Best Computer Case under 50


How to Select the Best Computer Case under 50


Simple as it may be as a component of your PC system, a computer case should still be bought with meticulous consideration. There are a hundred and one ways in which you could end up with a lousy product, as not all the brands and models out there are genuinely the best computer cases on the market. The computer case can make an ordinary system adequate and a really good system exceptional.

Best computer case under 50

Right Size and Shape

A primary factor to think about when checking out the best computer case under 50 is if it can accommodate the motherboard’s form factor. You can’t cram an ATX motherboard into a micro-ATX case unless you want everything so tight you won’t be able to do anything else. Also, with the number of expansion slots on an ATX motherboard, you will have no way to access all of them from the case exterior once you’re done assembling the system.

A bigger case offers generous room for bigger video cards and more optical and hard drives. A bigger case will also be easier to work with. Choose from mini tower, mid-tower and full tower cases, depending on the hardware you have and any expansions you plan to do later.


Sufficient Drive Bays

A larger case will have more drive bays available. For DVD and Blu-ray optical drives, as well as specialized fan or audio controllers, a 5.25-inch bay is perfect. 3.5-inch bays are used for card readers (external) and hard drives (internal). Plenty of full tower cases feature two to three 5.25-inch bays plus four or five internal 3.5-inch bays. Some case models have specially designed adapters that enable installation of a 3.5-inch drive into a 5.25-inch bay. The 2.5-inch bay is designed for naked solid state drives and smaller hard drives.



The best computer case under 50 employs an efficient cooling system to protect the PC hardware. Check how many fans the case has and what size the fans are. It is also important to consider if the case can be set up for liquid cooling and if it has positive or negative airflow.


Top Rated Computer Cases under 50


Buying a computer case is nearly as important as the hardware the product is supposed to house, so it is essential that you make a wise choice. There are plenty of computer cases out there, and finding the right one for your needs requires a decent amount of research. If reading isn’t your thing, we recommend three products that should meet your needs adequately.


Sentey Gs-6008 Stealth Gaming Computer Case


1.Sentey Gs-6008Pump up your computing and gaming experience with the Sentey Gs-6008 Stealth Gaming Computer Case. The black mid-tower case provides both ATX and Micro-ATX support, making it a versatile choice. The Sentey Gs-6008 Stealth is compatible with a CPU maximum height of 150 mm and a VGA maximum height of 340 mm. It features USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and HD Audio and Mic ports on the front. The Sentey Gs-6008 Stealth also offers water-cooling support, which not only requires considerably less space but is also quieter and is what anyone who plans to overclock their chips will definitely find useful.

The cooling system consists of space for: a 120mm Front BLUE LED Fan Cooler; an 80mm Rear Black Fan Cooler; and 2 x 120mm Side Fan Coolers (optional). The side panel of the Sentey Gs-6008 Stealth is built solid with a vent, while the top panel is solid. The computer case has 15mm plastic feet for stability. It boasts two external 5.25-inch drive bays, one internal 3.5-inch drive bay, two internal 2.5-inch drive bays plus seven expansion slots, to support your hardware and future expansions.

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NZXT Source 210 Computer Case


2.NZXT Source 210The NZXT Source 210 Computer Case is definitely a keeper. It belongs to the revolutionary Source Series chassis line engineered to provide a great starting block for people planning to do rig upgrades in the future or even those who are building their PC system for the first time. The mid-tower computer case boasts a steel shell, plastic front panel material, and an aluminum-like finish. The case measures 195mm x 440mm x 495.5mm, so it can easily fit under your work table without eating up too much room. It has dual 120mm front intake, helping you take advantage of front-mounted HDD bays for excellent airflow.

For wire management support, the NZXT Source 210 Computer Case offers 20mm space for an easy and neat build. For its cooling system, the NZXT Source 210 Computer Case boasts 2 X 120mm REAR Fan Coolers, 1 X 120mm @ 1200rpm (included) TOP Cooler, 1 X 140mm BOTTOM Fan Cooler and 1 x 120mm Side Fan cooler. It has three external 5.25-inch drive bays plus 8 internal 3.5-inch HDD drives.

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Rosewill FBM-01 MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case


3.Rosewill FBM-01The Rosewill FBM-01 Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case is engineered for Intel and AMD systems and supports a standard ATX power supply. Boasting a sturdy construction, the computer case is built small and sleek to ensure easy placement in your work area. Delivering competitive performance and features, the computer case offers excellent value for building your computer system. The compact profile is supplemented by the glossy bezel to make the chassis perfect for any purpose you plan for it.

The Rosewill FBM-01 Computer Case is a Micro-ATX mini-tower made of Steel, Electro galvanized, Cold-Rolled, Coil (SECC) material to ensure durability and lasting use. It has top-mounted power supply and supports a Micro-ATX motherboard. The case has 4 expansion slots, two external 5.25-inch drive bays, one external 3.5-inch drive bay and two internal 3.5-inch drive bays to accommodate a variety of hardware and future additions you plan to integrate. The cooling system comprises one rear 80mm fan and one front 120mm fan, for great cooling performance. The case is built with Audio Out, 2 USB and MIC in front I/O ports.

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