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If you’re here just  to find the best deck boxes and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best deck boxes on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Suncast DBW9200 is the best you can find right now. With a capacity of 99 gallons, this box is capable of storing all your patio accessories in a safe and dry place. Moving the box around is very easy, since the model comes equipped with handles, so you can grab it along with a friend and carry it to place it where you see fit. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to assemble this box. You will be able to set it up in just 5 minutes, and you will not need any special tools to do this. If the Suncast DBW9200 is no longer available, you could also consider the Lifetime Outdoor as the second best option.


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If you are searching for a deck box, and you do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. Deck boxes are ideal for keeping all your deck accessories and supplies neatly stored together, sheltered from rain and sun, and they also maintain a great, clutter free porch or deck, so you do not have to work hard to keep it neat and clean. With so many options available for sale, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. The next advice was gathered in order to help you make a good informed decision when you are shopping for this kind of product.

1.Suncast DBW9200


First things first, you will need to decide on a type of deck box. Traditional models are highly functional, because they provide you with seat, besides being a convenient storage option for all the cushions, grill tools, pool toys and the like. They even look like a seat from the outside, and they are very stylish, so they are quite a common option for most consumers. Next on the list, you will find cushion bins. These tend to be longer, so they can accommodate lounge items, such as cushions and pillows you may want to use on chairs, for better comfort. Storage benches are another common type of deck boxes you will find on the market. On the exterior, they look like benches, so you can seat on them, too. You will notice that a storage bench comes with cushion, in order to provide you with extra comfort, and it even has armrests, for maximum comfort and convenience. You will certainly appreciate the decorative effect of these deck boxes that will turn around the look of your porch or patio.




Since your deck box will spend plenty of time facing the weather elements, what you need is one made of a durable material. The most commonly used material for deck boxes is resin, because it is an inexpensive option, and also comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can find a suitable model to work with your deck layout. The most popular colors are brown and white, because they usually blend well with any kind of environment. Wood is another common option, but keep in mind that it tends to be more expensive than resin. The wood used in the making of deck boxes is usually moisture resistant, so eucalyptus, cedar and teak are the most widespread. Different finishes are also available, so you can find a suitable color for your porch. An option you may not want to overlook, especially if you do not plan on replacing your deck box too often is plastic. Plastic does not rust, it is resistant to moisture and does not peel, so it is a smart choice in many cases. Wicker deck boxes are the nicest looking, because they lend the porch or patio a more rustic feel. In case you already own rattan furniture for your deck, this would be your logical choice, so you can maintain a consistent style throughout the area.

2.Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box


Additional features

A deck box with a lock is a pretty good choice, in case you are planning on storing things of some value inside the container. Thieves may feel tempted to pick your porch accessories and run with them, but not if you have a lockable deck box. For security reasons, this is a recommended must have feature. On top of your list should be the water resistant feature. If you want your porch accessories to be safe from bad weather, it is most recommended to get one that is made of a material resistant to rain. In case you prefer to move the box around, it serves to take one with wheels that will let you do exactly that. For those who want to take things even further and get the best of the best, a recommended model is one that comes with an incorporated cooler, where fresh beverages can be kept cold. Those with a knack for keeping things organized may prefer a model with shelves, so they always know where a certain item is.



Top deck boxes in 2018


Now that you know more about these products, get ready to make acquaintance with the best deck boxes, as they are showcased below. Read our reviews of the most popular models and decide which one works best for your home.


Suncast DBW9200


Best Deck Boxes reviewsThousands of American homes have installed in their backyard Suncast DBW9200 deck box, a model that combines elegance with utility. This beautiful and carefully structured deck has a capacity of 99 gallon which is more than enough to store all of your stuff. Due to its solid structure, the model is absolutely ideal for storing various cushions and also other patio accessories thus creating significant room. It is easy very easy to install, taking only 5 minutes and is tool free assembly system. The design of the deck includes handles on each side, making it very easy to transport for one place to another.

“On my patio this deck box looks very nice, integrating itself in the whole scenery. Also it is very useful, because I keep in its spacious inside extra pillows and cushions for the patio furniture. It doesn’t cost much either so I recommend it as a quality piece of patio furniture.” – Alison Jordan  



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Lifetime Products 60012


If you want to add something special in your backyard which can help you save some space, then Lifetime Products has the answer for you: 60012 deck box, a model appreciated for its elegant design and interior capacity of 130 gallons where you can place various items hanging around the house. Receiving high marks from the current best deck boxes reviews, this particular model from Lifetime Products is made out of high density polyethylene plastic and is completed by powder coated solid steel hinges. The inside dimensions of the deck box are 57 inches lob by 20.75 inches wide and around 23.75 inches high, making it perfect for any type of storage.

“This white deckbox look absolutely amazing in my patio which has all white furniture pieces. It has functional use as well so I believe it was a great idea for me to purchase it. Overall I consider this deck box to be very useful.” – Samantha Oscar



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Rubbermaid 5E39


Are you searching for a special designed deck box, to go inside or outdoor? Well, if your answer is yes then Rubbermaid 5E39 deck box represents a great addition to your home. This model is ideal for indoor or outdoor storage, thus helping you save a lot of space by depositing various objects that you don’t want handing around the house. The model comes with around 16.2 cubic feet of storage space which more than enough to place various stuff, while it also has a grid floor that can keep tools in place. It is made out of high-density polyethylene structure that ensures it won’t chip, peel or crack as time goes by.

“Sometime I keep this storage box outside, sometimes inside, depending on where I need it the most, but the fact of the matter is that it looks very stylish and also has a large capacity inside where I can keep a lot of things for when I need them.” – Jennifer Parker



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Keter 17190202


There are thousands of families that want in their homes a professional and high quality deck box, with the capacity to store a lot of stuff. A growing number of the present best deck boxes reviews emphasize on the great design and storage capacity of Keter 17190202, a model that can be a great addition to your home. It has a 150 gallons storage capacity allowing you to place there a wide array of products, from balls, cushions, tools or shoes. You can even use the deck box as a bench where 2 adults can stand with ease.

“I can stand on it because it has a solid construction, put a lot of things in it because of its spacious inside and last but not least admire it for its great style. The wooden construction definitely is something special any day of the week.” – Anne Forester



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Suncast DB5000


You can’t go wrong with Suncast models when it comes to deck boxes. DB5000 deck box is ideal for storing various things that can include gardening tools, outdoor dining décor or sporting gears. They won’t trouble you anymore! The deck box has a poly-resin construction that ensures extra durability which resists rust or fading as the years pass. It features an innovative water flow system that keeps away rain from damaging the inside. The box is carefully lid which can be open with easily. This model from Suncast can hold by up to 50 gallons of stuff and it is made in the USA.

“I wanted a deck box for my patio, but one which would go well with my existing furniture. I got exactly what I wanted through the Suncast DB5000 which had a very nice style and which is also rust resistant. It looks perfect on my patio making me very happy about my purchase.” – Laura Matthews



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