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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best cat litter? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. Although cats are adorable creatures, their waste is unfortunately, quite nasty smelling and as a cat owner you need a powerful solution. Cat litter is common and it serves the purpose, but not all brands are created equal. If you are looking for the world’s best cat litter, consider the next two options identified by us after evaluating the many different brands based on certain aspects, such as quality, consumers’ reviews and pricing. The Precious Cat Ultra Premium is considered by many cat owners to be the best litter for cats that has ever been invented. There are strong reasons why this brand enjoys so many raving reviews from users. The litter is hypo-allergenic, so you will not have to deal with your furry friend’s bouts of allergy. Because it is hard clumping, scooping up the waste is easy, so the litter maintains clean for a long time. Its superior odor control is also something worthy writing home about. If it happens that the Precious Cat Ultra Premium is out of stock, we suggest the Ever Clean Unscented. This variety of cat litter offers great odor control, as well, and it is completely fragrance free, which is great since everyone knows how cats dislike.



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Cats have a certain quality to them that makes any cat owner treat them as royalty. This includes the choice of the best cat litter brands that enable your pet to do its business in a house-friendly manner. There are a number of choices, which makes it essential that you as the responsible owner know what factors or elements make a top rated cat litter just what it is: an efficient way to keep your cat–and you—essentially happy.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium


Odor Control

There’s this joke about cat owners not being aware that their homes smell unless someone tells them. Well, a responsible cat owner may vehemently deny this but to be sure, get a cat litter that is formulated to be effective for odor control. Cat waste does smell and it is your ultimate responsibility to keep that element at bay if you plan on keeping your friends and love having them visit so you can show off your pets.

Odor control is also vital to keeping your pet happy to use its litter box and not just doing its business elsewhere. Yes, just because their waste is the cause of the smell doesn’t mean they have to grow to love it. Cats find the odor just as repulsive like you do. Strong or artificially scented litter won’t do the trick either, as cats do have a strong sense of smell and will reject it.

Make sure the cat litter offers effective odor control while not having an overpowering scent. You want to keep the odor down and not just mask it with a more potent one.



Good Clumping

Clumping litters are popular among cat owners, as these types of formulation combine with the cat urine to transform into hard lumps that should enable effortless scooping out. A clumping litter is also better able to control odor than a non-clumping product. Generally, cat litters with stronger clumping performance are also fantastic at controlling odor. They are also more effortless to clean up, since you can just scoop out the formed clumps instead of throwing away the entire contents of the litter box to replace with fresh litter.

With a good quality clumping litter, odor is effectively kept at bay for a more extended period while allowing you to only replace with fresh litter what you scoop out. A one-cat household that uses clumping litter may only require litter replacement once every week.




This aspect can be tricky, as both fine and coarse litters come with their own advantages. Cats are more inclined to using litters with fine texture, as they have a softer feel on the paws. However, coarse litters offer reduced tracking around your home and are also generally safer for use with kittens younger than three months, which may ingest or inhale the granules of fine-textured litter.

Made from natural dried clay, clay litter comes in pellet form. Able to control odor while absorbing urine well, clay litter is the easiest to find and is the most common. It can even be supplemented with other products to make odor control stronger. However, clay litter pellets need to be changed often because they are not scoopable.

A special type of clay, sodium bentonite, is what clay-based clumping litter is made from. Keeping the litter box perennially dry, this type is effortlessly scoopable. However, it is high tracking so anywhere your cat goes, you are bound to find it. The high price is also a setback.

Plant-based clumping litter is manufactured from corn or wheat. Easy to use, it also comes with low dust and is environment friendly. However, some cats may be allergic to corn or wheat, so when your pet exhibits typical allergy symptoms such as excessive fur scratching, you may need to look at other litter forms.

Made from recycled paper or wood, pellets are also environment safe. The natural wood scent can cover odor up. Pellet litters have little to no tracking and are dust-free. Your cat may take a bit of time to get used to this form, though. It is also not easily scoopable.

Crystal litters are made of silica gel. They are dustless, have superior urine absorption capability and keep the litter box relatively dry. Quite easy to use, they are scoopable like clumping litters and won’t pose problems on odor with prompt scooping out. Crystals do have a way of getting everywhere if your pet does this crazy digging ritual before doing its thing.

Flushable and biodegradable cat litter is made of natural products such as corn cobs, wood shavings, wheat and others. This type is environment friendly and is easy to clean up.

