!

“This car alarm is simple to install and can be controlled via its remote. I didn’t pay a huge amount of money to get it, but I needed a precaution meassure because I invested quite a lot in my new car. So far it has never been set off by a thief but its reviews said it perfeormed excellent in those circumstances.” – Andrew Lawrence

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Crimestopper SP-301


The time has come to upgrade the security levels on your car with Crimestopper SP-301 car alarm, a device used with confidence by thousands of Americans. Considered one of the best car alarms under $100, this model comes with 2 way paging remote that has an impressive range of around 3500 feet. In addition to the high security levels delivered any moment of the day or night, the model comes with a large white and red LED backlighting display on the paging remote and also an accurate built-in clock. Furthermore the car alarm includes a dynamic code protection that safely confirms commands that you give with no misinterpretations.

“The Crimestopper SP-301 car alarm was suggested to me by a friend and after I took a good look at its features and some of its reviews I got it for my own car. No one attempted to steal my car yet but I test it from time to time.” – Bob Jarret

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Brainydeal Security


Finding the best car alarm can be pretty hard given the wide array of products currently available on the market. Still, some products stand out, since their technical expertise is well recognized all over the world. One of the best car alarms ideal to be used by anyone is Brainydal Security car alarm, a powerful device which can keep any vehicle safe. The car alarm includes a truck release, door trigger, arm/disarm option, acc trigger, reminder to lock doors, auto arm, car finder, engine locking, emergency override, anti-hijacking, LED indicator, car status memory, code learning and also code learning.

“I installed this car alarm system alone in my car because the whole process was very simple. Now that I have it I feel that my car is in good hands and there is no way someone can steal it form me. The alarm can be heard from far, far away if it sets off.” – Jake Robson

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