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Every professional woodworker understands the importance of having at their disposition a professional and powerful chainsaw. The market is filled with various chainsaw models, all  designed to cut with precision, to a certain extent, logs, trees or model even ice sculptures. Yet, it can be pretty difficult to identify the most efficient model, especially without consulting relevant information. To this particular end it is important to read some of the current best chainsaws reviews and thus understand better which device can suit your daily needs better. Once you’ve managed to have a pro efficient chainsaw by your side, you will be able to work without feeling the burden of technical restrictions.


Black & Decker LCS120 chainsaw


Black & Decker always managed to launch professional products, designed to help people make their construction jobs a lot easier. To this extent LCS120 chainsaw makes no exception, helping you cut through various types of wood without having to worry about problems. It delivers around 150 cuts on a single and the 1-1/2 inch diameter is more than enough to create a precise cutting path in any tree. Seen as one of the best chainsaws under $200, this model is powered by a 20 volt MAX lithium-ion battery which gives the juice needed to get the job done with precision.

“For working with wood this chainsaw is for me the best choice possible, because it is very reliable, going easily through any type of wood and also having a very affordable price. Also I am very happy about the battery life which this chainsaw is fitted with.” – Mike Jules

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Remington RM1415A chainsaw


One of the best chainsaws under $50 is Remington RM1415A, a model designed with attention in order to handle any type of wood, thus letting you progress on your projects. This powerful 14 inch electric chainsaw is powered by a strong 1.5 peak horsepower motor, which maintains the cutting process going. The model has a push button oiler and also an external adjustment screw for chain tensioning system. You should also know that the chainsaw comes with a wraparound hand guard that delivers additional protection while you work on your projects. The machine can adapt to your needs and obviously help you get the job done.

“The Remington RM1415A chainsaw was my choice and I don’t regret it one bit because so far it has proven to be rock solid in performances, helping me to cut down whatever I want without any complications and at the same time very fast.” – Hank Doyle

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Worx WG300 chainsaw


If you are searching for an efficient chainsaw that can cut with precision every time you need to, then you should get to know Worx WG300, a model which can be found on thousands of construction firms. The model is lightweight, perfect to be used on various projects such as yard, farm, modelling trees or taking them down. You should know that the device delivers no harmful emissions and has an exceptionally strong 3.0 horsepower peak. Considered one of the best chainsaws under $100, this model has an automatic chain tensioning system and an automatic oiler that lubricates the bar and chain.

“For the price I have paid for it I have been extremely satisfied with what this chainsaw has to offer. Since I started using it I didn’t experience one difficulty with it and this can only be because it is of high quality. I reacommend it for a cheap and realiable solution.” – Will Lewis

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Poulan PP5020AV chainsaw


With a long list of satisfied users, Poulan PP5020AV is certainly a great addition to any woodworker or handyman around the house. The model comes with an effortless pull start system which significantly reduces vibrations in order to reduce fatigue during various operations. It is equipped with a powerful 50cc DuraLife engine and three important cutting features: Spring Assist, Purge and Dual Post. Considered one of the best chainsaws under $200, the device also features a SuperClean air filter system. You won’t regret taking this chainsaw! It works with precision every time you turn it on.

“The Poulan PP5020AV was recommended to me by my neighbour and I decided to take his advice, so now I have it for myself and it works nothing short of great. I didn’t even pay a huge amount of money for it which is a definite advatage.” – Andy Watson

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Poulan PLN3516F chainsaw


If you are thinking of cutting with more and more precision trees and various types of wood then you a high quality and efficient chainsaw. Still, this is where the big question appears: which is the best chainsaw. Today, more and more people are using with confidence Poulan PLN3156F chainsaw, a model which is perfect for jobs around the house. It is powered by an impressive 3.5 HP electric motor which allows you to handle with ease any type of job. The model has a 16 inch bar cutting frame that can tackle anything. It has a lightweight format so you won’t have to worry about fatigue.

“When it comes to quality to price ratios I don’t think that you can find a better chainsaw than this model from Polan. The 3.5 HP electric motor really impressed me with its ability to cut smoothly through any type of wood.” – Thomas Vaughn

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