Best Dishwashers for Small Spaces Reviews

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best dishwashers for small spaces? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice.We have gathered as much information as possible about the best dishwashers for small spaces by looking into ratings in expert review sites and taking the information there against actual owner feedback. The job was tedious and exacting but it did lead us to conclude that the SPT SD-2201W is the best because of its economically efficient design that has earned it an Energy Star certification, proving that can do its job without using too much water or electricity. The space-saving design allows the dishwasher to fit between most standard cabinetry and countertops. The six wash cycles enable you to select the most suitable one for the washing job. If the SPT Countertop is unavailable, we urge you to get the second best option, the EdgeStar DWP61ES.



How to Choose the Best Dishwasher for Small Spaces


Everybody hates doing the dishes. This is why consumers do not hesitate to invest in the best dishwashers for sale on the market. However, finding the best one for your needs, especially when your living space is quite limited, can be challenging. When living space is not a luxury, such as for mobile homes, it is best to consider the following aspects in a compact dishwasher.

best dishwashers for small spaces


Place settings and Stacking

This element is typically leveraged by dishwasher manufacturers, who tend to bloat the figures to unreasonable proportions considering the small size of such models. Units that are touted to handle from 12 to 15 place settings are extremely unlikely to deliver on that premise. Don’t buy a specific model just because it claims to do 12 settings all at once. Go for a dishwasher that suits your needs and your crockery. Take your cue from the amount of dishwashing you typically do every time. Make sure your dinnerware easily fits into the tub. If you have tall glasses and big dinner plates, make sure the dishwasher won’t have any trouble taking them in.

When you wash pots and pans, it’s cool if the dishwasher is equipped with fold-down or adjustable plate racks or trays. You can fit your cookware easily so you won’t have to do them by hand. A cutlery basket allows you to sort forks, spoons, knives and other silverware at the cutlery drawer. A tray enables you to sort the cutlery as you stack. Cutlery baskets leave fork tines and knife edges exposed so your fingers could get injured when reaching into the tub. A cutlery tray proves to be safer for this purpose. Some models have optional grids or come with 2 drawers for organizing each type of utensil to simplify the job even more.

Many units have height adjustable baskets to accommodate different types of dinnerware for versatility when loading. The top basket is usually height adjustable. If the top basket is an easy-lift type, its height can be adjusted while eliminating the need to remove it completely just to modify its position. Some models allow adjustments to be made even when the basket is fully loaded.



Program Options

Models with ecowash or biowash programs do their job while using less water or at a lower temperature. Those with quick/ fast wash cycles use a faster cycle to handle rinsed or lightly soiled items, thus ensuring more economical washing. Check out machines with a half load option, as they are able to automatically adjust the program times and the amount of water for handling smaller loads. Load sensing capability uses the appropriate water and program times according to the degree of soil and the number of items put in.



Machine features

You may want to look into models with a heated drying cycle for sanitization of washed items. Machines with stainless steel tubs offer durability because of their resistance against rust and chipping. Anti-burst and anti-flood technologies cut off the water tap connection electrically when a leak in the hose is detected. A fault display lets you do diagnostics including blocked spray arms and an empty rinse aid dispenser so you won’t have to make service calls unnecessarily. Units with self cleaning filters, or those with easily removable filters to facilitate cleaning really simplify the washing process. Fan-assisted drying is very convenient. Child safety locks, detergent dispenser locks and control locks are quite useful when there are kids in the house.



Top Dishwashers for Small Spaces in 2017



SPT SD-2201W


1.SPT Countertop DishwasherEquipped with a stainless steel interior, the SPT SD-2201W is durable enough to withstand chipping and corrosion for years of use. The space saving design of this unit enables easy insertion between most standard cabinetry and countertops. It has a sleek silver finish that makes it an ideal addition to any modern kitchen. The machine takes away the tediousness of doing the dishes by allowing you to just load and unload so you can have more time to tidy up the kitchen or be with the family.

This dishwasher has been awarded an Energy Star certification that testifies to its cost-efficient design for using water and electricity optimally when washing the dishes. It comes with six wash cycles so you can select the most suitable one that handles the dishes without wasting water or using too much electricity. Enjoy effective cleaning of your dishes each time with this revolutionary machine that takes the chore out of dish cleaning every time after meals.


Buy from for ($247.81)




EdgeStar DWP61ES


2.EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable DishwasherMade in the USA, the EdgeStar DWP61ES has a digital control panel with LED display for easy viewing and control at the touch of a button, which also eliminates the guesswork during the washing process. This machine comes with a capacity to handle six standard place settings, perfect for a small family. The tray can hold plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter for a problem-free fit. The six wash cycles let you choose the appropriate setting to handle the number of items as well as the level of soil to be removed from dinnerware and utensils.

You can program this machine to do the dished even when you aren’t home thanks to its delay start feature. The child lock function ensures that curious little hands won’t be able to open the tub when the washing is ongoing. This machine fits under most cabinetry so it won’t take up too much space in the kitchen. The stainless steel interior ensures protection against chipping and rust.


Buy from for ($269)




Koldfront PDW60EB


3.Koldfront 6 Place Setting Portable Countertop DishwasherPerfect for motorhomes, the Koldfront PDW60EB accommodates up to six standard place settings to handle the dishwashing needs of a small family. The machine comes with a dish rack, a cup shelf and a cutlery basket so all your dinnerware and cutlery can be done in no time and with less effort. Able to take in plates with up to 10.5 inches diameter, the dishwasher comes with six wash cycles so you can select the most suitable one to handle the amount of soil and number of items loaded into the machine.

The quick connect adapter enables easy interlinking with most kitchen faucets. The stainless steel interior ensures toughness against corrosion and chipping for years of reliable use. Easy to fit under most cabinetry, the dishwasher uses only 3.8 gallons for a normal wash cycle, ensuring cost-effective washing every time. It works quietly as well with its noise level coming up to just 55 ± 3 decibels under normal conditions.


Buy from for ($249)