Best Carpet Shampooer under $100


How to Select a Top Carpet Shampooer under $100


Over time carpets can become stained, and dirt can build up between the fibers. While a vacuum can remove most of the accumulated dirt, a carpet shampooer can get out stubborn and embarrassing stains. Less expensive than paying a professional, it is possible to find an affordable and effective carpet cleaner. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you chose the best carpet shampooer under $100.

Best carpet shampooer under $100


There are two main types of carpet shampooers and each has its own advantages. Full size models are perfect for larger areas or for removing tough, ground in stains. Compact carpet cleaners are ideal for small rooms and even area rugs, and the inexpensive price also fits easily into most budgets.



You want the carpet shampooer to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, especially if you plan on cleaning stairs. A long hose can make it easier to clean hard to reach places, and a full size tank is always appreciated when you are shampooing larger rooms. Some carpet cleaners are also designed with a separate soap dispenser which gives you the added advantage of being able to rinse with plain water.



Some extra features that you might want to consider include attachments for cleaning drapes and along edges. Rotating brushes can give you a deeper and more thorough cleaning, and convenient indicator lights on the tank are always appreciated. Some models even include an automatic shut off function that will let you know when the storage tank is full.


Top Rated Carpet Shampooers under $100


While we can’t choose the right cleaning tools for you, we can show you the best carpet shampooers. Affordably priced, efficient and easy to use, maybe one of these models is exactly what you need to keep your carpets clean and looking like new.


Hoover F5914900 Carpet Cleaner


1.Hoover F5914900Affordably priced and with an included one year warranty it is easy to see why this is considered the best carpet shampooer under $100. It is compatible with most home electrical outlets, and designed to be easy and convenient to use. The 12 amp motor provides plenty of power to scrub out tough dirt and stains, and its lightweight construction is easy to maneuver around corners.

The 5 patented brushes rotate and scrub without damaging carpet fibers, and the long hose is perfect for cleaning stairs and other hard to reach places. The included attachments will safely clean most types of upholstery and this carpet shampooer can also be used on area rugs and hard flooring. There is also a convenient function that sends a surge of cleaner so you can easily remove stubborn stains. The two tanks keep the dirty water separate, and you will love that this carpet shampooer does not have any annoying belts to change.

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Bissell 5207A Portable Carpet Cleaner


2.BISSELL 5207A Carpet ShampooerThis lightweight carpet shampooer is easily portable, and perfect for cleaning smaller areas and stairs. The top handle makes it easy and convenient to carry, and you will love the removable tanks. The two tanks simply slide out for quick and convenient emptying and refilling so you don’t have to carry the entire shampooer with you to the sink. You also have the advantage of Bissell’s heat wave technology that keeps the water at a consistent temperature so you can easily power out tough dirt and stains.

The long hose is perfect for cleaning hard to reach places, and you will love the included 3 inch attachment specifically designed for upholstery and stairs. This shampooer will remove tough stains from the pad, which will prevent it from reappearing once the carpet is dry. Easy to operate and affordably priced this lightweight shampooer might be just what you need for your carpets and upholstery.

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Bissell PowerLifter 1622 Deep Cleaner


3.BISSELL 1622 Carpet ShampooerThis full size carpet cleaner features a powerful 6.25 amp motor that can effectively get out the toughest stains. Simply by using hot water and a cleaning solution you can easily power out dirt and grime, while the rotating brushes gently remove stubborn stains. The row of brushes will lift the dirt and debris out of your carpet to prevent the stains from returning.

It also features a lightweight construction that is easy to maneuver around corners, and the extended hose is perfect for stairs. The lint screen helps to prevent pet hair and other debris from clogging the motor, and will also prolong the life of the carpet cleaner. The water tank is removable for convenient emptying and filling, and you will love the convenient measuring cup that ensures you always add the right amount of cleaning solution.

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