Best Digital Piano under 500


How to Find the Best Digital Piano under 500


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find an affordable digital piano, and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the right one. Whether you are a skilled player or just getting started, it is possible to find a digital piano that fits your needs and your budget.

Best digital piano under 500

Number of Keys

One of the first aspects to consider is the number of keys. While your budget and playing style will factor into your decision, the best digital piano under 500 will have at least 61 keys. This will give you enough sounds to create rich and layered compositions, while still staying within your budget. Professional and student musicians who are used to a standard baby grand might want to consider an affordable digital piano with the traditional 88 keys.



How the keys respond to your touch will make a difference in your playing, and it can vary in the different models. Most musicians prefer a digital model with weighted keys, which are responsive and have the same feel as a traditional piano.



While your budget will help you determine which features are absolutely necessary, there are some that you might want to consider. Included USB ports make it easy to connect your digital piano to your laptop or mobile device, and some models also feature different modes that let you combine sounds when you are playing.


Top Rated Digital Pianos under 500


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the best digital pianos. Affordably priced and designed for student and professional musicians, maybe one of these keyboards is exactly what you need to create and play amazing compositions.


Casio Inc. PX150 Digital Piano


1.Casio Inc. PX150Often considered the best digital piano under 500 by student and professional musicians, you will love its sleek and stylish construction. The white finish looks elegant and professional up on stage, and its slim design is perfect for cramped workspaces. You will appreciate its lightweight construction when you are carrying the digital piano to class or a show, and with 88 responsive keys there is no limit to what you can compose.

The keys are designed to feel and respond like a traditional baby grand, and you will love being able to experiment with the additional sounds. Add strings and bass notes with the touch of a key, and you also have the advantage of the included duet and split mode. You can even record your practice sessions and play it back with the built in recorder. With MIDI capabilities and its affordable price, there is very little you can’t play with this digital piano.

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Yamaha P45B Digital Piano


2.Yamaha P45BThis digital piano is designed for students, but includes all of the features needed to keep profession musicians happily composing. The 88 keys are weighted to give you the same responsive feel as a traditional piano, and with the 64 note polyphony you can easily play rich, layered compositions. You can even connect a sustain pedal to the keyboard without worrying about notes dropping or being cut off before you are ready.

You can easily connect this digital piano to your laptop via the USB port to access a range of educational and creative applications. Perfect for students and studio musicians, you will love discovering what you can compose with this digital piano. This digital piano also includes audio for strings and other instruments, along with the creative “dual mode” which makes it easy to combine different sounds together.

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Korg MicroPiano Digital Piano


3.Korg MicroPianoDesigned to resemble a small baby grand, this digital piano is perfect for students and beginners. It features 61 touch responsive keys that are capable of reproducing the same feel as a standard piano, and a compact size that fits easily on a crowded desk. Its smaller construction is also easy to carry to class or the studio. You will love the lid that can be propped open, and the four short legs provide plenty of support for more aggressive playing.

This small digital piano is capable of reproducing the same rich tones as a baby grand, and you will love being able to experiment with the different sounds. The digital piano is capable of reproducing 61 sounds, including 25 shorter tones that can be played simply by pressing a key. There are also 40 recorded songs that you can use as learning tools, or simply listen to as background music. With its affordable price and included features this might be exactly what you need to finally learn how to play the piano.