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There is more to driving than simply reaching a destination. As so many Americans pointed out, on the road a specific vibe must appear in order to enhance the pleasures of being behind the wheel. The best way to create a special atmosphere during every drive, irrespective of the length is by playing all of your favourite songs. In order to capture the brilliance of the tunes and the correct lyrical pleasure, you need to install a high quality subwoofer on your car. Due to the many products available on the market you should read some of the current best car subwoofer reviews in order to identify the one suited to your needs.


Pioneer TS-SWX251 car subwoofer


If you want a car subwoofer that combines quality with efficiency, then you should take a closer look on TS-SWX251, a model used with confidence by thousands of drivers. Regarded as one of the best car subwoofer under $150, this 10 inch flat subwoofer comes with an enclosed format, blending with ease in the car’s appearance. The car subwoofer can deliver a powerful 800 watts peak of power, 4 ohm impedance and also with a subtle 89 dB sensitivity. Furthermore the subwoofer has a frequency of 20 HZ to 114 Hz, helping you enjoy quality sounds every time you want.

“Even in my car I want top audio capabiliites and for this purpose I bought the Pioneer TS-SWX251 subwoofer. The bass is excellent adding to the sound that is produced by my car`s speakers. Also I must recommend it for the quality to price ratio.” – Luke Parker

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Infinity Basslink car subwoofer


Are you ready to power up your car with a great subwoofer? If the answer is yes then you need to install Infinity Basslink subwoofer in your car, and experience a vibrant bass and clear sounds. Considered by thousands of drivers as one of the best car subwoofer under $200, the model includes a 10 inch woofer, 10 inch radiator and also an impressive 200 watts Class D amplifier that jump starts any song with a vital twist. You have the possibility to mount the subwoofer vertically or horizontally. The components are housed in a protective polymer enclosure that reduces the apparition of problems.

“The Infinity Basslink subwoofer was the perfect choice for my car’s audio system, producing some high quality bass to make my favorite songs sound excellent in my car. The fact that I read about it a lot of positive reviews also persuaded me to get it.– Will Roger

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Kicker 10C124 car subwoofer


Sometimes even though we want to equip our car with expensive devices, we can’t due to financial issues. Still, if we look with attention on the market, a high quality car subwoofer comes into full view: Kicker 10C124. Being the world’s absolute best car subwoofer under $100, this model delivers a loud and clean bass that brings out the pleasures of listening to music. You should know that the subwoofer is super-rigid and has an injection molded cone accompanied by a 360 degree back bracing. It has a solid steel basket and coil-cooling perimeter venting so that the sound won’t be affected.

“For the money I paid for it this subwoofer, it has offered me so far excellent quality sound which from my point of view makes it more valuable than its actual price. Even at max volume the bass is of high quality without any noise distortion.” – Jake Jordan

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Dual Electronics BP1204 car subwoofer


It’s all about the details when it comes to powerful and clear sounds, especially during long drives. This is where Dual Electronics BP1204 car subwoofer can become a real audio treat. As one of the best car subwoofers under $150, this model will enhance the quality of any song you play. It consists of 2 12 inch Dual DS Series subwoofers that are completed by blue illuminations, creating a futuristic vibe in your car. Furthermore it has a nailed and glued MDF structure that maintains its solidity and ultimately durability. The subwoofer comes with 1 year warranty.

“The really cool design and its set of fatures were why I bought this subwoofer for my car. The blue lights really give it a cool aspect especially during the night. What also surprised me about it was that it didn’t have an expensive price.” – Mark Hughes

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Polk Audio db840DVC car subwoofer


Every car deserves a good audio system which can bring to life great present or old songs to life. If you want to upgrade your car with a set of powerful subwoofers you can use without any reservations Polk Audio db840DVC. This 8 inch dual voice coil subwoofer delivers incredible clear sounds even though the price is pretty low. It has a polypropylene cone, featuring a rigid ABS dustcap thus ensuring greater stability and more importantly lower distortion. Deep and powerful bass will echo in your car once you install db840DVC from Polk Audio every time you are on a drive.

“I didn’t want anything fancy when it came to my car’s subwoofer and so I settled for this model from Polk Audio which had a very decent price and excellent audio characteristics. Music sounds better with it instlled and this can only make me happy.” – Oliver Vaughn

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