Generating little to zero dust, this type is not good for cats with allergies to wheat .

2.Ever Clean Extra Strength


Low Dust

Clumping clay litter tends to produce plenty of dust, an irritant for both cats and humans. If you are allergic to dust, go for litter alternatives that won’t have you exploding in sneezes every time you scoop out the litter. Some natural liters can also be heavy on dust, while others, along with crystal litters, produce little to no dust. Dust can be messy since your pet can carry it on its paws and track it all over and anywhere it goes.

Choosing a cat litter sensibly can take a lot of trial and error. It is best to take note of what reviews and user feedback say on the product you are thinking of buying, such as these ones we consider good purchases.



Top cat litters in 2017


Thousands of Americans enjoy having cats in their homes. Keeping cats happy involves a lot of work, since they are not the easiest pets to care for. Today’s interest for cat litter is not surprising given that every litter box needs to be refilled from time to time. The market offers different products which need to be taken into account! We took the liberty of analyzing the market in order to help cat owners find the ideal litter. After 80 hours of attentive analysis on 20 top rated products, we drafted the best cat litter reviews on five special products.



Precious Cat Ultra Premium


Best cat litter reviewsCats are very picky when it comes to their litter box. This is why cat owners invest a lot of their time in discovering the right cat litter. For those people that are used to quality cat care we recommend the Precious Cat Clumping cat litter. What makes this product so special? Well, it has an exclusive formula that uses heavy non-tracking granules and grain clay. Furthermore,this clumping litter safely prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the box. This cat litter is ideal for families that have a lot of cats. Furthermore, it can naturally control odor without having to use perfume, chemicals and deodorants.



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Ever Clean Extra Strength


Identifying the most efficient cat litter out of the many products available on the market requires time! The current best cat litter reviews underline the efficiency of the Ever Clean Extra Strength! This high quality cat litter is made of a unique blend of natural clays and minerals. The litter has unique and carefully selected ingredients that retain moisture and keep it from reaching the bottom of the box. Furthermore, the product is made from natural clay that is 99.5% dust-free! Satisfied customers pointed out that the litter is unscented! It fully controls cat smells leaving your home smelling great!



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Tidy Cats Brand Clumping


1.Tidy Cats Brand Clumping

Formulated to be 99.6% Dust Free, the Tidy Cats Brand Clumping offers round-the-clock reliable odor protection. It incorporates exclusive Odor Erasers that neutralize ammonia in urine and are able to handle feces and urine odor effectively, helping you keep your home free from that awful, embarrassing smell. Able to stay strong every day of every week, this cat litter offers good clumping power to transform the waste into hard lumps that are easy to scoop out. The cat litter delivers 24/7 performance by locking in moisture while delivering powerful odor control. The granules are treated with anti-dust coating to form minuscule weblike structures that trap tiny dust particles effectively, for a clean and tidy home.



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Arm & Hammer Super Clumping


A top rated cat litter in 2017 was released by Arm & Hammer, the Super Clumping Litter. This exclusive cat litter will efficiently destroy odors in two unique manners: in the first stage it safely destroys odors on contact; second of all it clumps hard and locks in the ugly smells. It is very economical! This cat litter is affordable and works very well with different types of boxes. It is the perfect litter for families that have a lot of cats. Furthermore, the cat litter is 99% dust free and that is why veterinarians recommend it for families with two or three cats.




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Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action


Choosing the best cat litter in 2017 requires patience since there so many quality products available on the market. We recommend a great litter from Purina, the Tidy Cats Instant Action. This high quality 3 pack of 7 pound litter offers instant action on cat smells. Once placed in the box, the litter’s composition will safely manage any existing smells. It features strong clumps and is very easy to clean up. Endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers this cat litter is 99.6% dust free and precisely locks moisture. It is the ideal litter for people that own more than two cats!




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Purina Tidy Cats non-clumping Breathe Easy – Not available


Which is the best cat litter in 2017? Well, people can opt with confidence for the Purina Tidy Cats Breathe Easy litter. Designed to help cat owners take better care of their furry little friends, this cat litter is 99.6% dust free! Furthermore, the litter manages to fully control cat odor! This product features a proactive anti-microbial action that safely inhibits the growth of different types of bacteria or germs. It has a pleasant scent and free shipping! The cat litter works very well with any type of box! Cats will absolutely adore this unique litter, designed with high quality ingredients for better moisture retention.