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Top chippers in 2018


If you are not a big fan of mulching and you prefer a more natural aspect for your yard, you should go with a chipper. It is destined to transform things like branches and bushes into small pieces of material which will be eliminated directly onto the ground. Some chippers can end up costing close to $1000. Choosing the right product will be difficult especially if you are a bit unexperienced. We’ve managed to narrow things down just enough to provide some basic guidelines to what the best investments currently are. After reading most of the best chipper reviews we’ve come up with a set of suggestions that could end up in your back yard.


Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Chipper/Shredder


Best chipper reviewsThis is one expensive chipper. Even though some say it is the best chipper in 2018, it still has a pretty steep price tag. It is a heavy-duty device which is recommended for large surfaces covered with things infinitely tougher than grass and leafs. This is a long term investment which will be around for a long time. It is durable and fairly easy to use. It is eco-friendly and can be immediately switched on by flicking the ON button. It is easy to move around the yard and it can conveniently fit in the garage.

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Stanley Chipper Shredder


This is according to the best chipper reviews, one of the most expensive devices of its kind. Even so it still manages to provide great value for money which is pretty incredible considering it costs just short of $800. It is an US made machine with a large feeding diameter which can transform in size depending on what you plan on shredding. The discharge used to cover your yard will be eliminated with an adjustable design which permits users to direct the results of their shredding session to where this type of material is needed most.

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LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder


If you are on the market for the best chipper in 2018, but you also have to work with a limited budget, we recommend getting a 15amp device. Mostly made of plastic, the FD1501 is pretty durable. It is easy to maneuver around the yard and it is easy to clean. It comes with a collection bag which will always come in handy when the mulch is too much. This product has a nice design, a great color and a minimalistic construction which allows anyone to use it without any previous training. It is also an eco-friendly device which is very important nowadays.

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Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper Shredder


The Sun Jo electric wood chipper is one of the top rated chippers in 2018. It does a great job while still keeping things pretty quiet. It is powerful enough to handle some pretty big branches. It is also a great energy saver which will mean a lot if you have a large yard which needs care on a regular basis. It is easy to operate and it is completely safe to use. This machine will not even run if the safety knob is not unlocked. Even though it will occupy a bit of space in your garage, it will still be one of your favorite garden tools.

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GreenWorks 24052 15 Corded Shredder/Chipper


This is a rather affordable product which is capable of shredding through thick branches and other tougher materials. It is powered by a 15amp motor which will be more than enough to cover your basic gardening needs. It has a large feeding chute and 7 inch wheels so you can feed it all the yard debris you want. It is completely safe to use and even easier to assemble. Keep in mind that for this price range you should not expect any device to handle pieces of debris thicker than ½ inches which means it will handle bark but it will not handle large branches.

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