Best Chef Knives Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best chef knife money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. A chef knife can make all the difference in the kitchen. If you are dissatisfied with the knives you have right now, it may be because they do not have the perfect balance and elegance only chef knives have. The great news is that one such knife can perform all the important kitchen tasks related to cutting, slicing and mincing, so getting one is a great investment. Our research points out that consumers absolutely love the following two products and consider them the best professional chef knives. The Wusthof Classic Ikon is our first recommendation. This 8 inch model is a veritable workhorse in the kitchen, and it can be used for dicing, mincing, slicing and cutting with the same great results. One of the best Wusthof knives to date, this model comes with two bolsters, a functional design detail that provides it with the perfect balance. A secure grip is made possible by the original triple riveted black handle with a special contour. If it happens that this great knive is not available when you want to make a purchase, you can always pick the Misono UX10 Gyutou, as a second best choice. The sharp edges of this knife make working in the kitchen a real breeze.



What to consider when buying a top chef knife


Kitchen experts know that a best chef knife exists only in the creative minds of knife makers. Whether you use a set of German knives, Japanese knives, made-in-China knives or any knife you feel comfortable wielding in your hand, the important thing is to be able to use it confidently for any slicing and cutting application you regularly do. However, you can find the perfect knife for you if you take note of the following considerations.

1.Wusthof’s Classic Chef’s knife


Knife Style and Design

There are a variety of knives on the market depending on the style and design you need or want. You can go for a delicate but precise Japanese-style santoku to execute accurate and elaborate slices. Or you can choose a Western style knife that enables you to handle those rough-and-tough cutting tasks. How about a gyutou-style knife that offers superior maneuverability and a slim profile for making impressive cuts? There’s no hard and fast rule that says you should have just one knife in your possession, since different cutting applications do require using a different style of knife, so if you’re a serious chef, get a set of different styles to suit your needs

Another element to look at is the design of the knife. You want the cutting tool to be streamlined or fine tuned to enable you to race through your slicing tasks effortlessly. Every aspect from the shape of the handle to the curve of the blade to the weight of the bolster of your favorite 8 inch knife should work together beautifully to help you easily carve that turkey or melon, cut carrots julienne style, slice winter squash, dice an onion and mince some parsley. You can expect nothing less than exceptional performance every time.



Best rated models:


ProductAvailable sizes (inches)Important featurePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Wusthof’s Classic Chef’s knife
6, 8, 9 and morePrecision forged from single piece of high-carbon German stainless steel$$$A+Amazon
Misono UX10 Gyutou knife
7, 8.2 and moreAsymmetrical edge$$$$AAmazon
Shun DM0706 classic chef knife
Best Chef Knives reviews
6, 8, 10Black laminated PakkaWood D-shaped handle$$$B+Amazon
ToJiro DP Gyutou knife
8.2, 9.4 and moreUsable to both left and right handed users$$C+Amazon
Masahiro 14914 MVH knife
12Thin blade
Tapered style edge



Materials and Craftsmanship

If the knife is made of steel, check whether it is hard or soft. With harder steel material, the knife will be able to hold its edges longer, such as what you can find in hybrid-style and Japanese knives. However, a hard steel knife may be a challenge to sharpen. Soft steel knives are easier to sharpen but require greater frequency for that and also for honing. A knife with wooden handle or with a composite grip should offer both durability and comfort.

The components of the knife should fit together securely and tightly. The rivets should be firmly attached so they don’t fall out unexpectedly during use. The blade should be securely fixed to the handle to effectively prevent separation. Make sure the finish on the handle is nicely done and smooth to the touch, and the blade is honed properly right out of the packaging.




The 8-inch knife has proven to be a favorite for most home cooks thanks to its universal versatility. With 10 inch chef knives, you can handle greater cutting volume though. This is despite the generally intimidating size of the cutting tool. You may enjoy greater agility when cutting with a 6-inch chef knife, much like what you can expect from a paring knife, but it will be at the expense of volume or ease of cutting when the knife has to bite through something substantial, such as a watermelon.

2.Misono UX10 Gyutou knife


Balance and Personal Preference

Truly, the perfect balance in a knife is dependent on the user. You should be able to determine this element when you grip the tool by the handle. A knife that feels awkwardly weighted in your grip at the back of the handle or towards the blade may not be the one you should get. With an unbalanced knife, you will have to do most of the work during cutting. In addition, you should also ensure that side-to-side balance is just the way you like it. The knife must not give you an unstable feeling when you bear down on the blade, feeling much like it will teeter unsteadily to one side or the other suddenly.

