Best Color Laser Printer under 200


How to Find the Best Color Laser Printer under 200


Used to print any type of documents, laser printers offer the highest quality print possible at the highest speed. Perfect for both office and home use, good quality color laser printers can be difficult to find. In order to help you get the best of the best, we compiled a small list with the most important aspects to keep in mind whenever buying a new laser printer for your home or business.

Best Color Laser Printer under 200


As is the case with any other type of office equipment, the size and volume of a printer should match the available space. When choosing a new printer, it is best to keep in mind that larger models usually come packed with extra features and an increase in printing speed, while compact laser printers are excellent choices for small offices and home use.


Printing speed

One of the best features of laser printers is their capability to print at extremely fast speeds, making them ideal for all those who require printed material available as fast as possible. Whenever buying a new laser printer, it is wise to check its printing speed and select the model that comes with the fastest speed possible.



One of the least visible but extremely important aspects of a good laser printer is its capacity to connect to any type of office computer or home device. Today most printers come with an USB connection, but only few may include wireless or Ethernet connectivity.


Top Rated Color Laser Printers under 200


With plenty of models to choose from it is often difficult to find the best color laser printer under 200. Searching through the most praised and highly rated laser printers, we found three models that deliver unrivalled speed, connectivity and adaptability, making them ideal choices for anyone who wants a high quality affordable laser printer.



Konica Minolta Magicolor Laser Printer


1.Konica Minolta MagicolorWith a clear focus on functionality, this color laser printer is one of the most compact models available on the market today. Perfect for small offices and home use, the Konica Minolta Magicolor is extremely small and affordable. Delivering great printing quality, this model is one of the best color laser printers you can purchase right now.

With its superior 20ppm black and white speed, this laser printer rivals larger and more expensive models. Capable of printing 5 full color pages per minute, the Konica Minolta Magicolor is excellent for all those who want quality color images printed as fast as possible. With its excellent 1200 x 600 dpi color resolution, this laser printer offers high quality printing at an extremely affordable price.

Focusing on quality, speed and functionality, this color laser printer is one of the few that can operate at low temperatures. Saving up to 15% off its energy bill and emitting 40% less pollutants, the Konica Minolta Magicolor is the best eco-friendly home laser printer you can find today.

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Samsung Xpress C460W Laser Printer


2.Samsung XpressThis color laser printer is created by Samsung, one of the most innovative and technically advanced electronics company in the world. With a focus on connectivity and speed, the Samsung Xpress laser printer offers maximum adaptability allowing its users to print and scan files and documents using any type of computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

Indeed, using the new Near Field Communication technology, this laser printer is capable of communicating with any type of device that touches it or comes in its near proximity. Additionally, this laser printer comes with an USB connector and a multiband Wi-Fi router that enables it to easily connect to your wireless home or office network, allowing it to work in any type of digital environment.

Boasting exceptional connectivity, this laser printer can print at incredible speed, delivering 21 black and white pages per minute. With its high quality image, great printing speed and superb connectivity, the Samsung Xpress is one of the best color laser printer under 200 around.

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Canon Color imageCLASS LBP7110CW Laser Printer


3.Canon LBP7110CW PrinterThis high quality color laser printer from Canon delivers incredible printing speed in both color and black and white. With excellent connectivity, high speed and superb color output, the Canon LBP7110CW is a perfect choice for all those who require an affordable, high quality laser printer for everyday use.

Without sacrificing image quality, this model can print 14 full color pages per minute, making it one of the fastest and most affordable color laser printers available on the market. Capable of printing any type of document files and full color images, the Canon LBP7110CW is ideal for small offices.

Versatile and functional, this laser printer can connect itself to any type of wireless network, without requiring any additional setup from the user. Simple and effective, this laser printer instantly becomes the printing hub of your home or office, surpassing in functionality any other similar models.

Affordable and simple to use, the Canon LBP7110CW is a dream come true for all those who require a good laser printer that can handle all office file types in use.

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