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Top rated cheap cordless drills


There are thousands of men that work in construction or undergo solo projects around the house. Such handy men know the importance of having the right tools by their side in order to complete with ease all that they set out to do. In order to progress with their work, people need to use professional cordless tools that can deliver precise results. Out of the many cordless power tools, it seems that one is indispensable: drill. Because there are so many products available to the general public, people find it difficult to find the right model suited to their needs. This is why you should consult some of the current best cordless drills reviews that can deliver the right insight on the functionality of the top models.


Dewalt DC970K-2 cordless drill


Best cordless drills under $100If you want in your construction tool kit a professional drill with the capacity to deliver the right assistance then you should consider using Dewalt DC970K-2. Considered one of the best cordless drills under $100, this model has a compact size which can fit with ease even in the tightest conditions. It comes with a lightweight design, weighing in only 5.2 pounds that significantly minimizes user fatigue. This powerful cordless drill comes with a high performance motor that maintains 380 watts of power, reaching dual speed range of 0-450 and 0 to 1500 rpm which means the right set of results.

“At the price range which this drill from Dewalt has I don’t think better quality is possible. It is light so I don’t get tired when I use it for extended periods of time, it works at different speeds, it has an ergonomical handle, a top battery life and the list can go on and on.” – Alex Hughes

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Genesis GCD18BK cordless drill


Sometimes it’s best to use a powerful but also affordable cordless drill, designed to offer quality results every time you start out a construction project. Today, one of the best cordless drills under $50 is GCD18BK from Genesis. This powerful 18 volt cordless drill and driver comes with 3/8 inch keyless chuck for added stability during various construction projects. You can benefit from variable speeds starting from 0 to 550 rpm and end all activities by appealing to the electric brake. This cordless drill comes with a precise built-in LED working light and also a magnetic tray for various bits and screws.

“I didn’t need an extremely expensive drill for myself so this is why I went ahead and got the Genesis GCD18BK cordless drill. In all the situations I have used it in, it has performed to my liking and honestly I don’t have one nagative aspect which I can bring forth about it.” – Josh Anders

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Black & Decker LDX112C cordless drill


Today, handy men and construction workers that are trying to find a powerful cordless drill should consider using with confidence LDX112C model from Black & Decker. Regarded by many men as one of the best cordless drills under $75, this professional tool comes with a 12-volt MAX lithium-ion battery that keeps you operating the device without any problems whatsoever. It has a lightweight structure, completed by ergonomic features for added comfort and precise productivity. This drill is perfect for household projects, having the capacity to fit in tight spots. You can benefit from the right 11 position clutch, enjoying additional comfort while working.

“The Black & Decker LDX112C cordless drill has impressed me with the features that it has for such a low price. I also like the battery which powers my drill even when I’m using it for long periods, but just to be sure I keep an extra one fully charged as well.” – Mike Roberts

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Black & Decker LDX120C cordless drill


In the present there are thousands of people that want to use a pro efficient drill in order safely advance during any construction projects. Well, this is where one of the best cordless drills under $100, LDX120C from Black & Decker can deliver the right amount of help. The drill delivers around 0 to 650 revolutions per minute and 115 inches torque. It is powered by a 20 volt MAX lithium-ion battery that can safely maintain the operating system for a long period of time. The cordless drill comes with 11 position clutch that delivers precise control when you need to drill into metal, plastic and metal.

“Many reviews led me in the direction of this cordless drill from Black & Decker because it had a very good price and at the same time it was really powerful. After putting it to the test I found out that it is what the reviews said and more.” – Earl Jackson

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Black & Decker 9099KC cordless drills


If you want to do various jobs around the house it is important to use a powerful and efficient cordless drill. Recent statistics pointed out that more and more people are using with confidence 9099KC cordless drill from Black & Decker, a model which gives you the power and precision when you work. The model measures around 9.1 x 8.8 x 3.1 inches and weighing only 3 pounds, which means you will be able use it with more ease. It features a motor that spins at 325 to 650 rpm that deliver much needed force during various jobs.

“I really recommend getting this little drill for yourself because it does wonders to me. For the small jobs within my own house it is ideal, not giving me any problems. The 2 speed controls are definitely a very useful thing about it.” – Matt Stevens

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