Best Car Multimedia DVD Receiver reviews


Top car multimedia DVD receivers in 2018


When you are going to spend a lot of time in your car you might at some point get a bit bored and this is when you need to turn to some source of entertainment for your passengers. You can even go one step beyond your normal radio and mp3 player by getting a DVD receiver for your car. And if you have no idea which one to buy do check out the best car multimedia DVD receiver reviews which are sure to create a clear path to a certain model.


Pioneer AVHX8500BHS Double-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver


Best Car Multimedia DVD Receiver reviewsYou car will definitely be more fun for you and your family once you have installed the Pioneer AVHX8599BHS. The 7 inch display uses touchscreen technology which will allow you to use very easily its menu which is not complicated at all. Use it for hands-free calling because it has built-in Bluetooth which can also be used for streaming audio files. Also you will be able to set the audio and video features to your liking making it a very popular recommendation by the top car multimedia DVD receiver reviews.

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Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Multimedia DVD Receiver


This multimedia DVD receiver from Pioneer is because of its impressive sales figures viewed as the best car multimedia DVD receiver in 2018 by many specialists. It has a 7 inch touchscreen WVGA display which is capable of a 16:9 aspect ratio and is very user friendly. Stream you favorite radio station directly from the internet so you can listen to your preferred music all the time in your car without those long and annoying commercial breaks. This receiver is also compatible with devices that either use an Android and an iOS operating system.

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Pioneer AVH-X7500BT Single-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver


The best car multimedia DVD receiver reviews are the ones which recommend investing in the Pioneer AVH-X7500BT for your car environment so you passengers and you have a high audio and picture quality to enjoy while you are in your vehicle. The 7 inch screen is wide enough so you can see clearly all the different menu options and even view a video clip or two. When we are talking with compatibility this DVD receiver can easily be connected to tablets or smart phones from Apple or using Android operating systems.

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Pioneer AVH-X6500DVD 1-DIN Multimedia DVD Car Receiver


One DVD receiver which comes at a decent price range and offers some excellent possibilities is the Pioneer AVH-X6500DVD which is also viewed as a complete package when it comes to these sorts of devices. Firstly it has been made by Pioneer which as a manufacturer needs no introduction when it comes to audio quality. Then you will see that the 7 inch touchscreen is very simple to use and extremely user friendly so in the end you will concur it is worth every cent.

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Pioneer AVH –P1400DVD Mobile 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver


The Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD Mobile DVD Receiver has all the features necessary to make out of it a prime candidate for the best car multimedia DVD receiver in 2018. You can connect it via its USB port to your iPhone, iPad or smart phone using Android easily and can start listening to your favorite music. It is very road friendly as well because it has a built-in navigation system and to be more specific the AVIC-U2200. It may not be the newest receiver on the block but it is still a solid one.

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