Best car AV receiver reviews


Top car AV receivers in 2018


Things have come a long way since the 8-track player. Even older cars can now use the latest in audio technology just by simply installing a decent AV receiver. The benefits are endless as long as you get the proper device. Our experts have tested a large number of products in order to come up with a decent set or recommendations. After also reading some of the best car AV receiver reviews of the past years, they’ve managed to narrow things down to five receivers which offer a wide variety of features which will soothe even the most demanding of customers.


JVC KWAV61BT Bluetooth Receiver


Best car AV receiver reviewsThis is JVC’s entry-level product which is destined for those who don’t have that much money to invest in your car but still want to keep up with times. Most users say that this is the best car AV receiver in 2018 mostly because of the great value for money it provides. It is versatile being compatible with both Apple and Microsoft products. It can be used with any USB player and it can play MP3 tracks directly from a DVD. It uses Bluetooth technology which will allow you to use it as a hands-free set. It can also connect to internet radio which can be easily accessed through the generous 6.1 inch touchscreen.

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Pioneer AVICX850BT Bluetooth iPhone/iPod Navigation AV Receiver


Pioneer have always managed to build some of the most impressive audio devices in the world. This AV receiver is one of their top selling products and it is also considered by most as the best car AV receiver in 2018. It is built to support all media storage sources including a micro SD card. It has a large 6.1 inch touchscreen which is very responsive. It has integrated GPS Navigation so as not to spend any extra money on an actual GPS. It can be used with Apple gadgets and it has access to Pandora internet radio. You will also be able to use this AV receiver as a hands free device.

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Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver


Pioneer have managed to create one of the nicest looking budget AV receivers. According to several of the best car AV receiver reviews, the Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS is right there on top with devices which are included in higher price ranges. It has a really great design which is not only futuristic looking but it is also very easy to use. All the commands are nicely laid out for you and are also very responsive which is exactly what you need for gadgets you use while driving. This device will provide great audio, it will connect to all media sources including internet radio and it will even charge your phone through its USB port.

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Pioneer AVIC-X950BH In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver


If you are on the market for one of the top rated car AV receivers in 2018, this is the gadget to get. It is fully packed with all the necessary features you need to make your ride just as fun as all recent models which come fitted with futuristic technology. It has a very clear display which is very useful when using the GPS function. It can be used with all of the most common storage devices including MicroSD cards. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone products and it offers access to a series of apps built particularly for this type of gadget.

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Sony XAV602BT Bluetooth AV Receiver


Sony have become one of the most sought after gadget manufacturing brands over the past two years. Their AV receiver is currently a top rated device which is very popular due to the great value for money it provides. It has a 6.1 inch display which provides great visibility. It is compatible with any media storage device and it can be paired with both Android and iOS devices. It even comes with a remote which is very useful if your car’s audio system is used to liven up parties. It has a hands free function and it pretty much provides all the features you get with any modern car computer.

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