Best Carpet Steam Cleaners under $150


Top rated cheap carpet steam cleaners


There are millions of American families that have in their living or bedroom carpets that aesthetically enhance the floor appearance. Yet, even though carpets are beautiful and impress through their intricate and detailed design, they require a lot of attention and care when it comes to maintenance. You need to use a professional and advanced carpet cleaner in order to safely remove any existing stains. The market is packed with thousands of carpet cleaners designed to help you clean fast and without problems. Getting information from the latest best carpet steam cleaners reviews represents the proper way to find the right model, suited to your daily cleaning needs.


Hoover F5914-900 carpet steam cleaner


According to the present technical statistics, more and more American families are using with confidence Hoover F5914-900 in order to clean their carpets. Considered one of the best carpet steam cleaners under $150 due to its suction precision and great functionality, this model can help clean with ease any type of carpet within a relatively short period of time. It is powered by a strong 12 amp motor that manages to deeply clean the carpets with hot tap water and also special carpet solution. This model has 5 spinning and scrubbing brushes that clean carpets, bare floors and also upholstery.

“Most of my floors are covered by carpets and so that I clean them in the proper way I purchased the Hoover F5914-900. It does a great job of taking proper care of my carpets and I based on its excellent quality to price ratio I must recommend it.” – Michael Johnson

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Eureka Enviro 313A carpet steam cleaner


According to the present technical statistics and user testimonials it seems that one of the best carpet steam cleaners under $100 is Eureka Enviro 313A, a model which can clean with precision any type of stains. This cleaner was designed in order to safely clean wood, laminate, granite and other hard or sealed surfaces. Besides cleaning, this carpet cleaner manages to sanitize the floors, due innovative steaming technology which needs no harsh chemicals to clean. The toughest dirt stains are no longer a problem once you start using this powerful steam cleaner. It is also eco-friendly keeping the environment safe!

“For the price range of this certain steamer you can’t find better quality, well at least this is my opinion. It not only cleans but it also sanitiezes which is a definite bonus feature. The light design means I can easily take it from room to room.” – Andrew Hedges

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Bissell 1719 carpet steam cleaner


It is very important to have at your disposition a professional cleaner which can precisely clean any type of surface. Which is the most efficient cleaner? Well, today thousands of Americans use with confidence Bissell SpotLifter 1719 carpet steam cleaner. It is a cordless device with a pro efficient brush that agitates soiled spots while safely sucking debris. Regarded by many as one of the best carpet steam cleaners under $50 in the world, this model has a dual tank system, one which needs to be filled with clean water and solution while the other one collects the disposal.

“The Bissell 1719 steam cleaner is perfect for the carpets in my small apartment and I also love that it has a compact size so when I’m not using it I can easily find a place for it without it taking up too much room.” – Amelie Stone

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McCulloch MC-1275 carpet steam cleaner


Cleaning the existing carpets of your home can be pretty difficult without the right steam cleaner but with the right information you will understand why thousands of people are using with confidence McCulloch MC-1275. This heavy-duty cleaner maintains an impressive 1500 watts of steaming power which allow you to clean with ease even though spots. The particularities of this steam cleaner allow you to remove grease, stains and even grime from cars, boats or trucks. It comes with 10 cleaning accessories, caster wheels for better mobility around the house. This is the reason thousands of people regard it as one of the best carpet steam cleaners under $150.

“I don’t regret buying this steam cleaner from McColloch one bit because in the time I have had it, my floors have never looked cleaner. Its tank capacity is impressive allowing me to finish cleaning all my carpets in one go, without refilling it.” – Jessica Rhodes

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Haan SI-70 carpet steam cleaner


For years people have expressed their desire to use a professional carpet cleaner which is light, small but yet powerful. This is why Han SI-70 carpet steam cleaner was designed and released on the market. The steam cleaner can clean and sanitize every surface. You can use it as a handheld steamer which is perfect to manoeuvre. This cleaning powerhouse can precisely clean every type of surface. It can kill 99.9% of any household bacteria, germs and even dust mites without resorting to chemicals or various detergents. The model has a swivel head mop for easy manoeuvrability ready to use in an impressive 20 seconds.

“I did read some reviews about this steam cleaner before I went ahead and bought it and all of them were very positive towards it. I settled for it also because it comes with a lot of cleaning utesiles useful for different kinds of situations.” – Helene O’Sullivan

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