Best Computer Cases under 100


How to Select One of the Best Best Computer Cases under 100


Buying one of the best computer cases under 100 may look like a daunting task. There are many models out there nowadays, so many that customers can end up feeling confused about which one they have to pick. To make matters easier, we’ve put together a short list of things you need to look for when prospecting the market for such a product.

Best computer cases under 100

Size and shape

These are the two most important details if you want to get the best computer case for your needs. While some motherboards may fit into any PC case, others will fail to do so. The motherboard’s form factor has to match the one of the case in order for them to perfectly work together.


Number of drive bays

In this case, the more, the better. Drive bays can be split up into internal bays and external bays. Some, such as the 5.25-inch external ones, can be utilized for DVD and Blu-Ray optical drives. The 3.5-inch bays can be used for floppy disks or card readers, while the 2.5-inch ones are rare and can be utilized for SSDs.


Cooling systems

Picking a small-sized PC case with multiple small fans inevitably leads to noticeable computer noise, so if you want to keep it quiet choose larger cooling systems.


Most Reliable Computer Case under 100


For your consideration, we have gone through the best computer cases under 100 and selected three of the most acclaimed ones. All of the following units have gathered the appreciation of many American customers and are known for being versatile, dependable and high-quality. Remember to always base your choice on the opinions of other buyers.


Sentey Gaming Gs-6009 Gaming Computer Case


1.Sentey Gaming Gs-6009This Sentey model is by far the best computer case for the money. Some online retailers, such as Amazon, sell it for less than $100.

What’s so special about this PC case? This is a black mid tower that comes with watercooling support, 2 front USB ports as well as ports for HD audio and mic. Expansions include three external 5.25-inch drive bays, three internal 3.5-inch ones and two internal 2.5-inch bays. The seven provided expansion slots sure come in handy for anyone looking to do some upgrading at some point.

This is a top-notch gaming case that has both ATX and M-Atx support.

The design of this Sentey product is close to breathtaking. Although the whole shell is black, the blue LED cooling systems make it a sight for sore eyes.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item.

The Sentey Gs-6009 is easy to use and put together. It’s one of the most versatile models we’ve come across. It supports both cheap and expensive video cards both from AMD and from Nvidia. The cage can be removed easily, thus allowing any assembly or upgrade to happen in a timely manner.

The unit has gathered more than 800 5-star ratings.

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NZXT Guardian 921 Mid Tower Case


2.NZXT Guardian 921Compared to its Sentey counterpart, the NZXT Guardian 921 is a tad more expensive. It comes with a spacious interior and solid construction and has been built with high-quality steel for enhanced durability. The model has anything you might look for in matters of space for high-end video cards and for up to four internal hard drives.

Unlike its predecessor, the Guardian 921 has a cooling system composed of only three fans that are 120mm in size and do a great job of maintaining the optimal temperature for your computer. In fact, the case features constant temperature monitoring and this particular characteristic gives the user complete control over the thermals within the system.

The model has two front USB ports, as well as Audio, Mic and E-Sata ports.

The product can be purchased in two color combinations: black and blue and black and red.

When it comes to looks, customers speak highly of the way this case was designed. The LED-lit fan on the side of the unit is a neat detail and even looks better in a dark room.

More than 300 individuals were satisfied with the quality of this PC case and decided to provide 5-star ratings.

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Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Gaming Case


3.Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01The Corsair SPEC-01 is by far the cheapest computer case we’ve stumbled upon during our research. It’s a pretty basic product, but if you aren’t that keen on the looks of your PC case, you’ll definitely be impressed with the price of this one.

The unit has mounting points for dual front fans, dual top fans and a rear 120mm one. Out of the two front intake fans, one features an LED bathed in soft light, of which the size is 120mm.

The product comes with two standard 5.25-inch optical drive bays and four bays that can be utilized both for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives.

As is the case with other units in the line, the Corsair SPEC-01 is tool-free and requires little to no effort in matters of installation. Cable routing holes are a part of the deal, partly because they help you maintain the sleek design of the case by eliminating cable clutter and partly because they eliminate airflow issues.

Additional interesting features include dust filters for front and PSU intake and seven PCIe slots that are roomy enough for graphics cards with a length of up to 420mm.

Buyers claim it offers great value for the price.

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