Best Cat Crate Reviews


Top Cat Crates in 2018


Dogs, cats and whatever small pets you own deserve to travel or rest in style. That’s why it’s a good thing to check out the best cat crate reviews so you can get a cat taxi or carrier that will please your pet when you have to leave the house, take your pet to the vet, or travel with it by land, sea and air. Hard cat carriers are ideal, since they are much easier to clean and have enough ventilation for your pet on all sides. Collapsible ones made of tough quality plastic or polypropylene work better than cardboard or nylon ones, especially when you have more than one cat or dog. After all the reading and research I have been doing, I have found five ideal cat crates that my friends at the pet store trust for their business.


Pro Select Black Foldable Cage


Best Cat Crate ReviewsThe Pro Select cat cage is foldable, so you can store it away when your pets prefer to run free all over the house. It has enough room for more than one cat to rest and play in. The cat cage has spring-loaded latches for security during travel. The arched front doors are large enough for your pet to enter into the cage and get out. This is the best cat crate in 2018 due to the removable plastic perches it has that can be adjusted to different heights. You won’t even need tools to assemble the crate thanks to its quick assembly system.

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Midwest Homes for Pets Playpen


This is a secure and comfortable playpen where even a feline with discriminating tastes can be put in. What makes this the best cat crate in 2018 is the sturdy wire construction, which is treated with an electro-coat finish for resilience against corrosion. The Midwest Homes cat crate also has ABS plastic components that are quite easy to clean. The crate collapses easily so you can transport or store it effortlessly. It has a swing-open door that’s big enough for your cat to go through and out of. The entire cat crate can be transferred easily thanks to the swivel casters, which can also be locked in place.

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Pet Trex Premium Folding


The Pet Trex pet crate can be folded up to a portable size. Setting it up is easy, with no tools required. It has a sleek black finish treated with electro-coating for added resilience against rust. The black coated metal pan at the bottom of the cat crate is of premium quality and is not a problem to clean. This cat crate is ideal for puppies due to the supplied divider panel. The ABS plastic handle makes transporting easy. There are slide bolt latches to keep your pet safely inside.

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Pro Select Deluxe Plastic Cage


The Pro Select Deluxe cat cage has top-quality platforms made of easy-to-maintain plastic. They can be detached for adjustment to any height so there’s always space for your pet to lounge in this top cat crate in 2018. When used separately, the platforms can serve as a roomy perch for your pet. Or you can position the platforms together to create upper and lower divisions in the cat crate. You won’t have trouble setting this cat crate up or folding it down for storage. The cat crate can also be used for other small pets like rabbits or puppies.

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BestPet Folding Crate


The plastic tray at the bottom of the BestPet cat crate slides out for easy cleaning, even when the cage doors are closed. There are two side doors in the cage so your pets can enter and exit as they want. But there are other reasons why this has been included in the best cat crate reviews. It has a smart black powder coated finish for protection against corrosion. It measures 2 feet long, 17 inches wide and 19 inches high, which is roomy enough for more than one small pet. It is collapsible so you can store it quite easily.

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