Best Closed Back Headphones under 100


Best Closed Back Headphones under 100


As people tend to lead constantly on-the-go lives, having the best headphones handy helps ensure that they can also bring their music along anywhere their feet lead them. With the huge variety of brands and models on the market, it becomes imperative to know what to look for when making this kind of purchase.

Best closed back headphones under 100

Immersive Sound

If you can’t enjoy music just the way the music producer intended it to be heard, then you’ve probably made a wrong choice on your best closed back headphones under 100. Surround headphones utilize revolutionary electronic processing to deliver the intended directional cues of surround sound emanating from only two speaker drivers.


High Sensitivity

Expressed in decibel per milliwatt (dB/mW), sensitivity expresses the relative volume that the headphones produce using a specific amount of input power. The best closed back headphones under 100 boast higher sensitivity ratings of 100 dB or higher, making them perfect to use with portable listening devices, which generally come with less powerful amplifiers compared to home audio components.


Cable Length and Dressing

Short cords are typical of cheaper headphones, but those can be adequate if the portable music player is perpetually in one’s pocket. However, you will need a longer cord if you always have your player or smartphone in your pants pocket or backpack. An audio extension cord may help with shorter cables. Cable wraps or cord clips prevent tangling and enable effective cord management. A flat cable can prevent tangling of the cord.


Most Popular Closed Back Headphones under 100


You will have to invest in good quality headphones to make the most of your listening experience on the go. It is not always enough that you know the good brands on the market—you also have to know what makes them exceptional. Take these three products, for instance, which are consistent top sellers with reason.


Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Closed-Back Headphones


1.Audio-Technica ATH-M30Engineered with sonic accuracy and remarkable clarity, the Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Closed-Back Headphones are perfect for mixing. They provide high power handling for tracking use. The solid circum-aural design ensures reliable isolation. These dynamic stereo headphones deliver high sonic accuracy coupled with maximum comfort in a robust design, which proves highly practical for high-volume listening settings. The headphones make an ideal choice for recording musicians, studio engineers and home recording enthusiasts. They feature an ultra-flexible 11-foot cable with a single side exit, for total freedom while listening.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Closed-Back Headphones also feature a low-profile design for audio enjoyment. The adjustable cushioned headband ensures maximum comfort, so you won’t experience ear, neck or head pain even during extended listening sessions. The neodymium magnet structure provides amazing audio clarity. The gold-plated 1/8-inch connector features strain relief and a screw-on ¼-inch adapter for problem-free connecting to any portable device. The Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Closed-Back Headphones are geared for a professional listening experience with their 40-mm diameter drivers that ensure no signal loss during use.

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Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones


2.Sennheiser HD 280The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones come with a closed, around-the-ear design that ensures delivery of linear and accurate sound reproduction. These headphones provide up to 32dB of ambient noise reduction that proves extremely useful for critical monitoring purposes. Universal compatibility is ensured thanks to the headphones’ optimum impedance. These headphones can be used for both simple home listening and professional studio monitoring. The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones are made with a remarkably robust construction to ensure long-lasting use.

The headphones offer a modular design, awesome sound quality and dynamic noise isolation that are all required for professional applications. The space-saving design comes with collapsible, swiveling earcups that provide flexible and comfortable use, even during extended listening sessions. The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones have a rugged construction and user-replaceable parts for lasting durability. Problem-free connectivity to home or studio stereo equipment is guaranteed with the locking ¼-inch adapter on the 3.5-mm mini-jack of the single-sided, coiled cable. The headphones are compatible with CD, DVD, iPod and MP3 players.

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The Sessions Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones


3.The Sessions ProfessionalDesigned for live, playback or studio applications, the Sessions Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones carry professional quality construction that ensures exceptional reliability without compromising on user comfort. Outfitted with one straight and one coiled cable, the Sessions Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones also ship with two sets of earpads to accommodate your specific preference. Producing an articulate frequency response, the headphones provide superior sound quality characterized by smooth midranges, extended lows and life-like highs. The headphones feature a sound pressure level capability that rivals any concert experience.

The Sessions MH510OR headphones employ a world class sound isolation system that ensures a genuine private listening experience, which virtually eliminates audio bleed into the listening environment. They are built with award-winning technology, which has been recognized via their impressive nomination during the 29th Annual TEC Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Headphone/Earpiece Technology. The Sessions MH510OR Headphones can withstand use and abuse of the most demanding performer with their power handling capability. The headphones are available in four color combinations to suit your preference.

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