Best Carpet Cleaner under 100


How to Select the Best Carpet Cleaner under 100


Cleaning your carpets is essential for keeping the environment in your home healthy. Especially in a house full of kids and pets, a carpet cleaner is a must, because it offers the necessary deep cleaning for chasing away all the invisible critters that can end up polluting your air. Getting a good quality carpet cleaner may not be easy, but with a bit of information at hand, you will find it less difficult to make a choice.

Best Carpet Cleaner under 100

Full size or compact?

To narrow down your search, the first choice you need to make is about the type of carpet cleaner you intend to purchase and use. Full size models offer better performance, but they are bulky and you need to find enough room for storage; compact models offer the advantage of easy storage, while sacrificing some of the performance.


Tank capacity

Regardless of what type of carpet cleaner you purchase, reliable tank capacity is a must. The best carpet cleaners on the market come equipped with sizable tanks for holding water and cleaning solutions, so you don’t have to refill it all the time.



Pay attention to what extras are offered with your purchase. A hose extender, moving brushes and attachments for cleaning upholstery are just a few extras to look for.


Most Reliable Carpet Cleaners under 100


A good carpet cleaner doesn’t have to be expensive. We ran a thorough research among consumers’ reviews and came up with three models that offer the best features and conveniences so you can maintain your carpets free of germs and the air in your home breathable.


Hoover SteamVac F5914900 Carpet Cleaner


1.Hoover SteamVacHoover is one of the most renowned carpet cleaner manufacturers in the world, and their products are truly outstanding. This model is powered by a 12-amp motor, and it offers all the conveniences and features you need to maintain your home in perfect cleaning all the time.

The only things you need to clean your carpet when you are armed with this powerful device are some hot water and a solution for cleaning carpets. The Hoover SteamVac comes equipped with five different brushes, ideal for cleaning carpets, upholstery as well as bare floors. Nothing is amiss in this great product, and you may just want to use it for your entire home, to get rid of germs and other harmful critters.

In case you have to deal with stubborn stains, this carpet cleaner offers you the needed extra edge. The Clean Surge feature allows you to use more cleaning solution, getting rid of spots and stains in no time.

Considered by many consumers the best carpet cleaner under 100, the Hoover SteamVac lives up to the company’s reputation.

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Bissell PowerLifter 1622 Upright Deep Cleaner


2.BISSELL PowerLifterWhat happens with your carpets each time someone walks on them is that dirt and germs are pushed deeper and deeper into their fabric. Vacuuming is not enough to get the dirt out, and while your carpets may look clean, they will be nothing but a festering haven for germs.

What you need is a powerful carpet cleaner, such as the Bissell PowerLifter. This great product from Bissell uses hot water and detergent to make your carpets perfectly clean and safe again.

The secret of this upright model lies with its four rotating brushes. Under the name DirtLifter PowerBrush, there is an innovative technology that can help you get rid of even the most stubborn dirt stuck deep inside the carpet.

It is not by chance that the Bissell PowerLifter is called the best carpet cleaner under 100, by its users. Do not worry that the carpets will start to show signs of wear and tear if they are cleaned too often. The clever design of the brushes used makes sure to remove dirt and stains, while refreshing the fibers.

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Eureka Enviro 313A Floor Steamer


3.Eureka EnviroYour hard floors need the same perfect sanitization power offered by steam, just like your carpets. The Eureka Enviro is designed to deal with dirty hard floors without having you work hard for this. The upright design makes it easy to use and you will appreciate the power provided by the 6-1/2 amp motor that will help you clean your entire house faster than you think.

The handle is adjustable, so even if you are a taller or shorter person than average, you will find the right adjustment to use the device with ease.

Extras are provided with your purchase. A measuring cup helps you refill the tank, and the two steam pads allow you to use the cleaner for a longer time without having to purchase replacements.

Thousands of users consider the Eureka Enviro the best cleaner for hard floors and they praise its features and the advantages offered. The one year warranty may not sound like much, but this kind of devices usually does not come with lengthy warranties.

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