Best cat harness reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best harness of your cat money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cat harnesses on the market by looking at the owner feedback, sales figures, and expert review sites. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Mynwood Jacket Adult is the best because it has been designed to provide a strong and secure restraint that will allow you to never lose sight of your cat. This particular model is intended for adult felines, but there are several other sizes that should be taken into account and that have been manufactured by the same brand. Crafted in the United Kingdom by a proud owner of three Bengal cats, this alternative is surely worth bearing in mind. If the Mynwood Jacket Adult is unavailable, you could consider the Ruri’s Cat Jeans Jacket.



Buying Guide


Purchasing the best type of cat harness can be challenging as there are so many options you ought to consider that you might risk ending up feeling a bit baffled. To ensure that you are able to make an informed decision, we have put together a comprehensive cat about the details that you should give some thought to.

Consider your cat’s attributes

When you’re sifting through the many choices available for sale out there, the first thing you need to look at is not the product itself but your pet. First of all, what breed is it? Some cats grow taller and larger than others whereas various other breeds tend to remain somewhat small all throughout their lives.

Aside from the breed, you should also look at the life stage of the kitty. Once twelve months of his or her life have passed, he or she has entered adulthood. Therefore, you can safely browse through harnesses that are destined to adults. However, if your cat is still a kitty and is, therefore, aged under 1, you might have to be a bit more patient when it comes to choosing the right product.

In this sense, we suggest you take the time to consider a simplistically designed and affordable harness of which the size is somewhat customizable, albeit small. This kind of product might be the right choice for a cat owner whose kitty isn’t big enough and who needs something that he or she might replace later on.


Selecting the right style

There are two primary styles that one needs to consider when prospecting the market for such an item. One of them is the holster-type design, which somewhat resembles a vest. The other is the typical harness that’s much thinner and gives the cat a lot more freedom with regard to the moves that he or she can make. The holster, jacket, or vest, might be a good option for some cats but it might end up being anything but comfortable for others.

Unless the cat is accustomed to the use of such items or the pet is so desperate to go outside and explore that he or she is willing to forget all about being restrained in a harness, you might come to the inevitable conclusion that a vest is a less user-friendly choice compared to a harness. However, if you don’t want your kitty to escape or run away, such an option might indeed be reasonable. Also, holsters are great to use if the cat has undergone surgery as some models also cover the belly area.

Harnesses are somewhat more user-friendly because they offer a good deal of freedom regarding adjustability. Nonetheless, their size needs to be perfectly customized in accordance with the body of the cat so that he or she doesn’t somehow get away.


Focus on design and construction quality

Choosing the right size is one thing, but estimating the quality of the model that you’ll end up deciding on is another. Somehow, the harness will inevitably get damaged at some point, or the other, so durability might not be a primary consideration. If it lasts for two years, it’s outlived itself.

On the other hand, the build quality needs to be addressed in relation to the material that has been employed in the construction of the item. If you’re having trouble figuring out everything just by reading the product description, don’t hesitate to go through some of the best cat harness reviews. You need to make sure that the margins, endings, and snaps of the harness won’t hurt your cat’s skin, especially if your cat is an Egyptian Mau and has little to no fur to speak of.


Securing the harness or vest

There are two main ways of securing a harness or holster. One of them relies on the use of velcro straps, and the other involves snaps. Some cats might be bothered by the sound of velcro to such an extent that you could find it impossible to use the harness at all.

Snaps make little to no noise. Make sure to test your cat’s sensitivity to velcro before choosing such a model. You can do so easily if you have a pair of shoes with velcro straps, a bag, or any other piece of clothing that is somehow fastened with the help of velcro.


Top Cat Harnesses in 2018


Some of the best cat walking harnesses have been showcased below. Based on the consumer reports, these models are worth every penny as they provide comfortable means of going on a stroll without you having to worry about losing your feline friend.



Mynwood Jacket Adult


The Mynwood alternative is possibly the best choice available for sale these days as it has been crafted by a cat owner herself, Maria, who lives in Yorkshire, the United Kingdom. Perhaps you might fail to see why this is a relevant detail. Based on what we have found about pet products, in general, it’s always better to select one that has been designed and tested by someone who has owned a pet, as well.

Ideally, these products should be crafted and designed by veterinarians as these professionals are aware of the requirements of animals. This particular unit has been constructed using high-quality material and is a handmade option. Boasting a design that is both strong and secure, this harness manages to be both practical and comfortable.

Considering the fact that the product has been triple-sewn, it has a high chance of withstanding the test of time. Adjustability is not a problem as every item is, to a certain extent, customizable depending on the size of your cat. Since the jacket has been equipped with a steel D-ring, you won’t have any trouble attaching your lead so that you can take your cat for a stroll.

Buy from for ($30)




Ruri’s Cat Jeans Jacket


Another cute vest that you might have to bear in mind is this Ruri’s option. It looks both great and has been designed to keep the kitty safe at all times. Something that needs to be mentioned about this model is that the part that goes right under your cat’s chin has been outfitted with a velcro strap. We felt compelled to add this detail as there are some felines who have a particular sensitivity to the sound of velcro.

This jacket is incredibly easy to put on or take off as it boasts an opening design. What this means is that you won’t waste a lot of time once you have returned from your stroll and that your cat will be able to roam free in your home once again. Some pets can’t stand being in a harness for too long.

Available in multiple sizes, this product can be used on kitties, puppies, and even small-sized dogs if you also have one of those, aside from your cat. Some owners argue that the harness could have been a bit more adjustable. In this case, you have to select the right size unless you want your cat to run off in the horizon.

Buy from for ($28.89)




Bro’Bear Adorable Soft


Despite being one of the most affordable options on the market today, this Bro’Bear product is undoubtedly worth considering as it has been created using top-notch materials and even looks cute, for a change. The sailor design is extremely eye-catching, so if you decide to take your feline friend to a walk in your neighborhood and even visit some of your neighbors, he or she will always look good.

As with other options out there, you will have to measure your pet in order to make sure that the harness fits him or her well. This unit is a significantly more comfortable choice compared to a regular collar and can be purchased in several sizes so as to match the vest of your dog with that of your cat, in case you have two pets.

While it might not be the best idea, you might have to make a compromise in order to select this option as it needs to be fastened with the help of velcro straps. As previously mentioned, this particular detail might make it harder for owners to put the harness on the cat.

A lead is provided in the box and increases the overall value offered by the product.

Buy from for ($15.99)