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Top Digital Radios in 2018


If you live in a location where digital services are great, you will surely love to get any of the products that have been raved about in the best digital radio reviews everywhere. With the way such products provide sharper and crisper sound quality, it would be wonderful to get your hands on any one of the products below. If it’s the best digital radio in 2018 you seek for, check out what we are certain will fit the bill.


Sangean PR-D5 AM/FM Portable Radio


Best Digital Radio ReviewsThe enormous ferrite antenna ensures that you can enjoy great AM reception every time you use this baby. It comes with dual 2.5” special stereo speakers designed to carry Radio Data System (RDS) text function. This amazing portable receiver comes with an AC adapter included in the package or 6 “C” batteries. For precise and unfailing reception, trust this product to deliver with its PLL synthesized tuning. There are 10 Memory Presets total, with half for AM and half for FM stations. The Sleep Timer has been engineered with Humane Wake-Up Systems (HWS), which means you get gently buzzed into wakefulness instead of getting jolted out of sleep. You will love this radio for its Auto Seek function and Backlit LCD. Such outstanding features easily make this the best digital radio in 2018.

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Sangean PR-D7 AM/FM Digital Radio


For genuine ultra-compact portability in a digital AM/FM radio, get this while you still can. Measuring just 8” long, this radio weighs 1.3 lbs. and is 4 1/2 “ tall, easily propelling it to the best digital radio reviews ever done. Enjoy your favorite talk and music programs with well-balanced tone all the time. Get excellent selectivity and sensitivity from this radio, which is able to pull in even less proximate stations. There are five preset stations on each band, but if you prefer to do your own station search, there’s the Auto Seek function. You can even program it to turn off by itself automatically in the time you want, set in 15-minute increments as you prefer. The Humane Wake System allows you to either wake to music or a beeper. An AC adapter comes in the package. You can also choose to get regular or rechargeable “AA” batteries.

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Sony ICFS79W Digital Tuner Shower Radio


If you like bringing the news and music with you to the shower, this product has been made to be splash resistant for you to do just that. Start the day right as you listen to your favorite AM and FM stations via this radio’s 20 station presets. Hang this from your shower head with ease using the supplied hanging strap. If you want a high-quality speaker, this is your best bet. It delivers robust sound even when you have your shower turned on full. Love how your spa, sauna or shower becomes an entertaining experience!

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Grace GDI-IRC6000 Digital Wi-Fi Music Player


What sets this product apart is its ability to stream over 17,000 radio stations, including ones you never dreamed existed like NOAA weather and Pandora. Use the internet or your favorite computer files as this top rated digital radio in 2018 easily supports a variety of technology. The seven separate alarms and built in sleep timer are great features that do not come in other products but are standard in this one.

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Grace GDI-IR2600 Digital Wi-Fi Internet Radio


You can listen to a variety of digital media formats via this product’s excellent compatibility with source audio. If you’re one who chooses to explore distant stations, this radio is definitely for you. It carries technology that can give access to over thousands of free stations all around the globe. It is a media streamer and wireless radio in one versatile product. It’s a tabletop radio that packs both power and portability in one neat package.

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