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Tired of going around in circles trying to find the best car bed money can buy? Let us make things less stressful for you through this short but informative paragraph. We have been able to accumulate plenty of information about various products in this category by comparing reviews and ratings in a range of expert review sites for automobile accessories as well as social media activity. Out of all the models and brands we have checked out, we consider the Ancheer Multifunctional an award-winning choice because of its high-quality PVC construction that guarantees durability for long term yet comfortable use. With a leather-like surface, this product also delivers easy maintenance as well as lasting, dependable performance. The included electric pump connects easily to the car lighter socket for effortless and quick inflation in just a couple of minutes. If the Ancheer is not within convenient reach, we recommend going for the second best product out there, the Haitral Portable.



Buying guide


When you get caught between locations and have to spend the night in your car, a car bed provides a convenient and more comfortable proposition than simply reclining the car seats just to get some shuteye. Car beds also enable young riders traveling with you to spend a restful night of slumber in the back seat. What do you want the best car bed for camping to have?

The top-rated products in the best car bed reviews boast high-quality construction

As a consumer, you should always make sure you are buying premium-quality products that demonstrate exceptional manufacturing processes. You want quality products crafted with your welfare in mind, for actual value for money.  A car bed is not any different.

High-rated products boast a premium-quality PVC construction. PVC is considered a material with favorable safety characteristics. It doesn’t catch fire quickly, it has comparatively low heat production, and it tends to char instead of producing flaming droplets. PVC is a lightweight yet strong and durable material with exceptional cost-performance advantages and low maintenance.

A car bed should be made with an inflatable elastic structure that minimizes the vibration during the ride.

The surface should feel soft and comfortable, perfect for sleeping and car travels. Some models have a surface made of flannel for a smooth feel.


The best camping car bed offers an easy setup and use

Aside from providing comfort and durability, the car bed should also be easy to set up and put in place. Check out models that come with a convenient electric pump that easily connects to the lighter socket of the car for quick and trouble-free inflation, and within minutes, too.

The product should be easy to transport and store. It should be large enough to accommodate the intended number of users and should also have a weight capacity for that purpose. It should fit all popular models of sedans, SUVs, and mini-vans.

You should be able to take it along easily during travels, surf trips, festivals, camping and many outdoor adventures.


The best bed for car camping is also effortless to maintain

Double heat-sealed seams ensure that you can lie on the car bed worry-free that there won’t be any sides coming apart inadvertently due to the pressure from your body weight. The product should withstand constant movement of the vehicle when used during the drive.

The car bed should be easy to clean. Storage should not be a problem, either. It should have an easy-to-fold configuration that makes it easy to carry. Deflating it should be effortless as well, with a simple opening of the bleeder valve to push the air out. Look for products that also take just minutes for completing the folding task of the air bed.



Top Rated Car Beds in 2017


The market has plenty to offer when it comes to car beds. Do check out the information in the buying guide above to help you make a more informed buying decision. You should also check out the showcased products in the paragraphs below for even more shopping assistance.



Ancheer Multifunctional


Designed to handle up to 330 pounds, the ANCHEER car bed carries a modern style perfect for any mainstream mini-van, SUV or sedan model. This product is constructed of premium-quality PVC for durability, safety, and strength. Amazingly, it is lightweight for problem-free storage and transport or carrying.

Comfy and soft, this product features an inflatable elastic structure that cushions the user from the bumps and vibrations during the ride. It comes with an internal flow system that blocks the vehicle noise at the bottom to provide a quiet, peaceful environment that anybody can sleep in.

The unit’s internal flow works well for that purpose. The car bed is made of high-quality material that is not toxic to humans under any unique circumstances. It has an approximate thickness of 3.9 inches for comfort.

The car bed ships with all you need for immediate, out-of-the-box functionality. It comes with a pillow, an air pump, a repair glue and PVC pad material for instant damage handling, and the convenient carrying bag for problem-free transport. Designed to offer durability and comfort, this product is easy to store and provides easy inflation in just a couple of minutes.

Perfect for festivals, camping, surf trips, travels and outdoor adventures, this car bed should always be in your car trunk.

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Haitral Portable


The Haitral car bed offers a nice and comfy lodging spot when you have to sleep in your vehicle in between locations. This product is made of a tasteless, non-toxic material that ensures your safety and its reliability. Made of high-quality materials, this product assures you of quality craftsmanship.

Made to be pressure-proof and anti-seismic, this car bed can withstand the vibrations of the wheels underneath your car when it is used during road trips. You’ll love that it retains its shape and inflated level during use. Designed for toughness, this product provides a dependable spot on which you can spend the night when you have to be on the road constantly.

It turns your car into a comfortable sleeping spot so you can save on hotel accommodations. Just find a safe spot to park your auto and spend the night in your car. Ideal for car use travels, and camping, this car bed is durable and reliable, as it is capable of supporting up to 300 kilograms of weight to fit you and a companion.

Lightweight at just 2.6 kilograms, this car bed is comfortable to carry and store. It has double heat-sealed seams that guarantee the edges won’t come apart suddenly while you are resting peacefully during the night. Easy to clean, this product also enables problem-free storage and fits most car models.

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Perfect for car travels and unplanned camping purposes, the FB Sport car bed comes with a suitable inflatable airbed mattress configuration to serve as a ready-to-use extended air couch as well. Use it in your car for sudden instances when you have to spend the night on the road in your vehicle. It comes with two air pillows for a higher level of functionality.

Suitable for any mainstream car and SUV models, this product can be used during road trips, festivals, and outdoor adventures. It provides a flat, broad and comfortable spot on which to rest your tired body after a long day in the car or outdoors. Children can sleep comfortably while you are driving so you can enjoy peace and quiet during the ride.

Made of PVC/Oxford material, this car bed is lightweight at only 3 kilograms, for easy transport and carrying. It ships with its own inflator/deflator pump for hassle-free setup and disassembly. The repair kit guarantees trouble-free handling of car bed issues. The storage bag facilitates effortless carrying.

You will love how this product turns any back seat into a ready sleeping space to spend the night in, or just have the kids sleep off their boredom during a long car trip.


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