Best Cordless Tea Kettle Reviews


Top Cordless Tea Kettles in 2018


When you are searching for a kettle that lets you boil water, rice or soup easily and in minutes, the best cordless tea kettle reviews are rich sources of information. In this day and age when people want things instantly, an electric tea kettle is one mighty household appliance that’s built for modern times. Engineered to make boiling things effortless and less of a hassle, a tea kettle can be chosen for several reasons. For users who want less clutter in an already cramped living space, a cordless product will do the trick quite handsomely.


Cuisinart CPK-17 Cordless Electric Kettle


Best Cordless Tea Kettle ReviewsLauded as the best cordless tea kettle in 2018, this appliance allows fast heating with 1500 watts of power. If you wish to prepare a hot beverage for more than just yourself, this kettle can boil up to 1 2/3 liters of water in minutes. Not certain about which temperature to use for your choice of beverage? This product has easy-to-read one-touch controls on its handle so you won’t end up with tea left to steep too long. Prepare instant noodles, oatmeal, cocoa, coffee and many other beverages by plugging this kettle in and setting the right temperature.

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BrevilleIkon Cordless Electric Kettle


You’ll love how this product has been created with a sleek, lovely design. It is easy to clean because of its smooth lines and trim edges. The hefty, roomy base unit has a special slot around which the cord can be wrapped, so storage is not a problem. A full 1.5 liters can be boiled in 4 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your beverage and share it with other people. At the same price point as other electric tea kettles, this product proves to be a wiser choice as the top cordless tea kettle in 2018 because of its impressive size, design and features.

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Chef’sChoice M681 Cordless Electric Kettle


If you want a serious upgrade to your old tea kettle, this product’s a great choice. It heats water in just two minutes. It has a neat design plus it lights up when it’s switched on so you know it’s doing its job. It has a highly visible blue light for the on/off switch so it’s quite easy to see even with very poor room lighting. The handle carries the gauge for water level, a convenient feature. The heating elements are kept out of the liquid so no undesirable mineral deposits accumulate.

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Chef’s Choice 673 Cordless Electric Kettle


The premium features of this kettle make it the best cordless tea kettle in 2018. Water won’t get boiled dry because this product has shutoff protection; it shuts off automatically once the set temperature is reached. It is a flexible 360-degree kettle that you can lift with ease from its corded base so you can pour, fill and serve in one fluid motion. The cord stores in the base nicely and adjusts to whatever length you might require. Its small size makes it perfect for a dorm room.

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Hamilton Beach 40898 Cordless Electric Kettle


The best cordless tea kettle reviews have complimented this product for carrying double insulation that keeps the outer surface less dangerous to touch when water boils inside. Most kettles without such insulation will not keep temperature for very long and takes some time to boil water, so the double insulation is a great feature. Cleaning mineral deposit build-up is a breeze; you can simply heat up a water-vinegar mixture in the tea kettle and that’s all the maintenance you need to do. There is very minimal contact between the liquid and plastic so your safety is protected.

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