Best Carry on Luggage under 100


How to Select the Best Best Carry on Luggage under 100


Buying the best carry on luggage under 100 is a tricky matter. There’s a vast array of models on the market today, and many of them come with various features, which can leave customers feeling confused. To make matters easier, we’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide, containing the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing the best carry-on luggage.

Best carry on luggage under $100


Since the main advantage of such a luggage is that users can take them along with them on the airplane, it’s safe to say that size is a crucial detail. Airlines have different policies, but most of them don’t allow too heavy or large carry on bags. Some restrict the number of carry-on luggages to one per every passenger. Check for some info related to this airline requirement and only then stick to a model.


Durability and material

These products can basically be made with three main materials: leather, nylon and polyester. The first is the most expensive but also the most durable. The second is cheaper and lighter and provides little protection to the items inside the luggage. Finally, the polyester variants are cheap and water-resistant, but are prone to being ripped or broken.



In a sea of black carry on bags, it’s difficult to spot your own. Try to choose an eye-catching tone, because it’ll help you get to your luggage quickly and efficiently.


Most Reliable Carry on Luggage under 100


After having gone through hundreds of models, we have selected three of the most acclaimed ones on the market today. We recommend reading some of the customer reviews in case you’re having any doubts about the quality and recommendations gathered by the following units. All of the following bags are durable, top-quality and affordable.


Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner 20


1.Samsonite LuggageSamsonite is one of the world known companies that manufacture high-end luggage and suitcases. Although most of the branded products sold by the brand are now being produced in China, the Samsonite quality standards keep the products up to par. This is a 100% Polycarbonate carry-on luggage that’s 19.5-inch high and that has a zipper closure.

The Samsonite might just as well be the best carry on luggage under $100, particularly since it’s practically a bargain. The list price of the Samsonite goes well over two hundred dollars but some online retailers such as Amazon sell it for less than one hundred.

The model has scratch-resistant micro-diamond textures which largely contribute to bettering the life of the polycarbonate.

People interested in the model can have their cake and eat it with this one. Not only does it come with a series of features that are hard to say no to, but the line has a large variety of colors, ranging from black and charcoal to magenta and even purple.

The item has gathered more than 240 5-star reviews, which accounts for more than 72% of the total number of people who have bought the model. It’s been described as being spacious and well-designed.

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Rockland F151 Carry On


2.Rockland 20-InchAs is the case with the previously described Samsonite, this Rockland luggage is also made of polycarbonate. The main difference between the two products stands in their design. While the Rockland is obviously destined for outgoing, fun individuals, the Samsonite can be successfully used by businessmen. The only tone combination that’s more on the serious side is the Rockland Crocodile color. The rest feature bubbles, heart shapes, and owls.

As its name suggests, this is a 20-inch polycarbonate carry-on luggage. It’s durable and lightweight at the same time, and its wheels are multi-directional. This second characteristic sure comes in handy when you’re on the verge of losing your plane. Multi-directional wheels increase the mobility of your luggage and your own.

The Rockland 20-inch is definitely more affordable than the already mentioned Samsonite. The Rockland weighs 6 pounds and measures 9 inches by 20 inches by 13 inches.

The manufacturers are offering a 3-year warranty on this item.

Buyers state that they have used this carry-on bag as a regular luggage while going on trips with their cars. According to most of the people who have bought it, it looks and feels sturdy and rolls remarkably smoothly on its four wheels.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction of Bounds


3.Kenneth Cole ReactionAlthough slightly more expensive than the Rockland model, the Kenneth Cole still manages to be more affordable than the Samsonite. The luggage can be bought in any of the following color variants: cobalt, charcoal, pink, purple and red.

The model features an ABS exterior. To increase the resistance and long lastingness of the unit, the developers have designed a system based on molded corner reinforcement. This makes it easy for the luggage to put up with any impacts and preserve the contents safely and efficiently.

This is a 12.58-inches high and 20-inches wide luggage that features a U-shaped zipper pocket.

As for its interior, you’ll be glad to know that restraining your clothes or other goods is as easy as pie, on account of the garment restraints that are innate to this product.

It is recommended that the unit is hand washed.

The model has gathered more than 220 5-star ratings, with customers claiming it’s as light as a feather yet still manages to be flexible. Various individuals make a big deal out of stating that the outer shell seems impervious to scratches and impacts of any other kind.

The plastic smell goes away about 24 hours after having opened up the package.

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