Best Carving Knife Reviews


Top Carving Knives in 2017


For those that consider carving meats and other items in the kitchen as a serious art, finding one great implement from the best carving knife reviews can be immeasurably helpful. From reading such write-ups, the harried homemaker might pick up many great pointers in order to make the perfect choice. Although the job of carving the perfect slice of meat can be carried out in many ways, many people still do it the old fashioned way: by cutting very carefully till a good portion is obtained. Here we have set out great selections from which you can make your choice.



Victorinox Granton Edge


Best Carving Knife ReviewsFrom the company that created the Original Swiss Army Knife comes this cutting tool that’s sure to be a great addition to your kitchen. If you have a lot of expectations from your slicer, this could qualify as the best carving knife in 2017 that you can get for the money. It outperforms even a complex electric knife with the way it can cut thin, deli-like slices that won’t get torn apart easily. The small grooves help keep the slices you make from sticking together.  No sawing back and forth, just effortless cutting!



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Victorinox Round Tip


Professional cooks love this knife because of the lovely way it can make long, continuous cuts of even the thinnest potato slices. Great for making paper-thin potato chips! Another asset that has enabled this tool to make it to the best carving knife reviews is the way it creates perfect slivers of raw salmon, for beautiful Sashimi that looks straight out of a Japanese restaurant kitchen. The blade is thin, endowing the knife with greater flexibility. It’s sharp as sharp can get, with no drag so you can make flawless slices all the time.



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Global G-3


The perfect knife for this age of high technology, this cutting implement is easy to grasp even by those with small hands. It holds perfect balance and unbelievable sharpness so cutting even a huge turkey will not be hard work. It is a one-piece steel knife, with a blade made of heavy duty vanadium/molybdenum stainless steel. The blade’s long taper and short bevel give youmore cutting edge clearance. You’ll love how the manufacturer outfitted this with a hollow handle that’s been injected with a precise amount of sand to achieve perfect balance. This is clearly your top carving knife in 2017!



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Rapala Rechargeable Cordless


Cleaning fish-lots of it-can be a chore. Use this cutting implement to clean any fish easily from the smallest Perch or Crappie to a huge salmon or walleye. Filleting is a breeze with this knife’s always ready, always sharp blade. Since it is cordless, you won’t be bothered by annoying wires being in your way. It can hold its charge for a long time so it won’t just die on you while it does its job. It comes with two different blade sizes so you have the perfect choice every time. This could be your best carving knife in 2017!



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Cuisinart CEK-40


Looking for a cutting tool that’s built to North American Electrical Standards? You’ve found it! It has high quality stainless steel blades that won’t give up even when you need precision carving and cutting. Storage is a breeze as the knife and blades can be stored neatly in the included tray, while the attached cord can simply be tucked behind the attractive stand. The bread knife does a beautiful job with crusty bread. The blades slip with ease into the handle or can be removed without fuss. You’ll love the ergonomic handle, too.



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