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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best dartboard money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Not all dartboards are created equal, so to help buyers make a sensible decision, we have gathered enough information on the best dartboard on the market by looking at owner feedback as well as the best possible expert review sites we could find. On top of that, we looked at social media activity generated by each product. Luckily, all the research and reading has led us to conclude that the Winmau Blade 4 is the best dartboard on the market. The Winmau Blade 4 is a professional-grade model boasting staple-free blade technology that increases your scoring potential thanks to the reduced quantity of wiring on the dart board surface. This model is the ultimate in staple-free dartboards with its 50 percent thinner dynamic sector wire that delivers reduced bounce outs so your darts find their mark straight and true. Darts are deflected immediately to the target due to the triangular wiring that increases your likelihood of scoring high. If the Winmau Blade 4 is difficult to find at your favorite online selling site, we recommend that you get the TG Champion Tournament 15-51002, which is the second best option.



Comparison table:


ProductTypeKey featurePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Winmau Blade IV Bristle
ManualSuper-Dense, High-Visibility Kenyan Sisal$$$A+AMAZON
TG Champion Tournament 15-51002
ManualStaple-Free Bull's Eye
Standard Wire Spider-Just
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
ElectronicNylonTough segments$$$$$B+AMAZON
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650
Best dartboards reviews
ElectronicMicro-thin segment dividers$$$B+AMAZON
Viper Solar Blast
Electronic43 games with 163 options for 1 to 16 players$$$$C+AMAZON



Buying guide


There are hundreds of dart boards on the market, all having varying styles and many with cabinets to make a smooth addition to any game room decor.The first-time buyer and even the seasoned dart player will both have a hard time deciding which product to get without knowing about the essential aspects to be considered in a dartboard.

2.Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard


The components of the game have undergone standardization and this has been apparent in the establishment of the official height and distance that the board should be hung. The rules state that the bullseye should be exactly five feet and eight inches from the floor, which is about the eye-level of a person who is six feet tall and standing 7 feet 9.25 inches from the dartboard (throwing line). Therefore, the other elements of the dartboard should be in harmony with that setup. Dart boards for kids are made a bit larger to accommodate the younger players’ size so they are not regulation size.

A standard international dartboard, also known as a ‘clock’ board, has a diameter of 18 inches and is distinctive for its 20 pie-shaped, numbered segments with equal size, along with the bullseye. There is a double ring on each numbered segment, and it is found on the outside perimeter of the scoring area. Aside from that, an interior triple ring is also present. Each of the double and triple rings count as double and triple of the corresponding number, respectively. The outer bull area of the bullseye (single bull) scores 25, while a double bullseye or a hit on the inner bull scores double (50).




A coiled paper dartboard is suitable for the absolute beginner. For all intents and purposes, it looks like a traditional dartboard. Much cheaper than a bristle dart board, this type tends to get damaged more quickly so even when you are playing without sharp darts, the layers of paper will easily be entered by your darts. The slightest burr on the dart point can damage the surface easily, and if you take this with the fact that paper dartboards are seldom rotatable, you will have to get a new one for replacement even after just a short time of use. When playing on a coiled paper dartboard, make sure to keep the darts sharp and to remove the embedded darts by giving them a twist to minimize damage. Better yet, go for a higher quality paper dartboard from a reputable manufacturer.

The most common dartboard is the bristle dartboard, which is constructed of compressed sisal fibers glued or attached to a backing board. Metal banding holds the edges. Bristle dartboards enable you to remove a dart without leaving a hole behind it. This kind of material lasts longer compared to other types. Take note that the best fibre for bristle dartboards is sisal, so steer clear of other materials. Damage is still inevitable though, so check out models with removable number rings so you can rotate the most heavily used areas for even wearing of the board.

Wooden dartboards are made of elm or poplar wood. Although solid, this kind of dart board tends to dry out and crack, with the radial cracks mistaken before for being the natural growth rings of the tree sources. Bristle boards have become the more popular material since the spread of Dutch elm disease in the 1970s, which wiped out most of the elm supply. Wood is still used in American style darts games.

Cork dartboards may not be as prevalent as they used to be but you can still find them anywhere. With the tendency of cork to wear out easily, this type of dartboard comes cheap. Cork dartboards are not suitable for heavy use.

3.TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard

Special Features/ Accessories

Using darts with flat magnetic tips on them, a magnetic dart board has a ferrous surface onto which the darts will stick. That is how magnetic dart boards are designed to be, but bear in mind that this kind of dart board is considered more as a toy than a regulation game component.

