Best Digital Voice Recorders For the Money

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best digital voice recorders money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best digital voice recorders on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert reviews, social media activity, overall value for the money and brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Dennov VR-BK8 appears to be the absolute best. First of all, it serves as both a voice recorder and an MP3 player, which is a great plus for all the young students who are looking for a versatile device to take to classes with them. With 560 hours of recording time, it is clearly a great buy for anyone in need of recording a lot of content. The ultrasensitive microphones ensure great recording quality. In case the Dennov is no longer available or out of stock, we suggest getting the Olympus VN-722PC, which is similar in performance and overall quality and it is overall a great buy.



Buying guide


Voice recording devices can serve in a wide variety of situations. For instance, students can use voice recorders for lectures, so they do not lose anything of importance that is being said by their teachers. Reporters also have great use of voice recorders, as there are many situations in which they have to record a lot of information and use it later on in their articles. In the world of voice recorders, digital devices are increasingly popular because of their high capacity, compact design and versatility. All these are traits to look for in such a voice recorder, and by comparing various products, we managed to put together this useful and concise buying guide that will help you take your pick fast and easy.

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When you are searching for a good and reliable digital voice recorder, it is important to see how many hours of recording time it can ensure. Internal memories for digital voice recorders are measured in GB, and the more the device has, the better. Audio content does not take up a lot of space, so a few GBs will equal with hundreds of recording time. This is a very important aspect in a digital voice recorder, and you will find many models available for sale that come with decent internal memory so you can store a lot of audio content on them, as the need arises.




It is recommended to look for models that come with a fair share of features. Voice activated models are quite the rage, because they do something really useful. The recorder can be left in a standby mode and it will start on its own when someone starts to speak or when the level of sound goes over a certain level. This is quite a useful feature, as you will not have to babysit the recorder and you can see about other things. Another thing that you may want to look for in a voice recorder is whether is comes with USB connectivity or not. For charging, USB ports are the most convenient, because they practically allow you to recharge the device from any source of power with USB connections. You may also want to get a voice recorder with Bluetooth, as it allows for wireless recording; you can basically control your voice recorder remotely from your smartphone, due to the Bluetooth connection, which is a great plus for many.




Digital voice recorders are famous for being more compact and sleeker than their analog counterparts. However, since they are made by so many different manufacturers, their design can vary a lot. Design can be a matter of preferences, but you may also prefer a more compact model if you want it to fit inside a pocket, for easy transportation. Small voice recorders are not easily spotted, which can serve in the work of reporters who do not always want to let others know that they are recording what is happening.

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If you really want to great digital voice recorder, it may serve to get a model that is as versatile as possible. For instance, you can check what kind of formats the recorder can deal with, as the more audio formats are allowed, the better of chances to hook your device up with software that processes the available audio content. Another versatility aspect that may interest you is represented by other functions that the recorder can handle. There are models that serve as MP3 players, besides being digital voice recorders. These are really great and a good fit for younger users who want more than a simple voice recorder to take to classes. Professional models come loaded with functions, features and amazing capacity, so, if you do not mind investing a bit of money, these can be the answer to all your recording needs.

Now that you know more about digital voice recorders in general, and you know what makes a good unit stand apart for an average one, it is time to get acquainted with the best models now available. Selected based on their high ratings and performance, they are the best you can currently find on the market.



Top rated voice recorders in 2018


Now that you know more about digital voice recorders in general, and you know what makes a good unit stand apart for an average one, it is time to get acquainted with the best models now available. Selected based on their high ratings and performance, they are the best you can currently find on the market.



Dennov VR-BK8


1.Dennov 8 GB

If you are a student or you simply need a lot of mobility, a digital voice recorder like this one is highly recommended. The Dennov is a 2-in-1 device, as it is both a digital voice recorder and an MP3 player. Because it is compact and sleek, you can take it with you everywhere you want to go. The 8GB of internal memory offers plenty of storage space, and the battery ensures 560 hours of recording time. You can take the Dennov with you to lectures and for meetings, it is the ideal tool for recording everything. Its ultrasensitive microphones will ensure that you will hear crystal clear everything that was recorded.


