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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cycling shoes money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cycling shoes on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Pearl iZUMi Men’s Select stands head and shoulders above the competition. Made of synthetic leather, this model is highly durable and lightweight, which makes it a fine choice for any cyclist, regardless of whether they are only into casual cycling or a more professional approach. The way the shoe is built is intended for the user’s comfort; the shape of the shoe takes after your foot, so that you do not feel strained in any way. Proper arch support is provided, so that your feet do not get tired easily. If the Pearl iZUMi Men’s Select is out of stock, you could also consider the Pearl Izumi Men’s Tri Fly V as it the second best option.



Comparison table:


ProductGenderSizesPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Shimano SH-WR35 Road Cycling Shoes
Women5 - 9.5$$$$
Pearl iZUMi Select Mountain Biking Shoe
Men6 - 12.5$$$$$
Pearl iZUMi Select MTB Cycling Shoe
Women4.5 - 6.5$$
Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes + Pedals & Cleats
Men6.5 - 11$$$
Shimano SH-R087 Road Bike Shoes
Best Cycling Shoes reviews
Men8 - 11.5$$$



Buying guide


Cycling shoes are highly recommended for those who are interested in taking cycling seriously. What makes cycling shoes different from other sports shoes is that they work with cleats, so you can clip your shoes onto the pedals, so that you will create a fluid motion when you are riding, for better performance and speed. So, cycling shoes are more than just for looks’ sake, and this is something to keep in mind. The following buying guide will show you the most important aspects of selecting the best cycling shoes for your needs.

1.Pearl Izumi Men's

Types of cycling shoes

While you are browsing through the models currently available for sale, you will notice that there are several types that are more commonly widespread. Road cycling shoes are ideal for riding on a road bike, and their specific design is what makes them a good fit for someone who is into this kind of cycling. They have a low profile and they do not usually have grips or lugs – although sometimes, you may find one on the heel area. Good ventilation is paramount for road cycling, and these shoes come with plenty of vent holes in the upper mesh, so that your feet remain dry even when you are riding in hot weather. Various straps and buckles are used for keeping your shoes on.

Triathlon cycling shoes are next on the list and the most important difference between these and others is that they are designed to be easy to take off, even when you are riding, since triathlon competitions require you to get ready for the next challenge quite fast, if you want to get ahead. Because they usually have a soft lining, they are comfortable for wearing them barefoot, another plus when you need to change fast during a triathlon challenge. Mountain cycling shoes are the most different from the rest. Although they need to work with pedals, and provide you with the same fluid motion when you are riding on your mountain bike, they must be easy on you when you have to dismount quickly. You will notice right away that they come equipped with all kinds of grips and lugs on the soles, so you do not slip when you are forced to walk on muddy terrain. They offer better enclosure than other cycling shoes, and they are usually made of water resistant materials, so that your feet do not get wet when you embark in an adventure to the great outdoors.



A good fit

As it happens with any kind of shoes, you need to consider getting the right size, and also nailing the right fit. It serves to read the various descriptions offered by manufacturers to see if they have a model for wide feet, for instance, since their regular models may not be a good option for you. Also, it is important to keep in mind that female cyclists have a different foot anatomy than men and they need special shoes. When you are shopping for cycling shoes for women, make sure that you get a good fit nonetheless.

2.Pearl Izumi Men's Tri Fly V Cycling Shoe

Compatibility between cycling shoes and pedals

One thing you need to know when you want to get a good pair of cycling shoes is that your footwear needs to be compatible with the pedals. Most of the models you can find on the market right now work with clipless pedals and they have a few holes drilled into the soles, where you can insert the cleats. Cleats usually come with your pedals, and not with your shoes, unless they are designed this way, so you must make sure that they will work with the pedals on your bike. Some models allow you to use both 2 and 3 cleat configurations and they are the most versatile. By getting such a model, you will not have to worry that they will not work with the pedals. There are even some that come with 4 holes, and these are the most versatile. However, for beginners, it would be a good idea to go with a cheaper option, provided that they check in advance if the shoes will work with the cleats on their pedals.



Top cycling shoes in 2018


Cycling is one of the most demanding sports in the world and requires a lot of fitness to be practiced, even at amateur level. Having the right bike with the top capabilities, having the right equipment with the right cycling shoes is very important as well. The best cycling shoes reviews will give you examples of the most popular and reliable cycling shoes that you can purchase at this moment so that you manage to put all the power your legs develop to spinning those pedals.



Pearl iZUMi Men’s Select



For mountain bikers this cycling shoe from Pearl is just the thing because it is durable and comfortable at the same time. One interesting feature is the fact that the sole is manmade at it allows you to put all your power into pedaling up a mountain road and at the same time it won’t slip out of the pedal when you are going downhill. The materials from which it is made make it be very light on your feet so you won’t feel any discomfort because of them. The best cycling shoes reviews consider it to be a great choice for people who love mountain biking.



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Pearl Izumi Men’s Tri Fly V


1.Pearl Izumi Men's

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Tri Fly V is a model of cycling shoe built with your comfort in mind, while it is perfectly capable of delivering top notch performance. Made with Tri Fly carbon, EVA foam and rubber, these shoes are great for your stability, and the fully lined upper area ensures that you can wear them barefoot, without experience any displeasure. These shoes are lightweight, without being overly flexible, and they provide longitudinal arch support, so that you can enjoy extra power. Direct Vent technology is used for proper drainage and ventilation, in order to keep your feet dry and comfortable.



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Shimano SH-WR35 Women’s



The Shimano SH-WR35 women’s cycling shoes are excellent when it comes to comfort and an eye-catching design. Combining mesh and synthetic leather the designers have managed to allow this shoe to provide your feet with a high level of comfort while pedaling. The light sole which connects to the pedals is made out of light fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. They are also very easy to get on because they have the simple hook-and-loop system, lace free.



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Pearl iZUMi Women’s Select



Very few cycling shoes can come close to the quality of the Pearl iZUMi women’s Select MTB model. These shoes are made especially for mountain biking being both durable and comfortable. The design of the shoe follows the anatomic shape of the foot not allowing hot spots to develop which can cause discomfort especially on long rides. A nice touch to its functionality and design is the manmade sole. The light weight of the shoes is due to the fact that they are mostly built from mesh and synthetic leather.



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Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano SPD



The great advantage, if you buy these cycling shoes from Venzo, is that they also come with the WPR-823 Shimano Clipless Pedals with cleats. The shoes fit them perfectly so you can transmit to the pedals a maximum amount of power while still feeling very comfortable.  The materials from which the upper of the shoes is made are quick-drying so moisture to your feet won’t become a problem, never. These reasons and more make them one of the best cycling shoes in 2018.



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Shimano SH-R087 Men’s


Best Cycling Shoes reviews


For road bikes these shoes from Shimano are just the thing because of their superior characteristics. They are made from a combination of synthetic leather and mesh so the air ventilates your feet while you pedal and you won’t even experience the discomfort of sweaty feet. The synthetic leather and mesh pieces are held together with synthetic lining making the shoes very durable as well. The comfort these shoes have, makes the top cycling shoes reviews recommend them.



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