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If you’re here just to find the best center channel speaker and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. A good quality center channel speaker is essential for an ideal home based stereo system. Because the center channel speaker reproduces almost 50% of the soundtrack of a movie, you need one capable of rendering great sound quality, for a solid movie experience. We have performed a thorough research on center channel speakers to find out which models are most appreciated by consumers. Here are the two models we found to score the highest in everyone’s preferences. The Klipsch Synergy C-20 is highly appreciated for the uncompromising quality it offers to everyone who loves watching movies. Praised by the best Klipsch speaker reviews, this model comes with dual heavy-duty 5.25-inch IMG woofers that give your movies the realism and dynamism you are after. You will also love the elegant appearance of this speaker. The vinyl finish is accentuated by black gloss highlights for a stylish look. The down tilt foot allows you to adjust its position for the best effects. The second choice we recommend is the Polk Audio CS10. This one is considered by many to be the best Polk audio center speaker, as it offers the sound quality, rich bass and lack of distortion movie aficionados are always after.



Comparison table:


ProductWattageImpedance (ohm)PriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Klipsch Synergy C-20
Polk Audio CS10
Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Designed
Fluance XL7C
Sony SS-CR3000



Buying guide


Allowing you to enjoy immersive sound when watching HD videos, the best center channel speaker for home theater delivers adequate volume and bass that can blow you away. This kind of equipment is the best one to go for when watching movies together with friends and family, as it allows listeners seated to the left or right sides of the home theater system to catch onscreen dialog anchored to the scenes. Of the many models and brands on the market, it is best to know which aspects to consider when buying a center channel speaker.

1.Klipsch Synergy C-20


Suitable Technical Specifications

Technical specifications can be daunting to compare if you are not electrically inclined. However, it pays to know the basics of this specific aspect.

When presented with different configuration ratios, you may encounter expressions that state 3:1, 5:1, 6:1 onwards. The first number denotes how many surrounding speakers you can connect to the system, while the second number denotes the number of subwoofers. Thus, a 3:1 system has one left and one right front speaker plus a center speaker, along with one subwoofer. For a 5:1 system, you get one center speaker, two surround speakers, and one left and one right front speaker. Decide which type will work best for your purpose.

With magnetic shielding, there will be reduced interference from the magnet on the inside of the driver in the center speaker with other nearby electronic gear. This ensures optimal performance even when you have a lot of equipment present in your home entertainment center.

The peak input power is the maximum power handling the speaker provides during sudden bursts of sound or music. This aspect should not be overused no matter how awesome the system sounds with it.

You can get better bass definition as well as detailed sound when the speaker system has bi-wire capability. A given in high-end units, this aspect enables you to enjoy great sounding music or dialog just the way it was intended by the maker of the audio or film, as compared to ordinary single wiring.

The impedance rating, quantified as ohms, refers to the resistance of the electrical circuit that the voice coil generates to the flow of alternating current. With lower resistance, you get higher volume or sound output via the same power level. Thus, an amplifier that outputs 100 watts of power via a 4-ohm speaker will generate 200 watts via a 2-ohm speaker.




It is tempting to buy the best center channel speaker for the money. However, you will have to consider your existing equipment, such as the other speakers and the surrounds and smaller mains, as well as the size of your TV set. The center speaker needs to be of the same acoustical properties as the other speakers in your entertainment system. This ensures consistent sound quality by preventing unwanted timbre changes when sound gets channeled across the speakers.

If not exactly identical to current speaker systems, the center channel speaker should at least be made by the same company and be of the same series. Even speakers from the same brand can be incompatible, which makes it necessary to make doubly certain before the purchase that compatibility issues are well addressed. Seek professional expertise on this aspect when in doubt.




Typically, a larger speaker can produce better overall sound compared to a smaller one. However, a midsize unit measuring 12 to 15 inches in a speaker system that sells under $500 can still produce premium quality audio. For tower speakers, you will have to invest in a large center speaker, while satellite systems are generally outfitted with a smaller one.

2.Polk Audio CS10



Choose a center channel speaker that suits the area’s spatial configuration and the stereo system you have. The left, right and center speakers should be located in front of you, with the center channel unit positioned below or above the TV screen so as to support the surround-sound experience. The tweeters in all three types of speakers should ideally be at ear level, and this is most specifically needed for the center channel speaker.

