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Hunting brings forth a passion that few people can truly understand. Still, for those select people that understand the thrill of hunting, on various conditions and with nature breathing heavily on a man’s back. There are many hunting tools that a person can use in order to obtain positive results and achieve certain objectives but one stand alone with its precision: crossbow. More and more people are resorting to crossbows in order to hunt because such devices bring out the joy of pure hunt. Reading some of the current best crossbows reviews represents the quickest way to find the most advanced model there is.


Cobra Bows Self-cocking crossbows


Cobra Bows Self-cockingIn the present, there are many models of crossbows, all designed to attract and provide the much needed hunting assistance during any session. Still, some models are better than others: for example Cobra Bows 80 lbs self-cocking Pistol is the ideal crossbow to take on any type of hunting party. Considered one of the best crossbows under $50, this model comes packed with 3 solid metal arrows that will hit the target with precision. Once you begin using this advanced crossbow you will be able to hunt with more accuracy and thus obtain better results with each hunt.

“ For the price I paid for it this little crossbow has really impressed me with its capabilities. It is extremely precise and my scores in target practice have really gone up. Also it is extremely light and I don’t get any wrist fatigue, even after a long session of target practicing.” – Will Frock

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Bud K Avalanche crossbow


If you are looking for an affordable crossbow that will help you hunt with more accuracy every time you go out with friends to hunt, then you should get to know better Bud K Avalanche Pistol. Designed to last and ideal for small game hunting, this mini crossbow will certainly help you get an extra edge. Regarded by thousands of hunters as the best crossbows under $25, the model is made out of impact resistant ABS accompanied by a solid 50-lb draw weight and also metal-limbed bow, for added control and durability. You should also know that the crossbow comes with 5 plastic bolts, field tips, target and also a bowstring.

“I got this crossbow as a gift from one of my friends and it is actually pretty fun. Now I often do target practice with it, running a contest with some of my friends. I saw that it was cheap as well so I guess anyone can afford it.” – Thomas Stevenson

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Arrow Precision Inferno crossbow


With an impressive design and also a strong structure, Arrow Precision launched Inferno Fury crossbow, a model that seems to impress with its shooting precision. The package comes with the following components: extra string, rope cocker, 4-16” bolts, 3 Red Dot Sight, Quiver and also a padded sling. As one of the best crossbows under $200, the model is equipped with a precise anti-dry Fire mechanism and importantly a thumb guard for additional protection as you shoot. The device is very light and compact, accompanied by a fully dipped Camo pattern and also an aluminum rail, making it ideal to hunt with more ease.

“I love everything about this crossbow, from its excellent features to its very aggressive design. At the same time it is extremely light and also it can have top shooting precision with it, thanks to its scope. I have managed to shoot a lot of game down with this crossbow.” – Chris Hewitt

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Barnett Vortex bow


Pro hunting here we come! Well, at least if you use Vortex bow from Barnett, a device that has a solid design and a solid rate of success while hunting. This lightweight compound bow represents the ideal hunting package needed to accommodate beginners with the thrill to hunt. Made in the United States of America, the bow set includes 3 arrows and also a reliable bow arrow holder. You should also know that it comes with a solid 5 year warranty. It also has adjustable draw modules that give you the possibility to safely change between arrows with greater ease.

“This Barnett Vortex bow is really something special and I reacommend it to anyone who is intrested in bows. I bought it for my son, because I managed to get him to like archery and he it turning into quite the archer. We practice a lot when when we have time and the combination between hard work and a top bow always produces great results.” – Hank Dudley

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Velocity Recurve crossbow


If you are searching for a professional crossbow that is also affordable then you should use with confidence Velocity Recurve Pistol, a device with a high rate of success. So, use one of the best crossbows under $50 and see how your hunting skills improve. This 80 pounds crossbow has a solid self-cocking feature which allows you to safely shoot, while also keeping the string safely aligned. Furthermore Velocity Recurve Pistol crossbow is made out of aluminum, completed by a high tech and quite special fiberglass prod. It has an auto-safety feature that locks on when cocked and thus raises the safety levels while you shoot.

“The range it has, the accuracy of its bolts, everything about the Velocity Recurve Pistol Crossbow has quality. That is why I bought it for myself, allowing me to be a lot more preciese in my shots than before. The aluminum construction is the key for its light weight.” – Steve Craster

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