The knife will be an extension of your hand so consider it your number one kitchen tool. Therefore, it should feel natural in your hand while you hold it comfortably. The knife should look nice in the hand while making you feel it was made for you. Most of all, knife work with the cutting implement should contribute to a pleasurable cooking experience and not make cutting tasks to be dreaded chores.

A heavy chef’s knife is thought to cut into items easier thanks to how it is able to deliver greater force as it falls through the food. However, a light knife offers free-flow motion while you work with it skillfully. In the end, you as the user will have to decide which chef’s knife really delivers the results you want as you want them.

To find the perfect knife weight that will work for you many years down the road, you may have to go through a number of different knives. In order to help you enjoy a less stressful cutlery shopping experience, we suggest getting any one of these fantastic products.



Top chef knives in 2018


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Anybody and everybody could testify to this, who wouldn’t like to eat? And the key to every good meal is the technique on how it was cooked. Then there is where the quality of your chef knife will come into play. These best chef knives reviews are what you need to learn how to unleash the master chef in you!



Wusthof’s Classic


One of the models best appreciated by the best chef knives reviews comes from one of Germany’s most famous knife manufacturers, Wusthof’s. As everybody knows, Wusthof’s is one of the top of the line brands for kitchen utensils available on the market. Even reported as one of the best by some. This knife has a 8-inch blade has a superior edge for executing culinary tasks with ease and style cutting almost anything you want. The traditional style composition handle is designed to offer strength and performance when in use. It is also made with high-carbon stainless steel blade, guaranteed to stay razor sharp for many years.

“The Wusthof`s chef knife is prefect for me cutting anything I need easily and fast. The composite from which the handle is made doesn’t allow me to slip it from my grasp, thus making an unwanted accident where I can cut myself.” – Jane Richardson


Buy from Amazon for ($159.95)




Misono UX10 Gyutou


The Misono UX10 or commonly known as the Gyuto knife to most community or culinary environment. This Japanese knife has gained consistent positive reviews from users from all over the United States (Japanese or not). With a Swedish stainless steel for a quality blade and the Rockwell hardness of HRC60 with a stamina wood handle and a nickel silver, the blade is very much thin and strong that makes it a perfect addition to the kitchen. This model exudes efficiency and high quality performance that makes it one of the stars in many best chef knives reviews.

“I recommend the Misono UX10 chef knife because I have been using it for some time now and it has proven itself to be very reliable. The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp and at the same time is rust resistant. What more could I want from a knife.” – Alice Rooney


Buy from Amazon for ($169.99)




Shun DM0706 classic


Best Chef Knives reviewsA good chef knife should have the sharpness a user shall need when it comes to cooking; meaning, it should be able to cut anything and everything with ease, it should also be durable. The Shun DM0706 classic chef knife can cut virtually anything from vegetables, to fruits and even different meats with ease thanks to its eight inch long blade; not that long, not that short. But all the more, you could say that it is perfect. The Shun DM0706 classic chef knife is durable enough as it contains 32 layers of high carbon stainless steel.

“I alwasys search for the best utesiles for my kitchen to aid me in making culinary delights. One of those utensiles is the Shun DM0706 with which I cut various things in order to make something special everytime. It cuts perfectly so I must recommend it for other kitchens.” – Lindsay Murphy


Buy from Amazon for ($149.95)




ToJiro DP Gyutou


With a thrive for excellence and professionalism, the Tojiro DP Gyutou 9.4 promises to deliver quality cuts for the chefs and the aspiring chefs alike. Made with stainless steel of the VG10 variety, the Gyuto knife can efficiently cut anything imaginable; and more it is also equipped with black stamina wood handle and a stainless steel bolster. Some may think that it may be pricey, but the truth is that it is one of the least expensive knifes out in the market.

“When it comes to knives I don’t think there is one better than the Tojiro DP Gyutou which helps me cut anything I want with ease. For preparing a dish it really is the best kitchen knife available and I can use it with my left hand just as good as with my right.” – Matt Williams


Buy from Amazon for ($100.86)




Masahiro 14914 MVH


All the way from Japan, this chef knife has gotten praises all over the community for its super quality that allows it to be used in preparing lots of dishes. The Masahiro 14914 MVH 12 chef knife with its 12 inch blade with a solid tapered edged style is the perfect companion in the kitchen. This knife has an asymmetrical 80/30 edge which makes it really sharp and on for the heavy works. Albeit the strong and efficient precision, the Masahiro blade is well balanced and also a light weight with a smooth and delicate handle.

“If anyone is looking for the perfect chef knife than I recommend getting the Masahiro 14914 MVH. Some people might call me crazy cause I paid so much for a knife but when you feel how light it is in your hand and when you see how well it cuts, you immediately know why it has this price.” – Britney Hold


Buy from Amazon for ($301.95)