Best Compact Digital Cameras reviews


Top compact digital cameras in 2018


The advancing technology offers cameras that are detailed, compact and efficient that exhibits professionalism. With the entire numerous products that entail all of the aforementioned qualities, it is difficult to choose the perfect one for you. With the best compact digital cameras reviews, surely you can make up your mind.


Leica D-Lux5


Best Compact Digital Cameras reviewsLeica D-Lux5 compact digital camera promises clear, detailed results perfect to capture those unforgettable moments. With its 1/ 1.63” image sensor with 10.1 megapixels all captured moments shall have perfect results. The compact camera also has minimum image noise and meaningful details precision in both colour and texture. The model also comes with advanced zoom lens and 24 to 90mm focal length which is perfect even for poorly lit and well lit environment, which capture perfect moments with clarity and detail. This is why this Leica camera is one of the best compact digital cameras out in the market.

“After taking a good look at its features I don’t believe there is a better compact camera which money can buy at this point. I did a big financial effort to buy this camera, but it paid off tenfold. The picture quality is absolutely amaizing, so natural like.” Ken Benson

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Panasonic DMC-FZ150K


The Panasonic DMX-FZ150K Digital Camera is equipped with wide-angle Elmarit lens  of 25 mm, which gives you clear photos and high definition videos even at a farther distance because of its  24x Optical Zoom. This camera also comes with a Nano Surface Coating technology and with the new 3D photo mode. Panasonic with its 12.1 megapixel camera never fails to make beautiful results. The FZ150K can make those results realistic with their full high definition 1920 x 1080 60p AVHCD format.

“I read a lot of articles and a lot of reviews before I invested in the Panasonic DMC-FZ150K, so I could make sure that it was a solid choice. My favorite thing about it is the capacity to do 3D pictures, which later I view on my 3DTV.” – Alan Johnson

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Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3


FujiFilm has proven its worth in the field of camera manufacturing because of its high quality performance and efficiency. The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D camera is able to capture 2D and in 3D images through its 720p resolution. It is made up with lens system and a dual 10 megapixel CCD that shall make every shot worth taking. Also, the 3.5 widescreen LCD display shall give you the possibility to control the configurations of the device.

“Getting this digital camera from Fujifilm was a very fine idea because now I have at my disposal the ability to make some high quality photos and videos. Also capturing 3D images is really something, plus it has a very affordable price.” Dan Thompson

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Samsung TL225 DualView


The Samsung TL225 DualView digital camera is a valuable choice as it combines efficiency and high quality performance in every moment caught on camera, which is why it is considered as one of the star product in all best compact digital cameras reviews. This digital camera has 1.5” front LCD screen, an innovation that proves successful by experiencing exquisite photography with impressive momentum. The TL225 has 4.6x /27m lens with 3.5” touch screen haptic technology that captures the perfect moments in clear and vivid details.

“The Samsung TL225 digital camera is compact, so that it fits in my pocket and at the same time manages to shoot some top quality pics. Unlike other cameras it has a small front LCD for portret photos, which I find pretty useful.” – Anne Griffin

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Sony TX Series DSC-TX9/R


This Sony model is one of the headlights in many best compact digital cameras reviews for its technological advancements for an affordable price.  This model has a CMOS sensor that ensures good quality shots even at the event of low lighting, due to its iSweep Panorama, 3D photos can be made and an auto mode that gives high quality pictures even at a shot taken at night; it also has a Background Defocus. The Sony TX Series DSC-TX9/R digital camera also has a HD 1-080/ 601 AVCHD fill recording system.  Most users and critics alike are impressed by Sony TX Series’ capabilities which are why more and more people are availing it.

“The picture quality for this camera is really high and it is one of the reasons why I recommend it to other people. I have it with me everywhere I go thanks to its compact size and even manage to capture HD videos which look stunning on a HDTV.” – Julie Marsh  

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