There are now more electronic dart boards than before in today’s bars. Many of these arcade type models are even set up for league events to let network members play against others. Electronic dartboards utilize soft tip darts, with some models accepting steel-tip darts, hurled to hit a playing surface with thousands of tiny holes. A score is automatically recorded once a dart enters any one of those holes. The board targets are typically enlarged to accommodate design limitations. This is what may have contributed to the growing popularity of electronic dart boards and accessories since even the beginner player will find it less frustrating to score on them.

Plenty of electronic dartboard models are on the market, with some designed for home use. The regulation size dartboard measures 15.5 inches in diameter. With segment dividers that are extra thin, there will be more holes in the target areas. Also, do make sure the model you purchase has a dart averaging feature so you can keep track of how you are doing. Handicapping options are also ideal to get an even playing field against your opponents.

Electronic dartboards come in different pricing schemes depending on the options and functionalities they offer as well as the display type they come with. There are displays that light up and offer game variations and multiple games so check out models that offer exactly the game you want.

As mentioned earlier, there are now electronic dartboards that take steel-tip darts. These units are quite similar to bristle boards and come with the extra bonus of automatic scoring. Do bear in mind that you want models that are easy to hang so when an existing one wears out, it will be pretty easy to replace with a new one. Check out models with staple-free wiring systems, staple-free bullseye, and triangle-edged super-thin wires to deflect the dart to the scoring bed.



Top dartboards in 2018


There are many options on dartboards nowadays, which can be frustrating for the first time buyer. To help you combat that frustration, the buying guide above was created. We recommend the following top rated products showcased below.



Winmau Blade IV Bristle



For a student dorm room the Winmau Blade IV bristle dartboard is an excellent acquisition because it is cheap and it brings a lot of fun when there are those dull moments. This dartboard is also durable so it will last you for years and years while you and your friends find out who is the best when it comes to darts. It is fitted with a brand new wiring system which in a combination with the ultra strong material will reduce considerably the number of bounce-outs. The best dartboards reviews think the Winmau Blade IV is perfect for having loads of fun.



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TG Champion Tournament 15-51002


1.TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard


The TG Champion Tournament is designed to last long thanks to its tough bristle construction. The bristle material of this impressive 8-inch by 15-inch dartboard allows you to remove embedded darts from the surface without leaving a hole behind them, thanks to how the holes simply close up. This dartboard is engineered to withstand wear and tear even with heavy use.

The dartboard boasts a staple-free bullseye, which all high quality boards are built with. It has a multicolored finish for easy scoring and tracking. The standard wire spider lets you enjoy playing at home just like at a local pub. The unit comes with wall protection so it won’t damage your wall. The included wall mounting hardware ensures that the surface remains damage-free.



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Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic



For practicing darts in the comfort of your own home the Arachnid Pro 800 is perfect if you are looking for professional quality. 8 Players will be able to play up to 40 games so to really test their strengths. The board is made mostly out of NylonTough segments and the dividers segments are micro-thin so bounce-outs are very unlikely to actually happen. In the package you will also receive 6 soft-tip darts plus extra tips.



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Arachnid Cricket Pro 650


Best dartboards reviews


If you want a professional dartboard in your home then look no further than the Arachnid Pro 650. You can get 8 players together to play a tournament-quality game and really spark some competition. Bounce-outs are reduced almost to none thanks to the micro-thin segment dividers. Each player can record their name so it will be announced by the dartboard every time. Mounting it is a very simple process which will only take a couple of minutes. The best dartboards reviews acknowledge this board`s quality.



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Harley-Davidson 61965 Diamond Edge Electronic



The Harley-Davidson 61965 electronic dartboard is the thing to have so far as darts go. You will have the option to choose from 25 game types which also include 4 player cricket. The rankings of the 4 players are displayed on it so you can always see who is leading. All the scores will be announced right after you have thrown your dart by a computer voice. Also every time you hit the target you will hear the sound of a Harley Engine which is pretty cool.



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Viper Solar Blast Electronic



The Viper Solar Blast electronic dartboard is another excellent choice if you are really into darts and want to play as much as possible, even in your home. It manages to allow 16 different players to play 43 games which have in total 163 options. Some pretty impressive figures which make it one of the best dartboards in 2018. To ensure a limited amount of bounce-outs it is equipped with commercial-grade nylon segments which have concave segment holes. With it you will also get a manual to learn a few tips, two dart sets and extra tips.



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