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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best car DVD player money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected much information about the best DVD media player on the market by comparing products through actual owner feedback and expert review site ratings as well as social media activity. Fortunately, our exhaustive research and comparison have led us to what we consider the number one product in this category, the NAVISKAUTO 25-PD0901-US. Equipped with an integrated 2600mAh lithium battery, this model can let you enjoy your favorite movies on the go during car trips for five hours, and if that’s not amazing enough, check out the unit’s ability to support up to 720X576 resolution, for awesome image clarity like the moviemakers designed their creations to have. Easy and safe to use, this model can be enjoyed by elder people and kids hassle-free. The 180-degree flipping plus 270-degree rotating design enables terrific functionality in the car, home and any other place conducive to movie watching. If the NAVISKAUTO 25-PD0901-US is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the SYNAGY A10 as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


Whether at home or on the go, a portable DVD player lets you enjoy visual entertainment in a small package. It lets you move from one room of the house to another while playing your favorite movie. It also ensures the kids in the car stay quiet so you can focus on the driving. Regardless of the purpose of the unit, these are the essential things to consider in the best car DVD players.


Supported DVD Region Coding and Formats

The movie industry uses a regional coding system that applies to DVDs. The system implements digital codes corresponding to the specific region of the world where DVDs can be played. In this system, a coded DVD can be played on a compatible DVD player. Therefore, DVD players having Region 1 codes for use in the US and Canada cannot accommodate Region 2 DVDs designed for use in Europe and Japan. Although DVDs have increasingly become multiregional, not every car DVD player is able to handle all DVDs. Ascertain to which region DVD code you belong to ensure your portable DVD player can handle your collection.

Another important thing to consider is the format the player will accept. While all DVD players accept DVDs, only some can accommodate DVDs and CDs that have been burned on a home computer. The extra functionality somewhat drives the price upward, but it does make the device more versatile. Check out models that work with other storage media aside from DVDs. Smart players won’t have issues on this since they only require proper codecs installation to accommodate any media format, from AVI and MPEG to MP4 and MKV.


Player Type

If you look at the units featured in the best car DVD player reviews, you’ll notice they are of different types. For group viewing, a fold-up DVD player is the better option. You can leave the device on its own, so it won’t need to be held in the hand all the time or to be mounted. For road trips, fold-up models are not practical since holding the device for a long time on your lap can be quite bothersome.

Tablet-style DVD players can be conveniently mounted behind the headrest of a car seat to enjoy on-road entertainment. When not installed in the vehicle, they have to be constantly in the hand to view the screen, making them impractical for watching with a number of people. Look for lightweight players for easy handling.


Essential DVD player features

Since a larger screen translates to higher cost, just think about what screen size will best work for your needs then consider that side by side with the model’s price. A 6.5 to 7 -inch screen should be a good enough sweet spot.

Connectivity to your regular TV or other device is a nice feature. To enjoy this, make sure the device features audio-video connectors for easy plugging into a standard TV or home theater system. Some premium models even come with an HDMI port for HDTV connectivity. Some newer models accommodate plugging a memory drive or USB into them for photo and media sharing minus a computer.

A headphone jack is useful for private listening or viewing. Some players provide surround sound capability. It is important to ascertain where the unit can draw power from. Options include power cables from the dash, car battery-connected cables, the cigarette lighter receptacle and batteries. Battery-operated units should offer long battery life so you can get more watching time from a single charge.

There are plenty of car DVD players on the market, and the number of options continues to increase with time as more and more people want to enjoy mobile entertainment. The buying guide above should help you make an informed decision. We have also featured the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Top car DVD players in 2018





Equipped with a 9-inch digital TFT screen boasting a resolution of 800×480, the NAVISKAUTO 25-PD0901-US ensures a fantastic on-the-go movie watching experience for those who often take car trips. The built-in 2600mAh lithium battery can power the device for up to 5 hours, for longer movie watching enjoyment. Safe and easy to use, this model comes with superior electronic shock resistance, making it safe to use for older people and kids and tough enough to withstand the unevenness of the terrain you’re driving on.

Able to support AVI video playback with 720X576 resolution, this device also accommodates JPG and MP3 format for a variety of options. It also features a built-in USB/SD/MMC card read port to handle a variety of storage media for viewing options. The dual speakers ensure superbly clear audio in your movies. The built-in MediaTek (MTK) chip is the most stable chip to be used in this type of device, ensuring dependable performance.

The screen panel swivels 270 degrees for flexibility in viewing angles. You can also plug in your SD card or USB stick to view photos or listen to stored music, thereby expanding your media sources. This is a region-free DVD player so you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues. It provides convenience with its 3-meter cigarette charger, 3-meter long wall charger and the car headrest mount.

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Delivering high resolution digital play, the SYNAGY A10 boasts a high-resolution 10.1-inch TFT LCD/digital display on the swivel screen, which delivers a high 1024X600 native resolution for superbly clear videos and movies. Enjoy your favorite films and videos in their full clarity while you’re on a car trip or just spending some lazy time at home.

The built-in premium quality rechargeable lithium battery powers the device to deliver around 2.5 to 3 hours playback, with normal use. This model supports playback of CD, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, S-VCD, VCD, JPEG, MPEG4 and WMA, providing versatility in media formats. Swiveling and folding flat into tablet form, this model provides an easily transportable means of enjoying your favorite movies and videos without being stuck in a single location. You can move about around the house to find you favorite resting spot, or bring the unit during car trips. This model comes with a car charger for driving use.

It also provides a tool for studying for your kids. The built-in anti-shock capability ensures toughness for mobile use. To accommodate various devices for connectivity, this DVD player also comes with a 3.5mm audio/video output and a stereo headphone jack. The SD card reader and USB port expand your media viewing options.

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DBPOWER 10.5-Inch


Geared to provide three hours of extended battery life, the DBPOWER accommodates your mobile entertainment needs. Playing your favorite movies on the go, this device has a swivel screen that rotates 360 degrees to provide great and easy visibility at any angle or position.

It is made shock resistant to enable movie enjoyment on the go, so images won’t flicker or the sensitive electronic components won’t get damaged from the shock that comes with driving on uneven terrain. To enable the enjoyment of a wider variety of digital media, this unit also features an SD card reader and USB port.

You can plug in your memory storage devices for problem-free playback on the unit. It is able to support the following audio, video media and file formats: AVI; CD; DVD, DVD-R/RW; JPEG;MP3; MPEG1; VCD; VOB; and WMA. The unit ships with everything necessary to facilitate out-of-the-box functionality.

It comes with a user manual, remote control, car adapter, an AV cable, and a game controller or joystick. Boasting improved battery performance, the device allows you to enjoy cordless freedom on the go. This device offers an exciting way to spend time in a car during long journeys, or to keep yourself amused when stuck in a horrendous traffic jam.

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