Best car digital media receivers under $100


Top rated cheap car digital media receivers


You have to upgrade your car with a high quality and powerful audio system, which will elevate the pleasure of driving around town or cross-country. Well, if you want to hear all of your favourite songs in distinct clarity and the force you deserve then you need to find the right car digital media receiver and ride in style. The market is packed with a lot of models, which makes it pretty difficult to find the most efficient model. Reading some of the current best car digital media receivers reviews will help you to find the right model, capable of safely blending in the basic characteristics of your vehicle.


XO Vision XD103 car digital media receiver


Best car digital media receivers under $100If you want to enjoy superior audio quality every time you start out a drive then you should take a closer look on XO Vision XD10. Considered one of the best car digital media receivers under $25, this model allows you to listen to the radio, plug in with ease your Mp3 or even insert a SD card or USD drive and play all of your favourite songs. It is easy to install and manage. This car receiver features a 4-channel audio output, a precise electronic audio control and also a safe pre-amplified line-out. Everywhere you go, music will be played in an impressive sound clarity unlike anything you’ve heard before.

“For the money I invested in this car receiver I managed to get some excellent features which allow me to listen to my favorite radio stations. I insert my flashdrive via the USB port and listen to my favorite tracks as well, so the driving time just flies by.” – Paul Moore

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Pioneer DEHX3500UI car digital media receiver


Pioneer is well-known around the world for its high quality car audio instruments, being capable of delivering clear sounds, and strong bass. To this end seeing DEHX3500UI placed among the best car digital media receivers under $100, comes as no surprise. This model can play AM/FM, MP3, CD and USB flash drive music thus creating a soothing environment as you go on the open road and need the proper musical background. The car digital media receiver also comes with a multi-segmented LCD display that allows you to see the track playing, FM station control better the features and thus enhance the audio quality.

“When it comes to making audio devices Pioneer is a solid brand and this is why I got this model from it. The design is really cool and also I can connect it to my iPod very easily so that I can listen to everything I want, when I want.” – Jack Griffin

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JVC KDX50BT car digital media receiver


As so many people underlined, a car without a good media receiver is a naked one, without soul. This is why you should use JVC Bluetooth car digital media receiver in order to improve the audio quality of every drive. This model comes with in dash AM/FM, MP3 and also WMA Digital media receiver which keeps you connected with all of your favourite songs. It also comes with a reliable a built-in Bluetooth A2DP streaming system, which enhances the audio experience. Furthermore the device has a solid USB 1 amp connection that fully supports the use of a USB drive. The peak audio level is of 50 watts x 4 channels which is quite impressive.

“Before I bought this car receiver from JVC I  read a lot of reviews about it to make sure it was a top device. It really has anything I could possibly want from a car receiver and in the end I am extremely pleased with the choice I made.” – Hank Upson

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Pyle PLR44MU car digital media receiver


Considered one of the best car digital media receivers under $50, Pyle PLR44MU will definitely upgrade your car audio system, bringing to light clear sounds and an impressive audio experience. Portable and convenient, the media receiver can be easily attached and detached on the car. The model includes an USB, Aux-in and also a solid set of SD/MMC card slots which give you the opportunity to enjoy all the greatest hits whenever you are on the road. This unit can support with ease playback, MP3 and also various WMA audio formats for an enhanced audio experience every time you desire and without worrying about problems.

“The Pyle PLR44MU face receiver had the features I was looking for in order to make my long drives a bit more enjoyable. Another thing which I really liked about it was that it was relatively cheap. I installed it in a jiffy and so far I am very happy with how it works.” – Erick Stevens

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Kenwood KDC-255U car digital media receiver


It is important to equip your car with a professional car digital media receiver in order to delight your passengers with the wonderful tunes of Johnnie Cash or The Police. This is where Kenwood KDC-255U, one of the best car digital media receivers under $100, can fully upgrade your car audio experience. The model is also accompanied by a pro ultra-widescreen touch panel monitor that allows you to control all the features of the device. It also has a Proximity sensor and an impressive 10-language GUI layout, which helps you to customize the model. The car digital media receiver comes with a built-in Bluetooth-TM wireless technology, ideal for hands-free calling.

“Kenwood made a very decent receiver throught this model which I have installed in my car and most importantly it gave it a very affordable price. Via USB I connect my flashdrive or my smartphone so that I can play what song I feel like.” – Mike Johnson

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