Best chef knives under $50

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best chef knife under $50? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. There are many things chef knives are famous for, but cheap pricing is not one of them. As we searched through a wide variety of kitchen knives, we found two cheaper models that offer great performance at a great price. Consumers love them and not only because they are sold for only a fraction of the price chef knives usually demand. Their design and functionalities highly recommend them. The Victorinox 47521 is the first pick in our very short selection. The stain resistant blade makes it a great investment, and its legendary sturdiness makes it a great choice for any kitchen task. The blade is made of high quality carbon stainless steel, which provides it with perfect sharpness and edge retention over years and years of usage. The comfortable shape helps keeping it in your hand with great ease, so you can see about your kitchen duties without feeling your hands strained. Another option mentioned by the best chef knives reviews is the Chicago Cutlery DesignPro. Although we strongly recommend the model above, which is also among the best Victorinox chef knives, if you cannot buy it for some reason, the one from the Chicago Cutlery is also a great choice.



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You can get the best chef knives cheap, even under 50, with some diligent searching and research. That may be a tall order for such a specialized industry as cooking, but it can be managed by those patient enough to do their own scouting. Next to the paring knife, slicer and utility knife, the chef’s knife is the fourth cutting tool you will have to invest in to enjoy a pleasurable cooking experience, and here’s what to watch out for when buying that all-important component of your knife set.

1.Victorinox 47521


Edge Design

Check out the cutting edge of the knife on sale, in addition to the smoothness and thickness of the blade itself. There should be no pitting on the metal so the knife looks nice and polished smooth. The cutting edge of the slicing tool should go the full length from the hilt to the tip. Making heavy cuts such as on large carrots can be difficult when the last fraction of an inch bears no cutting edge at all.

A serrated knife edge may not be a perfect choice if you do plenty of vegetable and meat chopping, since it can prove to be unsafe and is prone to slipping instead of cutting. Sawing instead of slicing, a serrated knife entails application of a direct downward push, which can be quite dangerous. A serrated edge cannot be sharpened either. A knife with this kind of cutting edge is low in cost and should be included in a set for bread slicing and cutting of similar baked products.




Hold the knife in your hand to determine if it offers a comfortable grip and a good feel as it settles there. Do bear in mind that feel is a subjective element, so you should do a personal hand test yourself. You may want a lightweight knife included in sets, as this type is ideal for precision cutting as well as speed. A heavy knife may require you to exert greater force or use more energy than needed during use when all you really do is chop up light items. However, it will be highly useful when working on fresh ginger, nuts, palm sugar and other tough items.



Materials and Construction

Many best knife brands under 50 come with a ceramic blade, which enables effortless sharpening to scalpel grade. A ceramic knife is also able to hold its edge longer aside from being able to withstand corrosion. However, ceramic knives do not offer much in the way of unbreakability. Extremely fragile, a ceramic knife on the higher end of the spectrum can be prohibitively pricey. That being said, you should be wary of superbly cheap ceramic knives.

Non-stainless or carbon steel is what premium quality knives are made of. They get a good edge relatively fast, but do take care to protect the edge from rust-causing elements. A carbon steel knife is easy to sharpen. Many cheap contemporary knife blades are constructed of stainless steel. This kind of blade takes longer to sharpen and tends to lose its sharpness rather quickly. You might prefer to invest in a high-carbon stainless steel knife that will still need to be sharpened but is quite resilient against rust. Although this kind of tool has fairly less carbon than an older carbon steel model, it is made tougher and can hold its edge better.

A forged blade is preferred over a stamped one, as the manufacturing process makes the metal hardier. Knives that never need any sharpening are really just a marketer’s gimmick, as they are not even extremely sharp from the onset and when they lose their edge, the fact that they can’t be sharpened means you have to throw them away.

2.Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knives


Hilt and Balance

You want a strong and solid hilt that is well-attached to the handle and is easy to maintain. This part is the most solid section in most cutting tools and serves to channel the force exerted on the handle straight to the blade. A hilt that is not visible perhaps because it is covered in plastic, that is too thin or shows signs of joining or welding is not good in a knife, no matter how amazingly affordable. Any gaps will increase knife weakness and will easily trap extremely tiny morsels of food while also serving as a breeding ground for bacteria.

There isn’t any excessive weight either in the handle or the blade of a perfectly balanced knife. It will not fall off your finger when it is held horizontally with the cutting edge down and with your finger on the blade end of the handle or at the finger grip.With a well-balanced knife, you can slice and cut effortlessly with less pressure on the arm even when you have to work on many items.

If you’re thinking of buying a good quality chef’s knife at a budget less than 50, it can be a daunting challenge. We have found the following products for you that can be the best chef knives under 50.



Top rated cheap chef knives


Every experienced chef understands the complexities behind the culinary process and more importantly the need of professional instruments, always ready to be used. One of the most important kitchen tools that a pro chef has to have in his immediate range a knife. The market is packed with many models, which make the selection process pretty stressful. Still, in order to accomplish the objective and identify a good knife you need to go through the latest best chef knives reviews, drafted by professionals and regular people. It’s important to have around a sharp and reliable kitchen tool.



Victorinox 47521


Best chef knives under $50Today, people that love to prepare delicious food, need to have in their kitchen a professional and sharp knife. Upon reviewing some of the latest top models, we recommend chefs to use without reservations Victorinox. Considered, for good reasons, one of the best chef knives under $50, the model can become a smart investment in your future food taste and quality. This powerful cooking tool is perfect for slicing, cutting, chopping, mincing and also dicing without problems. The knife comes with a high carbon stainless steel blade that maintains sharpness and also edge retention and also ice tempered that maintains the sharpness high.



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Chicago Cutlery DesignPro


It’s time to use one of the best chef knives under $50: Chicago Cutlery DesignPro, a model which can improve the quality of your culinary preparation. The model comes with an innovative grip which makes it very easy for you to control the knife and cut. It is ultra-sharp that permits you to cut with ease virtually anything you want. This high quality Japanese steel blade can cut, slice and mince with ease. You won’t regret using this advanced chef knife which cuts with ease through anything you need. So, choose quality and improve your way around the kitchen.



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Kai Pure Komachi 2 Series


It’s important to have in your kitchen a reliable knife which you can use to cut various things like vegetables, fruits or meat. If you want a model that won’t disappoint you, then you should consider using with trust Kai Pure Komachi 2 chef knife. This multipurpose 8 inch knife will help you mince, chop and also slice without problems anything you need. It is made out of high carbon stainless steel blade that manages to retain super sharpness every time. The knife has a special colour made out of bonding food-safe resin which was FDA approved, for added security.



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Zyliss 31612


Do you want a knife that can help you cut through virtually anything in the kitchen? Well, if you do then consider using with confidence Zyliss 31612 chef knife, a product that will make every culinary phase a lot easier. Considered one of the best chef knives under $10, the knife is perfect for lettuce actions. It is made out of serrated plastic, with a blade that precisely prevents lettuce from turning brown. Furthermore you can use the knife in order to slice cakes, brownies, bread and pizza. You can wash the knife with water and is safe to use on coated cookware.



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Curious Chef Knife Set


Your kitchen is not complete without the presence of an advanced knife. So, now it is time to meet Curious Chef 3 piece nylon set, which will become a great assistant during various culinary actions. It is one of the best chef knives under $20, which includes the following items: 1 small, medium and large nylon knife. You can use the knives on various cutting, slicing and mincing actions. The knife comes with a serrated cutting edge with a solid blunt tip and also an ergonomic handle. Furthermore the knife is dishwasher safe and very safe to use every moment of the day.



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