Should the center channel speaker be located in a cabinet or on a shelf, it is best to get acoustic suspension sealed satellites. You can also go for enclosed or ported but vented speakers, but make sure the port is mounted on the front of the cabinet. Rear-mounted ports do not quite offer the best performance.

For wall-mounted flat screen or plasma TVs, an on-wall speaker system offers great complementation. Offering much better sound compared to in-wall models, on-wall units do not rely on the wall indent for bass frequency tuning. For clearer sound, experts agree that vertically-oriented speakers are better as they prevent interference between midrange and tweeter drivers and dual midrange drivers. The costliest system would be a top quality, vertically-oriented three-way speaker.

There are plenty of center channel speakers to choose from, which can be both a blessing and a curse for seasoned and first-time buyers, respectively. If you are in rush to find the best one on the market, we suggest getting any one of these products according to your needs.



Top center channel speakers in 2018


If you want to enjoy the rich sound of HD videos without spending too much money on equipment, a center channel speaker is definitely the way to go. It provides just enough volume and bass to feel like you are sitting in front of the big screen at the cinema. Like with any gadget, it is hard to make a proper choice if you don’t know the first thing about sound technology. Our experts have gone through dozens of the best center channel speaker reviews of the past few years and managed to make a list of five recommendations which will, hopefully help you narrow things down.



Klipsch Synergy C-20


If you are looking for a compact device which is still capable of delivering impressive audio, you should direct your attention towards the Synergy C-20. This is a very small yet very powerful gadget which according to the best center channel speaker reviews, will blow competition out of the water. It comes with two 5 ½ inch woofers which are perfect for a top notch home cinema experience. Because of the patented Trakctrix Horn technology and the 1 inch aluminum compression driver, this center channel speaker excels when it comes to sound dynamics and clarity. It will fill a medium sized room with a rich sound which is hard to match by similarly priced devices.



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Polk Audio CS10


This is one investment you will never regret making. The CS10 made by Polk Audio is in most experts’ opinion, the best center channel speaker in 2018. It will never go out of date and it will always provide that rich sound you that is a must for any home cinema. It is small so it will comfortably fit almost everywhere. It is built out of special materials which helps it deliver impeccable audio each and every time. It is versatile because it can connect to all types of media devices including the older ones which sometimes have more personality than modern gadgets.



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Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Designed


Pioneer have always produced sound equipment which was considered innovative and reliable. This center channel speaker is no different. It has a RF modeled curved design which will not only allow it to fit perfectly under your TV but it will also allow it to become part of any décor. The richness of the sound is provided by the two 4 inch subwoofers and the 1 inch high efficiency dome tweeter. One other thing that makes this device one of the top rated center channel speaker in 2018, is the gold 5 way binding posts and its complex 6-element crossover.



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Fluance XL7C


1.Fluance XL7C

Offering the best complement to any audiophile’s sonic-driven lifestyle, the Fluance XL7C is made of premium components to ensure exceptional sound quality and unbelievably dynamic performance. This unit  is geared with top rated one-inch neodymium balanced dome tweeters of pure silk to deliver consistently active high-frequency response. To ensure clear, nuanced sound, this center channel speaker is equipped with dual five-inch polymer-coated midrange drivers.

Giving you the intensity and emotion of a live performance, this model comes with carefully-manufactured audio-grade medium density fiberboard (MDF) wood cabinetry that provides decreased resonance. Enjoy smooth jazz and high symphonic crescendos incredibly well, or be jolted by eerily accurate and realistic sound effects every time.



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Sony SS-CR3000


Sony have created one really loud speaker package. This device which has both center and rear channel speakers, uses a nano-fine tweeter set at 50 KHz. It comes with Sony’s patented BRAVIA technology and design and it is capable of producing impeccable audio from every position. The 4 ¾ center dual driver incorporates a 1 inch tweeter which is responsible for creating crisp sounds especially when watching your favorite movies. All the elements of this set are lightweight and easy to move around so you can attach them to any audio source you desire without too much trouble.



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Yamaha NS-C310BL – Not available


Best center channel speaker reviewsYamaha are well-known for manufacturing some of the best audio devices on the market. With the NS-C310BL they’ve managed to provide convenient alternative for those who want to enjoy HD audio in its purest form. This compact little gadget was according to most reviewers, one of the best center channel speaker in 2018. It stands out because of its simple yet incredibly efficient design. Because it uses aluminum cones, the quality of the sound is improved. This product is particularly great with Blu-ray movies. It will match the quality of the video and it will provide an incredibly accurate rendition of the actors’ voices.