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Olympus VN-722PC


2.Olympus VN-722PC

This Olympus digital voice recorder offers great performance at a great price. With 4GB of internal memory, it ensures 1,600 hours of recording time, which is quite staggering, even in a world full of digital voice recorders with impressive qualities and performance. You can expand the memory available, by installing a microSD card of up to 32GB on the device. The formats accepted are MP3 and WMA, so you will have no problems with more audio related software you might want to use. A PC connection is available, so you can easily transfer your audio files from the voice recorder to your desktop.


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Sony ICD-PX312


Best Digital Voice Recorders under $50Sony always managed to create high quality products, and when it comes to digital voice recorders one model comes to view: ICD-PX312. Considered one of the best digital voice recorders under $250, this model comes with a built-in 2 GB flash memory which is more than enough to record any interview, song or conference. This digital voice recorder can record in MP3 with around 320 kbps to 8 kbps. In addition to its user friendly design, the device can record approximately 72 hours that is how long the battery lasts. Furthermore the memory can be expanded via the memory card expansion slot.

“My line of work means that I have to have on me always a voice recorder. Because of its top capabilities I settled for this one. The battery life was what most impressed me going on and on for 3 days straight. It is compatible with Windows and Mac so I have no problem copying my recordings.” – Emily Madson


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Sony ICD-BX112


If you want to use one of the best digital voice recorders under $50, then we have a recommendation for you: Sony ICD-BX112. This high quality device delivers precision every time you use it and will help you in all of your endeavours. The digital voice recorder has a built-in 2 GB of flash memory which you can use with ease, files recorded in MP3 format. The device can last by up to 72 hours, due to the advanced battery life. You have the possibility to record around 500 hours of recording time which is perfect for you to do your job uninterrupted.

“The Sony ICD-BX112 voice recorder has been by my side for some time now and it has never let me down so far. All the recordings I take are made in mp3 format and when I play them back they are heard nice and clear.” – Andrew Craig


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Olympus VN-702PC


Olympus is the brand recognized for its high quality voice recorders, and VN-702PC model makes no exception. Considered one of the best digital voice recorders under $150, this model has 2 GB of internal memory which can be expanded via the Micro SD card slot. You can connect the device via the USB port thus transferring all the important files with ease. Once you start play you will be able to record in Mp3 and Wma recording files with no problems whatsoever. You can enjoy the benefit of 823 hours of recording time which is quite impressive to say the least.

“This is a really reliable voice recorder which in the same time I have bought for its cheap price. Over 800 minutes of recording time is among the best perofrmances of any voice recorder in this price range. Also it is very easy to use, with its menu being very inntuitive.” ­– Anthony Jordan


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Olympus DP-201


If you want the professional way to record interviews, documentaries or various dialogues with different people, then you should consider using Olympus DP-201, a model with thousands of already satisfied users. You will be able to record around 202 hours of recording time with ease, which can be safely stored in the 2 GB memory. The device has around 80 hours of battery life which is more than enough to record with ease various things. It has a large LCD display which allows you to control better all the features of the device thus making the whole work a lot easier.

“For a student like me this digital voice recorder form Olympus is absolutely perfect. First of all it is very affordable, the first trait which students look for, it has great battery life and I like that I can record for more than 200 hours. I recommend it for my fellow students.” – Robert Larry


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Unavailable products


Dearheroes Pen


It’s time to combine quality with efficiency and enjoy the clear functionality of a great digital voice recorder. Choose one of the best digital voice recorders under $20, Dearheroes Pen, a model designed especially for people that love to record with ease various interviews or dialogues. The device has an impressive 8 GB digital audio storage system and can record for around 150 hours. You will be able to use this little device with ease and without having to worry about pushing the wrong button. It is the model for you to use irrespective of your intensions or location.

“This is a great little audio voice recorder which comes in hady to me as a student, when I need to do some interviews for a thesis or other things. 150 hours of recording is more than I need and I recommend it, because it is realiable and cheap.” – Scott Bradley