Best Cut Paper Shredders under $100


Top rated cheap cut paper shredders


Every office needs to be packed with the basic instruments and devices that can enhance the productivity line of the people working. Managing files with greater accuracy allows you to experience positive results as the work begins to pile up. One of the most important office instruments that need to be present around you is the cut paper shredder. Such device can help you get rid of unwanted or extra paper and other items from your desk at a simple push of a button. There are many models available on the market and with a bit of information you can make a great investment. If you decide to read some of the current best cut paper shredders reviews you will be able to equip your home with a reliable model.


AmazonBasics cut paper shredder


If you are looking for an efficient cut paper shredder that can handle anything, anytime you need to, then you should get to know more things about AmazonBasics. This powerful model has a 12 sheet precise crosscut and also 4.8 gallon bin where the disposable documents go. Considered one of the best cut paper shredders under $50, this model can also help you shred CDs, DVDs and credit cards with no problems whatsoever. It has a medium duty shredder that can handle around 600 sheets of paper per day. This cur paper shredder can safely shred around 12 sheets of various documents at once, helping you save time.

“One thing every office needs is a paper shredder which needs to be reliable for those delicate times. I have this paper shredder in my office and I am quite happy with the way it works, erasing any document that I want in a very short while.” – George Carey

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AmazonBasics cut paper shredder


It can be pretty hard to get of unwanted or extra documents that lie around your desk and bother you daily. Still, once you install AmazonBasics 8 sheet Strip cut paper shredder you will notice how easy it becomes to get rid of documents, DVDs, credit cards and CDs. This model allows you to destroy 8 pages at once or one at a time credit cards. It comes with a precise reverse feature that helps in clearing away paper jams. Furthermore the cut paper shredder has a roomy 3.2 gallon wastebasket where all the destroyed remains from documents end up.

“Always there is a time in an office when you need to get rid of some potetially dangerous documents for the integrity of your business. With this papershredder I always have the certainty I can do just this fast and without complications.” – Mary Hewitt

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Fellowes W-11C cut paper shredder


Looking at the current user testimonials and even office managers feedback it comes as no surprise to see Fellowes W-11C among the current best cut paper shredders under $75. This powerful device has an impressive 11 sheet cross cut documents at the same time, transforming them into high security confetti remains that can’t be reconstructed. You can even use this advanced shredder in order to dispose of credit cards and staples with great ease. It delivers a medium shredding force, meaning home and small office usage of around 880 sheets destroyed in only 5 minutes. The model has a 9’ wide paper line of entry.

“This paper shredder form Fellowes has been a key part of my office since I bought it. I never had one problem regarding its functionality up to this point and based on my experience with it I recommend it to other small offices like mine.” – John Keown

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AmazonBasics Micro cut paper shredder


If you are trying to get rid of documents, credit cards, DVDs or CDs with ease and more importantly without putting too much effort into it, then you should start using AmazonBasics Micro cut paper shredder. All of your personal and confidential information that you don’t want others to see will be destroyed with ease and precision. It can cut the documents in tiny pieces, approximately 235 pieces per sheet, six times more shredding action than other devices. This is the reason so many people consider it the best cut paper shredders under $100, concerning quality and efficiency every time you need to.

“For my small office this compact paper shredder is just the thing, occupying less space and destroying any sheet of paper I need, plus CDs or DVDs. It was quite cheap to be hones as well and I saw no reason why not to have it.” – Jake Morrison

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Royal 112MX cut paper shredder


Thousands of people consider Royal 112MX as one of the best cut paper shredders under $100, used with confidence in many small offices or home. This powerful 12 sheet cross-cut shredder delivers the much needed power and cutting precision in order to destroy paper, CDs, DVDs and also credit cards. Once you destroy the confidential and business information, you won’t have to worry about dealing with them ever again. The model can shred 12 sheets of paper, delivering the paper waste in the 3.25 gallon wastebasket. Furthermore the shredder has a clear window in the front which helps you see when the basket needs replacing.

“The Royal 112MX cut paper shredder is reliable for my needs, diposing of paper and plastic easily. It has a basket with a decent capacity so I don’t have to empty it too often. Also I must point out that it has a very affordable price.” – Mike Wilson

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