Best Choice Products SKY130 Patio Umbrella Review

Affordable Patio Umbrella from Best Choice Products


1. SKY130PatioUmbrellaBenefits

This is a patio umbrella with a 9 ft. diameter, which makes it one of the most convenient units in the line.

Built with usability in mind, the model is easy to install and utilize.

It looks like this is one of the most affordable umbrellas on the market, as stated by various customers.

Best Choice Products SKY130 patio umbrella reviews recommend it for the ratio between the value and the price.

Sturdiness and top-notch construction are efficiently combined into this particular item.



The only mentions we have come across during our research are related to the color of the fabric. It appears that it is a bit too dark for some people. On the other hand, this particular characteristic is largely spoken highly of by various other customers. A single buyer has gone through an incident concerning the fabric, but he or she stated that the strong wind and harsh weather conditions were guilty of damaging the product. Since the item’s lightweight, it can be conveniently carried into the house during storms, thus allowing users to increase its life.



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Benefits Explained

The large diameter makes it possible for up to 4 users to benefit from the shade. Nevertheless, the larger the umbrella, the less likely it is to withstand strong wind. This isn’t necessarily the case with this Best Choice Products model, as it’s generally thought of as being dependable and durable.

2. SKY130PatioUmbrella

As emphasized by some buyers, it does not take a whole lot of time to put the umbrella together and even place it in the spot of the user’s choice. It’s lightweight and makes relaxing on the patio a cool and comfortable experience. The installation requires no previous technical background, unlike other, more complex models in the same line.


Getting a good quality patio umbrella under one hundred fifty bucks is a tricky endeavor, but this isn’t a problem with this unit, as some online retailers such as Amazon often organize sales and offer the product for less than one hundred.


The affordability of the purchase is emphasized by many customer reviews, as the vast majority of the positive ratings gathered by the model revolve around the ratio between the value and the price. Since it’s so economical, some buyers have expressed their concerns about the item sturdiness. However, after having purchased it, these individuals stated that they were impressed with the durability of the umbrella.


The unit features an 8-rib design. The 1 ½-inch diameter aluminum pole is sturdy and does a great job at supporting the weight of the polyester cover as well as the weight of the ribs. Since the fabric is waterproof, the model is generally considered as being well-constructed and durable enough to last more than a couple of seasons.



Judging by its specs and by the reviews it has gathered over time, this is probably the best patio umbrella from Best Choice Products. It is inexpensive and easy to put together and provides cool shade for a family of up to four.



Buy from Amazon for ($39.94)